Panorama № 21 (1981)

Newsreel №78479, 1 part, duration: 0:10:17
Production: LSDF
Director:Snegina N.
Camera operators:Bryuhanov E., Ishutin V., Mokilj V., Tretjyakov A.
Text authors:Petrov A.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Our contemporary."

Kirov, the movement of vehicles on the street.

Construction house.

Members of the Executive Committee of the regional Council on the site.

Ready for new construction.

Children in the yard.

Shop "Goods for children".

The street is Deputy Arkady Semyonovich Zemtsov.

Tire factory workers go to the checkpoint.

General view of the shop.

The details of the mechanisms, working at the bench.

Information stand.

Workers stand in front of the stand.

The woman enters the figures in the table.


A. S. Zemtsov and other workers at a meeting in the office of management.

"Your mentors, youth."


Students go to class.

Secondary school № 65 of the Soviet district.

Graduates of the school, the labor force.

Girls work at the factory "Red Talka".

Spinners Galina Polyakova, Olga bazyleva, Tatiana Polozova and Violetta Davydenko with mentor Galina Potemkina.

Yarn in reels.

Workers go through the shop.

Kirov region, novovyatsky ski plant, the gate drives a truck.

Council of mentors of the plant.

A group of young people on a tour of the shop.

Factory worker at the machine with ski blanks.

Master Nina lipatovna Pospelova with young workers.

Inspection of new skis.

Skis on the stand.

City of Vladimir, school students number 21 in the gym class in the Park.

Mathematics teacher Galina V. Timofeeva surrounded by students takes notes in a notebook.

The class is going back to school.

G. V. Timofeeva with students in the theater circle.

Lesson in the classroom GV Timofeeva (children at their desks, the answers at the blackboard).

Magazines and graduation photos.

G. V. Timofeeva checks notebooks at home, at his Desk.

Yaroslavl region, lake Nero.

View of the Rostov Kremlin.

Restorers at the drawing Board.

Photos of destroyed monuments.

Yaroslavl restoration workshop, people at work (restoration of woodcarving and ancient icons).

Carpenter Vladimir Goryachev.

Ceramist Alexey Alekseevich Egorov.

The Gilder Yuri A. Kuznetsov.

Pereslavl-Zalessky, all-Holy Church and refectory.

Walls, barred Windows.

Ruined church.

The builders are renovating a brick wall.

View from the window of the bell tower.

Artists restore the interior painting of the temple.


Workers are repairing the roof of the gallery is transition.

People in the churchyard.

View of the Church over the pond.

Weathervanes on the tops of the towers.

Different types of Rostov Kremlin.

Yaroslavl rally, cars in the Parking lot.

Teams of participants.

Athletes raise the flag of the competition.

Start crews.

Cars on different sections of the route.

Finish crew Yaroslavtsev Alexander Karachentsova and Moses Kolodny.

Awarding ceremony.

The driver rolls the car down the street.

Key words

Sporting goods.
Children and adolescents.
Secondary education.
Extra-curricular activities.
Restoration of monuments.
Culture and the arts.
Wooden architecture.

Locations: Ivanovo region [776] Kirov region [781] Vladimir region [772] Yaroslavl region [812]

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