Friendship and Work Festival.. (1977)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Tatulashvili U.

Script writers: Mendeleev A.

Operators: Durnov K., Maev V.


The film is dedicated to the Festival of Friendship of the people of socialist countries wich took place on a line of building of a gas pipeline Orenburg - West frontier of the USSR.

Historical background

The summer of 1977 was a festival of friendship of peoples socialist countries involved in the construction of the pipeline Orenburg - Western border of the USSR. In the construction of the gas industry and pipeline involved Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania, USSR, Czechoslovakia.

Reel №1

Airplane is flying in the cabin - delegations of socialist countries, dignitaries, heads of government organizations - the initiators of the festival of friendship of peoples of socialist countries involved in the construction of the gas pipeline - MS., PNRM.

Gas line - LS. (The plane).

Work on the pipeline (pipe laying, welding, etc.) - Various., PNRM.

The plane is landing at the airport in the city of Orenburg, the delegation met with the "bread and salt" Ts Draygacheva - Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Chairman of the National Committee for Bulgarian-Soviet friendship takes a "bread and salt» - LS., MS.

Opening ceremony at the stadium, a speech Chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries AZ Kruglov, workers are carrying the torch, lit from the underground fire (a symbol of friendship festival), the audience applauded - different., PNRM.

Gas plant, oil rigs - LS., MS., PNRM.

Reporting in Orenburg: homes, child care, built by Bulgarian builders - LS., MS.

The opening of the monument to the town of Dmitrov on the first construction site, where the works of Soviet and Bulgarian workers - different., PNRM.

The city of Volgograd, the city streets, the solemn ceremony of handing over the torch on Mamaev Hill - Various., PNRM.

Work on the site Czechoslovak builders (erect compressor station) - Various., PNRM.

Sailing boat on the Volga River, on board are members of the festival of friendship, the river is "Rocket» - LS., MS., Etc.

Kharkiv residents welcome the participants of the festival, the Secretary of the All K. Matskyavichyus welcomes participants to exchange production experience, Poles take the torch festival - MS., CU.

Polish workers on the site are laid pipe, team members T. Bruno - MS., CU.

Pipes wrapped in insulation - LS., MS.

The settlement of Polish builders, workers rest in his cafe - LS., CU.

Builders Skoruta congratulate Adam and his bride - Russian girl T. Garbuzova - different., PNRM.

About the festival says Bulgarian workers N. Milush (synchronously in Bulgarian) - MS., CU.

Reel №2

City Cherkassy workers employed at the construction site of the German Democratic Republic - different.

Secretary of the Komsomol V. Grigoriev presents advanced workers pennants Komsomol Central Committee and a group of Cherkassy, ​​a monument to Lenin - different., PNRM.

The city of Ivano-Frankivsk - Hungarian site builders, landscape Carpathians, work on the construction of the foundation of the future compressor station: excavator excavate, load ground on the machine; said Brigadier J. Fadyash (simultaneously in Hungarian), Hungarian town builders - are different., PNRM.

The final evening of the festival: Ya Fadyashu pass the torch festival, playing to the crowd construction minister of oil and gas industry of the USSR Boris E. Shcherbina, cheering - different., PNRM.

By participants of different dance groups - different.

Meeting of heads of ministries and departments of the fraternal socialist countries - different., PNRM.

Friendly working: at the table talking Pole R. Ruzhansky, Brigadier Todorov, M. VUSS GDR, V. Bures from Czechoslovakia, the Soviet builder L. Petrunin, Hungarian J. Fadyash - MS., CU.

As a sign of the unity of the working members of the festival along the seam weld on the pipeline of friendship, says L. Petrunin (synchronous) - MS., CU., PNRM.

Gas pipeline, flags of the participating countries of the festival of friendship - MS., CU.