Beijing - Anxiety of Mankind.. (1977)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.

Operators: Lovkov V.


About huge international assistance the USSR hs rendered to China.

Temporary description

China. Session XI Congress of the CPC. Stands Hua Guo Feng. Newsreel. Beijing. Visiting China Voroshilov. Voroshilov greeted with Mao Zedong. Rally at the stadium Sen-Nun-Tan. Speakers: Pyn Zheng, Voroshilov (1957). Life in China. Rickshaws on the streets. Production processes in a textile factory, child labor in factories. Stevedores at the port. Landscapes. Newsreel. City of Petrograd. Armed soldiers on the streets (1917). Kalinin among the peasants (1919). Sun Yat-sen stands, goes troops (1923). Lenin's funeral (1924). Foreign ships off the coast of China. English, French, Japanese troops and equipment on the streets of China. Japanese aggression against China: fighting, destruction, the victims, refugees (1937-1945 years). Chinese soldiers in the ranks. Chu bypass operation, speaks at a rally. Warriors of the People's Army to halt. Classes at the Military Academy in the mountains Shesi. Newsreel. Mongolia. The shepherds graze their sheep. Japan's attack on Mongolia. Battles on the banks of the Khalkhin-Gol. Zhukov at the command post. Choibalsan among the Soviet officers. Captured by the Japanese. Trophies (1930). Soviet tanks and soldiers in the liberated cities of Europe. Residents welcome the warriors (1944-1945 years). Fighting Soviet troops against the Kwantung Army. The Chinese people welcomed the Soviet soldiers. The transfer of captured weapons northeast Bureau of the CCP. Favor of Mao Zedong (1945). I make YD Tabunchenko, AY Kalyagin, PD Belov, F. Polynin, K. Kokinaki on Soviet military aid to China. Newsreel. Restoration of railways, railway bridges, depots in China with the help of the Soviet railway troops (1948). Training. Movement of goods trains. Signing of the transfer of CEL (Chinese Eastern Railway) to China. Stands Zhou Enlai. Soviet specialists in the construction of a steel plant in Bhilai, the Aswan Dam, the Saimaa Canal. City of Moscow. Gala evening dedicated to the arrival of the delegation from China. Advocates Leonid Brezhnev. The Chinese delegation in Tajikistan for the construction of hydroelectric Vakhsh. Newsreel: work to close off the river in China. Reconstruction of Anshan Iron and Steel Works with the help of Soviet specialists. Production processes at a metallurgical plant in Wuhan. Construction automobile plant in the Gen-Chunia. Soviet and Chinese specialists in the design office. Members of the Chinese delegation at the Likhachev automobile plant; observe agricultural activities. Agricultural work in China, the Soviet Union. Chinese students in the classroom at the Moscow State University.

Reel №1

The film directed by A. CSDF Medvedkin says about China mounting CSDF (synchronous) - the average plan.

Newsreel: Session XI Party Congress, delegates applauded - a common, big plans.

Chairman of the State Council of the CPC Hua Guo Feng.

Newsreel 1957: KE Voroshilov, who arrived in Beijing, and Mao Tse-tung greet people, hug, they presented with flowers.

The people welcomed.

KE Voroshilov and Mao Tse-tung to pass the car on the street.

Mass rally Friendship Stadium Sen-Nun-Tan, the people applauded.

Meeting opened by the Chairman of the National Committee of Beijing Pyn Zhen (simultaneously in Chinese).

In response, the acts KE Voroshilov (synchronously).

Pioneers presented KE Voroshilov flowers, tie a tie, KE Voroshilov kissing children and the children applauded.

Portrait of VI Lenin - close-up.

Newsreel to 1917

Beggars hut Tsarist Russia - close-up.

Slums old Cuba - panorama.

Naked Negro child of huts - the average plan.

Floating the poor slums of Shanghai - the general plan.

Report on the streets of the Chinese city 20s: driven rickshaw passengers, pulling luggage, passing cars - different plans.

Legs rickshaws - close-up.

Workers carry wooden sticks, sleeping on the street, on the carts - a common, big plans.

Workshop on the street - a common, big plans.

Textile factory shop - the general plan.

Young children on the floor of the shop - big plans.

The children work in factories - the average, the overall plan.

Porters hauling bags at the port - a common, big plans.

A beggar on the street among dogs - medium shot.

Street fortunetellers predict the fate of a man with a child - different plans.

Fortunetellers hands - close-up.

Bas-relief image of the Buddha and the portrait - close-up.

Praying weighed bows - the general plan, close up bast.

Chinese landscapes, mountains - the overall plan.

Reel №2

Landscapes of China - the river, the boat (junk) on the water - the overall plan.

Mountains - the overall plan.

Kinohronika1917 city: Revolutionary Petrograd -

Sailors go, people at Smolny, rally, speaking soldiers are soldiers and militia.

VI Lenin wrote - close-up.

MI Kalinin among farmers - the average plan.

Photo: are soldiers.

Map of the Soviet Republic (multrabota) - close-up.

Photo VI Lenin - close-up.

Pictures: VI Lenin in Smolny, VI Lenin speaks to the people - big plans.

Desktop VI Lenin - close-up.

Meeting veterans - participants of fights in China - the overall plan.

Civil War hero Alexander Cherepanov tells about the activities of Soviet military advisers in China (synchronous) - medium, large plans.

Photo: Soviet and Chinese military experts - close-up.

A book about the Red Army commander VK Blucher - close-up.

Newsreel: Dr.

Sun Yat-Sen stands, runs with Soviet experts, the Chinese soldiers - the average plan.

Marching soldiers - the overall plan.

Newsreel 1924: The funeral of V. Lenin, the people at the funeral - different plans.

Animation: a portrait of Sun Yat-Sen against a funeral procession - close-up.

Foreign ships in the sea off the coast of China - the general plan.

American and other foreign flags on the buildings of the Chinese city - big, medium plans.

European rests on the deck of the ship - the average plan.

Marching in English, Japanese and other foreign troops - the general plan, passing the foreign tanks - the average plan.

Japanese generals inspect the troops - the average plan.

Military parade Japanese cavalry - the general plan.

Passing cars and planted with Japanese soldiers - the average, the overall plan.

Japanese artillery firing, burning Chinese home - the general plan.

Go Chinese refugees - the average, the overall plan.

Japanese soldiers search the local population - the general plan.

Warships to induced guns - close-up.

China capture card - close-up.

Newsreel 1937:

Burning land of China - a close-up.

Flying airplanes, explosions - the general plan.

Chinese population flees from the bombing - a common, average plans, removed from the top point.

Chinese artillery fired, falls stricken aircraft - a common, average plans.

Women and children at the ruins, hiding in the bushes from the bombing - a common, average plans.

Woman with children crying over the dead - the general plan.

PNRM. with the sun, closed black clouds, at the burning house - the overall plan.

Beginning of the struggle of the Chinese people against the Japanese aggression are the agitators, dropped leaflets from the car, listening to people - different plans.

From the platform supports Chiang Kai-shek - the average plan.

Go shelves soldiers stand in formation, female military - the general plan.

The soldiers at the rally - the overall plan.

Acts Chu, a prominent military leader - close-up.

Chinese military leaders to consult the staff - the average plan.

Chu at the headquarters, accompanied by military bypass the soldiers - a common, average plans.

Horse riding - the general plan.

Flying airplanes, hand presses the lever, flying bombs - large, the overall plan.

Reel №3

Illuminated advertising on buildings of foreign cities - big plans.

Foreign newspapers reported on the Japanese attack on China - a close-up.

Foreign warships off the coast of China - a common, average plans.

Chinese City Lights - the general plan.

Lying dead - the average plan.

Beggars - adults and children sit and sleep on the street - different plans.

Passer is on a destroyed street - close-up.

Watching Japanese and other foreigners - the average plan.

Port - the overall plan.

The street running rickshaw - the general plan.

Meeting of Soviet veterans participating fighting the Japanese invaders in China - a common, average plans.

Memories are divided: military advisers - JD Tabunchenko, AJ Kalyagin, PD Belov, volunteer pilots FP Polynin and KK Kokkinaki (synchronously).

Land of China under the wing of the plane - the general plan.

Mountain and plain landscapes, river - the overall plan.

Newsreel 1941-1945.: Moving tanks, exemption of European cities, the people welcomed the liberators - different plans.

Dragging a wounded soldier on his back - the overall plan.

Sunset - panorama.

Floating moon - the overall plan.

Steel plant in Bhilai, Soviet steelworkers punched tap hole in the furnace - the general view, close-up.

Aswan High Dam - the general plan (the plane).

Bridge construction in Finland, Finnish builders shake hands Soviet - A panorama of the average plan.

Angolan guerrillas crossing the river - the general plan.

Guerrilla camp, working women, children play - the general plan.

A woman with a child behind is the load on the head - the average plan.

A festive demonstration on Red Square in Moscow, have a portrait of VI Lenin - different plans.

Newsreel, 1939

Mongolia, a shepherd tending a flock - a common, average plans.

Border guards on camels - a common, average plans.

Steppes in the border area - the general plan.

Japanese stand with flags waving - the general plan, consider the map - a common, average plans.

Fighting in Mongolia smoke - a common, large panorama.

Mongolian horse gallops - the general plan.

Soldiers are fleeing the attack - the general plan.

Flying airplanes - the general plan.

Falls stricken plane - the overall plan.

Passes Soviet Marshal Zhukov and other military leaders, the Mongolian warlord Choybolsan - medium, large plans.

Go Japanese captivity - the average plan

Captured weapons, bowls, helmets - general, close-up, guns - the overall plan.

Soviet soldiers captured guns pass by - the general plan.

Reel №4

Chinese population hung on the walls read leaflets and newspapers - a common, average plans.

The Warriors are on a halt to eat - a common, average plans.

Soviet veterans meeting, the head of military intelligence Chinese army SP Konstantinov (synchronous) - the average plan.

Photo: Young Chinese spies - close-up.

Mountain roads, car rides - the general plan.

The car in the city - the overall plan.

It takes a squad of Chinese student volunteers - the general plan.

Training at a military academy, a teacher draws on the board, write the soldiers - a common, average plans.

Commander Zhu De, head of the People's Liberation Army of China, talks with the local population - a common, average plans.

Captured Japanese weapons - the average plan.

Newsreel 1945: destroyed homes - panorama.

Katyusha rockets fired, explosions, flying planes - different plans.

Chinese people welcomed the Soviet troops - overall, big plans.

Pass the Soviet military leaders - the average plan.

Captured Japanese sit, hand over weapons - general panorama of the plan.

Warriors-tanks - total, average plans.

Meeting of the members of the CCP - the general plan.

By the Head of the Northeast Bureau CPC Gao Gunn - close-up.

Training soldiers - the average plan.

Warriors loaded the boxes on the machine - the overall plan.

Acts of Mao Tse-tung - a common, big plans.

Shattered station, bridge, depot, station buildings - total, average plans.

Recovery and laying the rails on the railway - a common, average plans.

Soviet railway specialists on the bridge, view drawings - the average plan.

Recovered railways, freight trains pass - the general plan.

Training railroad; Soviet teacher lecturing - different plans.

Girls zheleznodorozhnitsy in practice, throwing coal into the furnace - the average plan.

Soviet experts and the Chinese workers are repairing the engine - the average plan.

The passengers in the car - the average plan.

Soviet and Chinese machinist in the locomotive cab - the average plan.

Pickup trucks - the average plan.

CEL card - close-up.

Newsreel, 1952

Grand meeting of issue of the transfer of the CER to the Chinese people, audience applause - a common, average plans.

Acts of Chou En-lai - the average plan.

Seeing the Soviet specialists at the station, an orchestra, waving mourners - different plans.

Reel №5

Newsreel, 1957

Gala evening at the Luzhniki (Moscow), hall stands and applauds.

LI stands Brezhnev (synchronously, the friendship with China) - close-up.

The old building of the Moscow airport - a general plan.

Acts of Chou En-lai (simultaneously in Chinese).

Mourners listen, applaud - the average plan.

Chinese delegation in Tajikistan residents welcome - a common, big plans.

Construction Vakshskoy ES, the Chinese delegation visiting the building - a common, average plans.

People dancing - the average plan.

Powered giant excavator - different plans.

Chinese newsreel: river in the mountains of China, bubbling water - a common, big plans.

People cut down the cliff - the overall plan.

Work to cut off the river - the overall plan.

People beat drums, the people rejoice - the average plan.

Construction Anshanskogo steel plant - general plans.

Blast furnace, rolling mill steel plant in Wuhan, planned and built by the Soviet Union - panorama of.

Chinese and Soviet workers in the shop - the average plan.

Rent a metal worker at the controls - large, medium plans.

Specialists observe the work of rolling mills - the general plan.

Go Chinese steelmakers - the average plan.

Hot shop, pouring metal - different plans.

Chinese visitors on car Likhachev, greeting the Soviet workers, talk - big, medium plans, get into a new truck - the average plan.

Landscape of China - the general plan, the field, the peasants working in the fields, carry water to the fields - the average plan.

The construction of the automobile plant in Chen-Chunia - LS. plans, work-altitude assemblers, welders - a common, big plans.

Talking Soviet and Chinese experts - the average plan.

Construction of new plants - the general plan.

Plant Design Bureau, Soviet and Chinese experts view drawings.

Experts in the shop of the plant - a common, average plans.

Chinese visitors to the Soviet factory - the general plan.

The lobby of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, decorated in honor of the Week of Soviet-Chinese friendship slogans, wall paper - a common, big plans.

Speaks Chinese student (synchronously in Russian).

Reel №6

Soviet and Chinese students in a lecture at MSU - different plans, in the laboratory - the overall plan.

Bus passes on the field - the general plan.

Harvester in the field, work on the current - the overall plan.

Chinese visitors watching the miners - the general plan, consider the ears, talking with farmers - different plans.

Machine planting of tobacco - the average plan.

Chinese visitors to the fields of the farm "Ray of the East" - the general plan.

Hay machines - the overall plan.

Passing trains in the mountains - the overall plan.

Georgian SSR gathered on the platform acclaim Chinese guests - different plans, presented with flowers, etc.

Chinese guests welcome people of Ukraine - different plans.

Chinese MPs in Uzbekistan, one of them presented with Uzbek robe - a common, average plans.

National dances - the general plan.

Animation: map of China with the designation of industrial enterprises built with Soviet assistance - close-up.

Pass and cuddling KE Voroshilov and Mao Tse-tung - large, medium plans.

AI Medvedkin says China (synchronous) - large, medium plans.

Demonstrators carry a sculpture of Mao Tse-tung - the general plan.

Demonstrators run-Red Guards - panorama.

Photo: acts of Mao Tse-tung - close-up.

CCP leaders vote - the average plan.

Modern missiles - close-up, military jets at the airport and take off - close-up, riding a tank - close-up.

Portrait of Mao Tse-tung (with black tape) - close-up.

Meeting of the CPC - the general plan and photos.

Photo: Members of the Chinese government on the podium - the overall plan.

Teaching in the Chinese army, the soldiers wear masks - the general plan.

Close-ups of Chinese children.

A girl runs past the trees - the overall plan.

The aircraft bombs fall - close-up.

Close-ups of crying children.

Injured boy in hospital - the average plan.

LI stands Brezhnev (synchronously) - the average plan.

May 1 demonstration on Red Square - the general plan, impact, departure.