A Century Road.. (1977)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Gutman I.

Script writers: Gutman I.

Operators: Dobronickiy V.

Text writers: Itskov I.


A film tells about country's history from 1917 till 1977 and it depicts its economic, political and cultural evolution.


Temporary description

The film tells the history of the country from 1917 to 1977, and reflects the dynamics of economic, political and cultural development. Showing the large industrial enterprises 70th years (Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power plant, Kamsky automobile plant, automobile factory in Togliatti), mechanized livestock farms, the construction of the Baikal-Amur railway and oil pipeline Orenburg - Western border, "ns" Siberia ", oil fields in Siberia, Agriculture cleaning equipment in the fields, irrigation installation, construction of residential houses, hospitals, schools, meeting the leaders of the party and government of the socialist countries in the Crimea, the European Conference on Security and Cooperation in Helsinki, address by the Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev at the 25th Congress. Archival film-documents, included in the film, covering the period from 1917 to 1946, and talk of revolution, civil war, the first five-year plans, the elimination of the cultural backwardness of the workers and the development of the Stakhanov movement in the industry, the Great Patriotic War and the restoration of the ruined economy after the war.

Reel №1

Contemporary photography - Landscape.

Building a house.

Passing cars.

Ore production.



Blast furnace.


Kremlin (removed from the collisions).

Flags (removed from the collisions).

Newsreel 1917. - Cruiser "Aurora".


Pass sailors.

Soldiers at Smolny.

Decree of the world.

The decree on the ground.

A portrait of Lenin.

Pre-revolutionary news: The village, peasants plow, sow.

Farmers threshed grain, cut straw, feed the horses.

A village, a peasant family.

Farmers are leaving the village.


Photo - Oil fields, the


Pre-revolutionary news: Oil in the oil fields of Baku.

Coal mining in the mines of the Donbass - the miners are in the crate, working underground miner pulling a cart with coal.

Weaver works.

Workers dwelling, rooms - large, medium plans.

Portrait of Lenin - close-up.

Newsreel 1917 1920. : Foreign intervention against Russia - passing tanks, pass the German soldiers, landing in the sea, U.S. military ship in the sea.

Japanese invaders in the Far East.

Closeups Yudenich Admiral and General Kornilov.


Universal education parade on Red Square, an orchestra, Lenin at the parade.

The train departs from the Red Army to the front, galloping cavalry, fleeing soldiers.

Solidarity rally in support of the young Soviet republic (abroad?).

Soldiers return from the front.

Footage of postwar chaos.

1920god - Eighth All-Russian Congress of Soviets.

Lenin stands.

Close-ups of the listeners.

Electrification plan.

1920-1923gg. - The construction of the Volkhov hydroelectric station: men driven carts to the ground, lay the pipe.

1920-1930gg. - Literacy: man reads woman answers the board.

Literacy classes in Central Asia.

1928-1931gg. - Collectivization: rally, stands a man, listen to the peasants.

Farmers written statements to the farm.

The first Soviet tractors and harvesters on collective farms.

1925-1930gg. - Film frames of the first five: building Turksib, first cars, opening Fergana Canal.

Powered A.Stahanov, the people welcomed Stakhanov after shift.

Newsreel Stakhanov movement - work steel workers, weavers, sugar-beet growers, female tractor driver.

Closeups Soviet scientists - Tsiolkovsky, Pavlov, Michurin.

Closeups Mayakovsky, Gorky.

Newsreel of the 1930's - Building the Dnieper, harvest the fields

Reel №2

Newsreel 1941 1945.

German planes are flying, explosions, dead children, weeping woman, house is on fire, fleeing German soldiers, German soldier smashes a window at home.

The Soviet offensive - are soldiers, shooting guns, fly planes, fight.

Residents across Europe welcomed the Soviet soldiers-liberators.

Close-up - Marshal Zhukov.

Storming of Berlin.

1945god - Victory Day parade in Moscow.

Stalin and other members of the government on the mausoleum.

Soldiers throw Nazi banners at the bottom of the mausoleum.

Newsreel 1945-1950. - Restoration of the industry and agriculture after World War II: the construction of blast furnaces, working welders, harvest, reduced channel.

Newsreel - personnel development achievements of the USSR for the years: Multrabota - "From the Volkhov hydroelectric station to the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station."

Panorama of the Krasnoyarsk HPP turbines.


Overlapping Yenisei - passing cars with posters, falling rocks.


The people at the desk.

Footage of the first domain and the domain of the modern - the shop, pouring steel.

Coke production.

Work steelworkers.


Multrabota - Shakhtar in pre-revolutionary Russia.

Modern mines - the people at the helm, the miner said on the phone, working coal combine, pours coal.

Multrabota - Oil fields in pre-revolutionary Russia.

Modern oil fields in Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, Siberia - the general plan.

Oil field in Siberia (filmed from a helicopter).

Flying a helicopter.

Oil production, oil and oil derrick.

Multrabota - The first Soviet tractor.

Production of modern tractors at the Kirov Tractor Plant.

Modern harvesters.

Combine "Field".

Multrabota - threshing in prerevolutionary village.

Modern agriculture - harvest (large, medium, plans).

Lunch at the field camp.

Pours grain (different plans), machines with grain.

Livestock complex.

Panorama of the cows, milking cows, milkmaids, milking machine, pouring milk.

Sheep in the livestock sector.

Poultry farm, feeding the birds.

Cleaning cotton (large, medium, plans).

Woman puts harvested cotton in stacks.

Cotton field (shot with motion).

Irrigation canal.

Multrabota - Old rustic hut.

Panorama of modern houses in the village.

The woman at the stove, she feeds the children.

Modern dining room, the new store.

The girl with the purchase of the old lady at the counter, the children at the window of the store.

Flying a helicopter over the gas pipeline (general, close-ups).


Neftekombinat panorama of the shop.

Working girl (filmed with collisions), running man (shot with collisions).

The plant's products.

Equipment engineering plant.

Turbines operating in the turbine.

Equipment Factory.

Production halls.

KAMAZ Corps (removed from the left).

KAMAZ trucks.

Shop Automobile Plant.

Lenin Komsomol (AZLK).

Panorama of persons working girls.

Automobile manufacturing plant in


Men at work.

Assembly line.

The car "Lada".

Passing trucks (BelAZ?).

Reel №3

Construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline - tractor pulls the jammed machine, a tractor raking the ground, a construction worker, laying rails, passing the first train.

Construction of the submarine "Siberia".

Flying aircraft, airport.

Amoz weaver at work, Amosova give flowers.

Girl tractor driver, a female scientist, the panorama from the woman's face on the awards, female MPs.

Medical services - doctor in the unit, operating room, watching doctors x-rays, the doctor examines the boy.

Rest of the Soviet people - the beach, a girl riding a jet ski, a child runs to the sea.

Woman with child at the fountain, children splash around in the fountain.

Children swim in the pool.

Children riding the "hills" on the playground.

Building a house works team of builders N.Zlobina - worked as a welder, a crane moves the plate.

New residential area.

Bus parking is available.

A woman with a child climbs the stairs.

Common, medium, large plans - are people on the street, go to a young girl, people go to work.

The factory building "Electron".

Production of television.

Working girl.

Panorama from screen color televisions.

Weavers work (travel by weaving workshop).

Loom, spinning spools of thread.

Female fashion designer working.

Hand draws a sketch.

Fashion shows.

The girl in the mirror trying on a dress.

The girl at the counter with the tissues.

Panorama of a shop window "Russian Flax", people at the window.

Grocery store.

Building of GUM.

The man at the counter in the bookstore.

Books (close-up).

Visitors in the reading room of the library.

Panorama of the magazines "Theatre".


Schoolgirl rings the bell.

Children go to school.

Female students in the lab.

The teacher explains the board.

Listen to students.

The teacher leads the lesson in technical colleges.

The technician in the laboratory.

Scientist at the device.

Cosmodrome in Baikonur launch site.

Newsreel 1961. - Yuri Gagarin in the rocket.

Modern Survey - was


The building of the CMEA.

Newsreel 1973. - The meeting in the Crimea in the CMEA leaders of the communist and workers' parties of the socialist countries.

Acts Brezhnev.

Close-ups of the heads of government of the socialist countries Ya.

Kadara, T.Zhivkova, G.Gusaka, E.Honekkera, K.Chaushesku, E.Gereka, Yu.


Newsreel 1975. - City


Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Leonid Brezhnev sign the document.

Brezhnev greets British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.


The document is signed by Leonid Brezhnev and Federal Chancellor of Germany G.Shmidt.

Panorama of photographers and cameramen.

Talking Leonid Brezhnev and French President V.Zheskar Estaing.

Red Square (filmed with the departure of the star).

1976. -The meeting of the 25th Party Congress.

From the rostrum acts Brezhnev (not simultaneously).

Festive Day demonstration on Red Square.

Government platform, Leonid Brezhnev at the mausoleum, are the demonstrators are carrying banners and flowers.

Powered steelmaker, talk engineers.

Close-up - Yakovlev aircraft.

Close-ups of working and smiling people.