Sailors Of the Pacific Ocean Are On the Watch.. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Gavrilova M.

Script writers: Kryuchkov B.

Operators: Osipov I.


By request of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR. About the military service of sailors in the Pacific Ocean Fleet.


Defense and internal security | Army

Reel №1

Shore ocean patrol ship on the horizon, the submarine submerged in the water, anti-submarine ship in the ocean - LS.

On deck: Petty Officer A. Ulyanov, Sergeant M. Mirakhmedov, Seaman A. Makarenko, A. Kupriyanov sailor, Petty Officer Yu Timoshin - CU.

In steerage men playing chess - MS., PNRM.

Radar, torpedo, gun ship - different.

Ship in the ocean - filmed from a helicopter, LS.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Vice Admiral October, Divisional Commissioner Kulakov, the Air Force commander Major General Vostryakov and others at a meeting in the office of the Black Sea Fleet - MS., LS.

Sailors from the ship firing, with the boat ashore marines, sailors in the battle in the trenches - LS., MS.

On the anti-submarine ship in preparation for the exercises: the sailors in their posts check machinery and apparatus

Captain-lieutenant and sergeant Voronin Bocharov in class in the engine room ship, Lieutenant Commander Pankratenko explains sailor using the unit, Lieutenant Commander Malyshev holds classes on the torpedo tube, Sergeant Panfilov engaged with the men in the cab torpedo - different.

Zolotukhin political officer conducts classes for party-Komsomol ship - different.

Party meeting, which shall take the CPSU A student Navy Petty Officer first article Yu Timonina (presidium meeting, sitting in the audience vote) says Timonin (synchronous) - Various.

Teaching: a group of ocean anti-submarine ships, a signal battle anxiety men hold office, the captain - different.

From the deck of the ship flies a helicopter in the sky flying aircraft fired torpedo, torpedo into the sea - different.

Reel №2

The stove in the galley, and coca Meshcheryakov Savilovich - different.

The men in the mess hall - MS., CU., Shot from above

Going ships in the ocean - filmed from a helicopter - LS.

Sailors, members of the board at work - Arsenyev Utaras, Kurkov - MS., CU.

Sailors check the mechanisms and tools ship - different.

On the ship's lieutenant Topchii conducts political studies - different.

Sailors ship "Admiral October" go ashore, sailors Laga flowers at the monument to the dead sailors and ships in Vladivostok - different.

Submarine S-56 on the plinth - LS.

In the torpedo room sailors sightseers listen Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain 1st rank Vinogradov - MS ..


Newsreel 1941-1945.:

In the North Sea explodes and sinks Nazi ship (seen with binoculars) - LS.

Photos of the Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the submarine S-56 GI Shchedrin - MS.

Photo: Sailor DN Bondarenko - CU.

Guards at the booth banner boat C-56, watching tourists - different.

Says veteran, holder of three degrees of glory, DN Bondarenko, they listen Jalagonia sailor, Petty Officer Mirakhmedov, Midshipman Tuzurkaev, Sergeant Ulyanov, sailors visiting Bondarenko drinking tea at the table - different.

In the arena of the circus bears playing hockey - LS., MS.

Men in the audience: Lieutenant Patrushev Mirakhmedov foreman, foreman Ulyanov, sailor Makarenko - LS., MS.

Squares are for sailors, on the beach with a girl Pilipetskii foreman, foreman Ulyanov Woman - LS., MS.

Lieutenant Patrushev holds political instruction to sailors - different.

Sailors visiting the factory workers, and talk with the deputy head of the department, make the machine part - different.

On the ship, the sailors met with the Supreme Council of the RSFSR, the fleet commander Admiral VP Maslow, the Supreme Council of the USSR, the first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party of Primorsky VP Lomakin - different.

Celebrating the Day of the Constitution of the USSR: the ships are decorated with flags on the ship "Admiral October" personnel, at the meeting are the commander Captain 2nd Rank Erisov, Ulyanov foreman, foreman Pilipetskii; sailors listen - different.

Sailors get letters; foreman A. Boldakov reads the letter - MS., CU.

Boldakovu handed the letter - MS.

Boldakov demobilization after the construction of the power plant, is among the workers - different.

Ship "Admiral October" in the ocean - LS., Filmed from a helicopter