Scandals of the week (2000) 04/22/2000

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Anchorperson: Petr Tolstoj

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Finals of "Skuratov Affairs": the prosecutor is dismissed from his post.

Comments of the Federation Council members: Alexander Rutskoy, Yury Luzhkov, Aman Tuleyev, Alexander Lebed.

Russia's Ambassador in Riga is not allowed to visit Vasily Kononov's prison to give him a Russian passport.

The Latvian ambassadors were summoned to the Foreign Ministry to draw attention to this issue.

Is it easy to be Russian in Tatarstan.

Conflict on national and religious grounds in Naberezhnye Chelny: local authorities obstruct the construction of an Orthodox church, nationalists set fire to churches, the supreme state power is silent.

Interview: Archpriest Oleg Bogdanov, head of the Tatar social center Rais Kashapov.

Racial conflict in Zimbabwe: Aborigines kill white farmers.

The authorities deny everything, the police are idle.

Discussion of a new code of administrative violations in the State Duma, a conflict of interest between the traffic police and drivers.

Comments: Deputies Viktor Pokhmelkin, Sergei Ivanenko, Anatoly Lukyanov, presidential representative in the State Duma Alexander Kotenkov.

Moscow is covered with posters-appeals to employees of the Bank of New York.

Reaction of the public.

The presentation of the Silver Galosh Award for doubtful achievements in the show business took place.

The ceremony of 2000 additionally included politics.

Sergei Dorenko won the nomination "For the meanness of man".

Comments: host Andrei Fomin, general producer of the "Silver Rain" radio station Natalia Sindeeva, lawyer S. Dorenko Anatoly Blinov, popular artists and musicians.


Rutskoy A.V. - state and political figure, governor of Kursk region, doctor of economic sciences, candidate of military sciences, professor.
Luzhkov Yu.M. - Doctor of Chemical Sciences, inventor, Honored Chemist of the Russian Federation, politician, Mayor of Moscow (1992-2010).
Tuleev AG - state and political figure, governor of the Kemerovo region (since 1997), doctor of political science, academician of the International Informatization Academy.
Lebed AI - politician, military commander, lieutenant general, governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (1998-2002).
Skuratov Yu.I. - Doctor of Law, Professor, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation (1995-1999), Acting State Counselor of Justice of the Russian Federation.
Mugabe R.G. - State and political figure of Zimbabwe, Prime Minister (1980-1987), President (1987-2017).
Lukyanov AI - Soviet party, state and political figure, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation.
Pokhmelkin V.V. - Russian social and political figure, scientific leader of the Academy of Sciences "Prikamsky social institute."
Ivanenko S.V. - candidate of economic sciences, Russian politician.
Kotenkov AA - Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, lieutenant-general of justice, State Class Counselor of the Russian Federation.
Sindeeva N.V. - music producer, entrepreneur, founder, main owner and CEO of the media holding "Rain", founder of the anti-premium "Silver Galosh", honorary academician of the Russian Academy of Radio.
Fomin A.V. - actor of theater and cinema, radio and TV presenter, producer, permanent presenter of the annual anti-prize "Silver Galosh" (1999-2011, 2015).
Volkova LE (Lada Dance) - pop and jazz singer, actress.
Kushanashvili O.Sh. - music journalist, columnist, TV presenter, public figure.
Sadalsky S.Yu. - actor of theater and cinema, TV and radio presenter, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Georgia and Chuvashia.
Makarevich A.V. - musical and public figure, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia.


The Republic of Tatarstan

Policy; Interethnic conflicts; Entrepreneurship
Wars, conflicts and disasters; War; Sectors of the economy