looking for you 10/12/1999 (1999)

Telecast №80587, 1 part, duration: 0:36:07
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Tatjyana Dmitrakova, Svetlana Semenova
Anchor:Mariya Shukshina, Igorj Kvasha
Camera operators:Vladimir Brezhnev, Igorj Smirnov, Aleksej Kirillov, Iljya Papernov, Vladimir Saulyak, Aleksej Osaulenko, Yurij Vazhnov, Konstantin Lozhkin
Other authors:Oksana Najchuk, Viktoriya Elj-Muallya

Reel №1

Video: "Every meeting can change the story."

Guests in the studio answer the question: "Can anyone find you?".

Fragment of the transfer of December 22, 1998: a meeting of Sergei and Lyudmila in the studio, Sergei was looking for Lyudmila almost twenty years.

Lyudmila and Sergey talk about what happened after their meeting.

Teleconference from GUM:

Relatives seek Evphirin Vera Fominichna, who disappeared in the late 1930s, presumably, adopted by Rzhevskaya Serafima Anisimovna and Sennikov Vasily Ivanovich.

The mother is looking for her daughter - Fokina Galina, who went to Sochi to the Lazarevskoye Recreation Center in September 1997 and did not return home.

Nadezhda is looking for her friend named Anatoly, whom she met in Moscow in 1955.

The grandson is looking for his grandfather - Biryukov Alexander Ivanovich, who did not return from the war.

The mother is looking for her son - Abramovich Vladimir Vladimirovich, who two years ago went to friends for a wedding and did not return.

The girl is looking for a friend of her mother, Savina Elsa Ivanovna, who left Grozny in 1994 and disappeared, as well as Igor Shabanov and Elena Ishatov.

The mother is looking for her daughter Makku Satueva, who lost her life on February 3, 1995 during the fighting in Chechnya, tells the story of her search.

A fragment of the "Vzglyad" broadcast dated May 31, 1996: a story about the search for a sister by a boy from the village of Chechen-aul Khamzat Satuev, behind the scenes sounds an account of the events.

The civilian population and refugees are removed from the combat area.

Relatives from Riga (Buzulutskaya Anna Stepanovna) and Ivanova are looking for Gusev Valentine, who lived in Grozny before the war.

The woman is looking for her old friend Yegorov Yuri, with whom she worked in the design office and wants to give him a debt.

Yakushkina Zinaida Pavlovna is looking for her friend - Solenova Anna Vasilievna, with whom she lived in the same house before the fighting in Grozny.

A video about missing people in Chechnya, with a demonstration of their photos.

Continuation of the plot about the search for Mackie Satueva.

Leading talk about the search for a girl.

Video chronicle: the employees of the social service of Kalmykia talk about the registration of all arriving children and the absence of them among them Makki Satueva.

A local resident tells about refugees from Chechnya arriving in 1995, people say that girls with the surname Satueva do not remember.

Andrei is looking for his mother, Strigin Lyudmila Aleksandrovna and Oleg's younger brother, whom he has not seen for thirty years, as his own father stole it.

Andrey's meeting with his brother in the studio.

The woman is looking for her friend, Stasya Zaitseva, with whom she studied in the construction technical school in 1944, she calls her Moscow address, and also asks find an acquaintance named Arkady, who in 1944 went to the front, asks him for forgiveness.

A man is looking for his friend, Suvorov Konstantin Nikolaevich, with whom he served in the Baltic States, in parts of the Marine Corps of the Baltic Fleet and whom he has not seen for seven years.

Meeting friends in the studio.

Vlasova Inna from Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, is seeking moral support and help in moving her parents from Stavropol to the Moscow region.

The host announces that a woman has been found in Dagestan, who presumably has adopted Makka Satueva.

Gennady is looking for a girl named Olga from Cheboksary, whom he met in 1988 on the Moscow-Gorky train, working as a guide.

Two young people from Ukraine are looking for girls named Katya and Olya, whom they met on the train on their way to Moscow, names do not remember exactly.

Calendar: 10/12/1999

Locations: Moscow [820]

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