looking for you 11/04/2000 (2000)

Telecast №80593, 1 part, duration: 0:36:58
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Tatjyana Dmitrakova, Tamara Raschetova, Sergej Kurakin
Anchor:Sergej Nikonenko, Mariya Shukshina
Camera operators:Vladimir Brezhnev, Aleksej Kirillov, Igorj Smirnov, Vladislav Chernyaev, Andrej Novikov, Aleksej Osaulenko, Dmitrij Vetchinin
Sound mixer:Elena Karaseva, Aleksej Petrov, Lyudmila Shirokova, Igorj Nikolaev, Tatjyana Suhova
Sound producer:Tatjyana Dyuzhikova, Vsevolod Dvizhkov, Aleksandr Zherikov

Reel №1

The plot of the lost girl Sasha Eremina.

People at the Paveletsky railway station.

A police officer approaches Sasha, asks her questions.

Sasha is in the children's room of the police station, answering questions about the whereabouts of her parents.

Sasha in the car tells why her father took her away from her mother, who drinks and beats the girl.

Sasha's mother in a drunken state answers the questions of TV journalists.

Sasha at the Red Cross children's shelter in the Kaluga region.

Meeting Sasha with his brother Volodya in the orphanage.

Sasha's meeting with his father in an orphanage in Domodedovo.

Sasha's father talks about wanting to live with his daughter.

Madina Jamilova is looking for nieces who were sent to an orphanage, tells her story, addresses them on the air.

Madina's meeting with her nieces in the studio.

Teleconference from GUM: Muzaeva (Buzurkoeva) Rukiyat Rizvanovna is looking for a nephew of Muzaev Igor Khamzatovich, born in 1961, who recently lived in Pushkino, who recently stopped communicating with relatives.

Levina (Ananina) Tatyana Nikolaevna is looking for Levin's son Dmitry Vitalievich, born in 1982, who left home on February 29, 2000 and did not return.

My mother sent a letter - he was found.

Paskar Dmitry from Moldova is looking for a friend of his youth and childhood Slavik, born in 1949, with whom he served in Armenia in 1968-70.

Khutkubiya Nonna Yurievna is looking for Khutkubiya's father Yuri Akakievich, born in 1930, who disappeared in Ochamchira in 1993 during the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict.

Nepochatova Klavdia Kuzminichna is looking for a sister Nepochatova Valentina Kuzminichna, who got into an orphanage after the dekulakization of the family and who is mentioned in the book of L. I. Brezhnev "Virgin Land", the announcement is made by the son-Vladimir Kondratyevich.

Laricheva Tatyana Nikolaevna is looking for the owner of the dog, which she found on February 18, 2000 on Chistye Prudy.

Alena Gaznyuk in the studio tells her story about a girl who in 1995 saved her from sexual slavery in Greece and helped her return home.

Video news: a representative of the police in Kiev gives correspondents information about Svetlana Sergeeva, who married a Greek citizen.

The correspondent talks with the girls who helped their compatriots abroad.

The presenter gives Alena the phone to the girl who helped her.

Tatyana Mikhailovna Vdovenko from Volchansk, Kharkiv region, is looking for the brother of Viktor Petrovich Kazarinov, born in 1963, a native of the Saratov region, who left for the Irkutsk region after his divorce from his wife.

T. I. Andrievskaya is looking for the family of her sister - Valentina Vladimirovna Moroz, whose connection was interrupted after the start of hostilities in Grozny.

Frolov Alexey Ivanovich from the Ryazan region is looking for the son of Frolov Nikolai Alekseevich, born in 1979, who recently was in a state of constant stress and disappeared on March 15, 1999.

Zulfiya Zagirovna Zernova (Khusainova) from St.

Petersburg is looking for the son of Alexander Sergeyevich Zernov, born in 1998, who was abducted from kindergarten by his ex-husband Sergey Zernov.

A man from Obninsk, Kaluga region, is looking for the father of Balti, Viktor, whom he has not seen since birth.

My father left for the Kuban in 1953.

Larisa Nikolaevna Nikitina from Volchansk is looking for director Alla Zemnova, who 35 years ago shot a film about Volchansk, asks to find the daughter of her friend Tatyana Gornostaeva, who was forcibly taken to Moscow.

Meeting Larisa Nikitina with Alla Zemnova in the studio.

Simchenko Tatyana Nikolaevna is looking for her friend-Kovben Maria Nikolaevna, whom she met 25 years ago in Magdeburg.

Tatiana's meeting with Maria and her husband Vasily in the studio.

Cherepanova Marina Leonidovna is looking for a family of Fesenko, who lived in Grozny until 1992 and then left for the Stavropol Territory.

Meeting Cherepanova with friends in the studio.

Calendar: 11.04.2000

Locations: Moscow [820]

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