Scandals of the week 11/04/2000 (2000)

Telecast №80608, 1 part, duration: 0:45:07
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Petr Tolstoj

Reel №1

Valentin Kovalyov sued Yuri Skuratov for describing his life in the book "Variant of the Dragon."

Yu.I.Skuratov did not attend the meeting, further hearings were postponed until December 20.

Comments: former Minister of Justice Valentin Kovalev, journalist Larisa Kislinskaya, lawyer Mikhail Kuznetsov.

The session of the Supreme Court in the case of Alexander Rutskoy about the abuse of office, the governor of the Kursk region was suspended from participation in the re-elections.

Deputy Prosecutor General Vasily Kolmogorov is going to bring charges of fraud to Vladimir Gusinsky.

A visit to the program lawyer Pavel Astakhov, expert opinion.

Proceedings continue in the case of Edmond Pope, accused of military espionage in favor of the United States.

Comments of PA Astakhov.

As part of the operation "Clean Hands", the process is carried out over a driver who tried to pay a fine to a traffic police officer on the spot.

The investigator and the UBEP staff did not attend the meeting.

Interview: accused Yuri Fomin, lawyer Lyudmila Rybakova.

Comments of PA Astakhov.

The school self-government day in Vytegra secondary school ended with a call by the police.

Details of the incident: the head teacher Svetlana Seryogina, the trade union Svetlana Bekker, the deputy head of the Vytegorsk police department Viktor Khalatozov, the acting director on the day of self-government, Denis Pavlyukov.

In Sochi, the trial of the attempted murder of Eleanor Kondratyuk ended.

The customer Ruben Grigoryan was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, the perpetrators are still wanted.

Eleonora undergoes a course of treatment in Germany.

The head of the television news service of Sochi TV Alexander Blinov on the phone with the latest information about the state of the girl.

Electoral scandal in the US: in the press there was a letter from Viktor Chernomyrdin to the presidential candidate Albert Gru, dated 1995.


Kovalev V.A. - Doctor of Law, Professor, State and Politician, Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation (1995-1997). Skuratov Yu.I. - Doctor of Law, Professor, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation (1995-1999), Acting State Counselor of Justice of the Russian Federation. Kislinskaya L.Yu. - Russian journalist, columnist, editor, columnist of the newspaper "Top Secret". Rutskoy A.V. - state and political figure, governor of Kursk region, doctor of economic sciences, candidate of military sciences, professor. Astakhov P.A. - Doctor of Law, professor, teacher, writer, lawyer, TV presenter, State Class 1 State Councilor of the Russian Federation, authorized by the President of the Russian Federation for the rights of the child (2009-2016). Bush D.W. - American statesman and politician, 43rd US president. Gor A.A. - American statesman and politician, vice-president of the USA (1993-2001), winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (2007).

Locations: Vologda region [774] Krasnodar region [761] USA [851]

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