wait me 05/19/2003 (2003)

Telecast №80630, 1 part, duration: 0:44:02
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Requests for a search from the studio:

1. The wife is looking for her husband Pavel Babilov 1958 b ..

Presumably lives in the Chita or Pskov regions.

2.Valentin Dubin is looking for a fellow soldier named Kutsenko, who probably lives in Stupino (Moscow region).

Elena Z. Shcherbak found three of her four sons, who until 1992 lived in Grozny.

Because of the war, they parted and lost.

And after 10 years, two of them, Nikolay and Valentin, meet with their mother in the studio and together watch the story about the third brother Ivan, who sends them greetings and waits for the meeting.

The plot of the program "Wait for me" from 31.03.03.

About a person with memory loss.

This man is in the studio.

All attempts by the presenter, though somehow to remind him of his past life, do not work.

Even the appearance of his former business partner in the studio, Mark Shafro, who recognized him, does not change anything.

He does not react in any way to the story from Latvia, which tells that his name is Yefim Gelman, that he is a three times convicted fraudster, simulating a loss of memory for concealing his crimes.

The way out of the situation is just this, says the presenter:

1. This search for people who recognize it, and can find relatives.

2. Medical examination and investigation.

Appeals for help on searching from the studio:

1.Mat is looking for Alexei Yurovsky's son, born in 1974. He left home and disappeared on 22.08.02.

Last time he was seen on 27.11.02 in Orenburg.

2. The husband is looking for his wife Tamara Omelchenko born in 1938.

Disappeared on March 25, 2003 on the road from the city of Shcherbinka in the village.

Shakhovo (Moscow region).

3.Maryana Spirkova is looking for a childhood friend of Natalia Kotikov, born in 167, with whom they lived in the same lady in Aktau (Kazakhstan).

Brother and sister found a brother by Ruslan Ismailov's father, whom they had never seen.

Sergei Semenov tracked down three of his relatives.

All of them meet in the studio.

The plot is from Rostov-on-Don. (shooting March 2003)

Seeking help in the search.

1.Mat is looking for the son of Alexander Olifirenko, born in 1973. On March 26, 2000, he left his home in Donetsk (Rostov region) and so far no news from him.

2.Syn is looking for Nikolai Pelipenko's father, 1941, p. 16.01.02, the Krasnaya Polyana Rostov bus went by bus and the connection with it was interrupted.

3. Svetlana Sycheva is looking for a childhood friend Zinaida Zaleskaya, who probably lives in Ukraine.

4.Elena Luneva is looking for a friend of Sergei Isaev born in 1940. with whom she met in 1975 in Sochi.

Mariana Spirkova, who was looking for one of her friends, Natalia Kotikov, found another Natasha, who, in turn, was looking for her.

Three girlfriends meet in the studio.

Calendar: 05/19/2003

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