wait me (2004) 06/07/2004

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Videography from Genoa.

After the birth of the third child, Titian and Luigi Romano began to participate in the work of the fund dealing with abandoned Russian children, and on October 21, 1997 year old Maxima was adopted from Tambov, who was first seen in 1994, when he and a group of other orphans came on vacation.

The boy was a good student, he seemed to have a clear plan for the future, he was fond of physics and astronomy, wanted to become an engineer, but when he was 15 years old, he left home for the first time and traveled throughout Italy for five days.

The second time he was found in Germany, he called home three days later and asked him to pick it up, but two or three months later he left again, the second time he left for Germany.

After the summer holidays, Maxim again ran away, since then, six months have passed, the teenager has no news.

Parents assume that the boy has a deep personal crisis, and since the geography of his travels was not accidental before, he always moved to the east, perhaps he wants to go home.

Maxim can be somewhere between Genoa and Tambov, for example, in Romania or Moldova.


Elena Rubleva is looking for parents and other relatives.

Lena remembers herself from about 5 years old, lived with her grandparents, but does not know whether they are relatives or not.

She was taken to the receiver-distributor and transferred to the Stavropol boarding school, adopted in the second grade.

The real name Metlitskaya, date of birth June 24, 1973 or 1974, was born in the village of Nadvoitsy in Karelia.

Employees of the Izmailovo police department found Masha Kovalenko on March 2, 2003 near the metro station Pervomayskaya, since then the girl is brought up in a shelter; in the studio Masha was brought by the deputy director of the orphanage Irina Evgenievna and the head of the social and legal service Lyudmila Grigoryevna.

A fragment of the program of 2003, a story about Masha.

Meeting the girl in the studio with Aunt Tanya.

Lyudmila Fyodorovna Zarechnyak is looking for information about the mother: Mary Konstantinovna Kozyr, 5 years came to the orphanage, where Lyudmila was brought up, then disappeared.

Filming in Moldova: Nina Kozyr recalls her younger sister, the girls were in an orphanage due to the difficult condition of their mother and fell into different age groups;  parted when the oldest sister Nina turned 7 years old and she was transferred to an orphanage for schoolchildren.

Meeting the sisters in the studio.

Search by photo from Andreevsky orphanage (Vakulenko village, Kharkov region).

Valentina Petrovna Sinitskaya, nee Rudich, is looking for an older brother: Vladimir Petrovich Rudich, born in 1942, adopted, there may be other surnames and patronymics, no documents have survived.

Boris Mikhailovich Popkov is looking for a sister: Nadezhda Popkova, born in 1939, mother Anna Popkova, were lost during the war during the evacuation of children from Moscow to Kazakhstan.

Magomed Zagid-oglu Mehtiyev (Engels, Saratov region) is looking for a half-brother: Fikret Mirzoyev, born 1947-1948, was born in Belokansky (Balaken) region of Azerbaijan, parted in early childhood.

Graduates of the schools of the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany are wanted in 1985-1991; all students are offered to conduct a search on the Internet according to the "GSVG school" or visit the website of the city of Rechlin

Helmut Missal from Germany is looking for Antonina Fyodorovna Kurashova, whom he met in the army when he was on leave, and parted with stupidity; I have not seen each other for 22 years, Helmut wants to find Tonya and marry her; meeting in the studio.

Unexpected meeting of students from the GSVG with the teacher.

Magomed Zurabov is looking for an older brother: Mikail Adbulkhamidovich Esiev, born in 1954, moved from Grozny to Krasnodar in 1993, last came home in 1995.

The mother is looking for her son: Vitaly Lazarev, born in 1985, disappeared on September 28, 2003 in Rostov-on-Don.

Twin brothers Leonid Igorevich and Anatoly Igorevich Voskresensky are looking for relatives.

After the death of his father in 1979, the brothers looked through the documents and found a certificate of adoption: Leonid Petrovich and Anatoly Petrovich Sidochenko, date of birth 24.01.1953.

Filming in Ukraine: twin brothers Viktor Mikhailovich and Valentin Mikhailovich Sidochenko talk about the family.

When the husband of Anna Egorovna Sidochenko died at the front, the family had a very hard time.

Soon the mother got acquainted with another man, younger children were born, but relations between the spouses did not work out, and after the break Anna Yegorovna gave the younger boys to the orphanage so that the whole family would not starve.

Growing up, older brothers began to look younger.

Meeting brothers in the studio.

Videography from his elder sister on his father: Lyubov Petrovna remembers the brothers and a short life together with their mother.

Meeting in the studio.

Marina Mikhaylovna Lebedeva is looking for her brother: Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Yudin, born in 1953, moved to Kazakhstan, last time he called home in July 1999.

Shooting in Kazakhstan: the story of the wanderings of Vyacheslav Yudin, who lost his passport.

The man lived in Kazakhstan for 12 years without documents, worked in different families for food and shelter, he was a master of all trades, from small things to construction of houses.

In the last family he was treated like a human being, but when the program staff decided that they already found Vyacheslav and wanted to invite him to the studio, he suddenly left all his things and fled.

The train conductor regretted Vyacheslav and put him in his car, but on the border the man was removed from the train.

For several days he hid, then decided to go to Russia on foot, but frostbitten and nearly died.

The family of the guide sheltered him, Vyacheslav lived with them for two months, during which time he built another house.

Meeting with sisters, son and mother in the studio.


2003 03.2004


Tambov region

Family; International cooperation