wait me 18.06.2007 (2007)

Telecast №81024, 1 part, duration: 0:39:05
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Filming in Bishkek: Lieutenant Kebene Denigde from Ethiopia came to the USSR through a cultural exchange program in the late 1980s.

In 1991, he had a military coup in his homeland.

At that moment, Kebene was afraid to go home.

Then an African passport was stolen from him; there is no Ethiopian embassy in Kyrgyzstan.

When Kebene realized that he had no hope of returning home, he became a trolleybus driver.

Prior to the war, the relatives of Kebene lived in the province of Volleg.

Elizaveta Nikolaevna Zinovieva, born in 1950, searches for the father: Henry Henrykhovich (Andrey Andreevich), Neufild, 1917., met his mother in 1949 in exile to Kolyma, mother's name Valentina Dmitrievna Larionova, born in 1927.

In 1951, the parents split up, Elizabeth's mother married and left Magadan.

About her father Elizabeth learned from her aunt when she grew up.

In 1978, she met with her father's friend, who reported that Henry had another family, and suggested that he could go abroad.

Filming in the village of Novoalekseevka, Ukraine: a widow and children remember Heinrich Genrikhovich and talk about his past.

Meeting Elizaveta Nikolaevna with relatives in the studio.

Anatoly Rodinov from Ust-Kamenogorsk is looking for his brother: Vyacheslav Anatolyevich Usov, was born in September or October 1946 in the village of Moyynkum Dzhambulskaya (the former name of the village - Georgievka or Gulyaevka), were lost after the parents divorce in 1947.

Mother Nadezhda Rodinova took the children and wanted to move to her relatives in the Caucasus, but she died at the station, getting under the train; then Father Anatoly Rodionovich Usov and stepmother Alexander Loginov took to their youngest son Vyacheslav, and the elder Anatoly was transferred to an orphanage, where he was registered for the name of his mother.

(at the request of AA Rodinov was his friend)

Gennady Mashchenko is looking for a conductor named Lyubov, she does not remember her surname, the woman worked on the train No. 61 "Moscow-Nalchik" in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Victoria Meerovich is looking for a friend: Vladimir Sharaev, together they studied at school No. 1203 in Moscow.

Valentina Danilovna Kolesnikova is looking for her son: Valery Pavlovich Kolesnikov disappeared on August 31, 2006 on his way to work.

Search by photo: Gennady Timofeevich Dulinov lived in Tajikistan, with the beginning of hostilities in 1995, moved to his parents in Ivanteevka (Moscow region), but then he needed to return to Tajikistan to re-issue the passport, and Gennady disappeared for the next 12 years.

Filming in Yavan: Gennady Timofeevich tells how, on his return to Tajikistan, he discovered that his wife had sold his apartment and left in an unknown direction, so he was on the street.

All these years he spent wandering and working for strangers.

On a meeting with Gennady in Moscow came brother Alexander and mother Valentine Sergeyevna.

Petros Nersesyan is looking for classmates for school No. 12 of the Northern Group of Forces, 1968 issue, the city of Sventoshuv, Poland.

A friend of the military academy, Major Anatoly Afanasievich Zadorozhny, who is allegedly residing in Odessa, is also wanted.

Videography from Sochi: found classmates Mikhail Mishin, Valery Chernykh, Yuri Lukin.

Meeting in the studio.

A telephone call: a girl named Dina said that she came to Lebanon to work as a waitress, but she was deprived of documents and forced to engage in prostitution.

From the conversation it is not clear where the girl came from, she did not name her name either, only left the phone of a certain Fouaz, who supposedly demands a ransom for her.

Volunteer assistants to the program in Beirut spoke on the phone with Fouaz, even found Dina's place of work and shot what was happening there on the video camera.

Fouaz claims that Dina left, the girl herself did not call back.

Tamara Fedyachkina is looking for a childhood friend: Nikolai Sapozhnikov, born in 1929, native of Kotovsk, Tambov region, parted in 1947.

Konstantin Anzorge looks for his father: Viktor Nikolayevich Filonov, born in 1966, lived in Chimkent; in the photo the mother of Constantine - Love.

Bahram Rahim-ogly Ismailov is looking for his brother: Fariman Ragim-ogly Ismailov disappeared in August 2002 in Blagoveshchensk, the Amur Region.

Maria Scherbina is looking for her son: Alexander Scherbin, born in 1970, has been inactive since January 2006.

Wanted graduates of the Barnaul Higher Aviation School, the 1982 edition, everyone is invited to the meeting on August 18, 2007.

Elvira Shabanovna Limareva is looking for her father: Shaban Esenovich Bagirov, born in 1943, last seen in 1991 in Turkmenistan, the connection is lost after the mother and her children move to the Pskov region.

Video from the father of Ashgabat.

Meeting in the studio.

Photos of the missing:

Vladimir Malozyomov, 49, left for work in 2001; the mother suggests that it should be sought in the Kamyshlovskiy or Talitsky districts of the Sverdlovsk region.

Abdullo Rakhimov disappeared in October 2000 in Khujand, Tajikistan.

Alexander Evgenevich Pavlov disappeared on March 6, 2006 in Krasnoyarsk.

Vladimir Zaika, Anna Yakovleva, Alexander Oleinikov and other classmates at school No. 35 in Ulan-Ude, the 1964 issue; Tatyana Vsevolodovna Shelkhovskaya is looking for.

Sergei Matskov disappeared in Moscow in 2003, he worked at the construction site.

Ludwig Scheidt, born in 1916, is wanted by relatives; The last time he saw his brother in the summer of 1941, when he escorted to the front.

Ibrahim Zhon Mamajonov, 42, served in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, after demobilization he stayed there, for the last 7 years he never reported himself to his relatives.

Unknown man, taken to the hospital without consciousness, without documents.

The relatives of Tamara Bunke, a friend and associate of Che Guevara, who was killed in Bolivia in 1967, are being sought; other famous names are Tanya, Ita, Tamarita, Tamara Lorenzo, Laura Gutierrez Bauer.

Wanted Andrei Ivanovich Skocelyas, 1904, the photograph is not, it is listed as missing during the Second World War, but the granddaughter Catherine continues to seek information about her grandfather.

Shooting in Kiev 25.04.2007: youth dances, among adolescents - girl, wanted by relatives, Maria Olegovna Duka, 1989-1990.

Excerpt from May 21, 2007: Yuri Vasilievich Duka is looking for a niece.

Interview with Maria: the girl recalls how her mother left her, she recalls her uncle and grandfather, tells about her life, about dances and about the career of the photomodel.

In Moscow, Masha could not come, because she did not have time to issue the documents.

Shooting 24.05.2007: Yuri Vasilievich arrives in Kiev, meeting with Masha on Khreshchatyk.

Calendar: 1991 04.2007 05.2007

Locations: Ethiopia [71] Kyrgyzstan [120] Ukraine [229] Tajikistan [215] Crimea [981] Lebanon [123] Turkmenistan [225]

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