wait me (2002) 01.14.2002

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Search by photo: Yuri Nikolayevich Golubenko is wanted, his photos brought Igor Kvasha directly to the theater.

The postscript reported that the letter was sent by relatives of the missing person from Kazakhstan 2 years ago; the letter did not come to the program.

In total, 14 people with the surname Golubenko are wanted.

Message for Maria Tarasovna Golubenko: a woman was looking for her grandson Andrew, whom she had not seen for 25 years.

Now Andrei is 30 years old, found with the help of Irkutsk newspaper "Friday", he was given the address of his grandmother.

Shooting in Tomsk: Leonid Semenovich Kuzhevsky is looking for Galina Karapuzeva, whom he met in 1947 and parted with stupidity.

Two years later, Leonid learned that Galina had a serious feeling for him, tried to find her, but could not.

More than 50 years, a man suffers from the thought that unjustly offended the girl.

Inclusion from Kiev.

Tatyana Ivanovna Gaiduk is looking for a daughter: Elena Vladimirovna Gaiduk, born in 1984, disappeared on July 2, 1999, last time she called home in the evening; In a week has informed, that is with a friend of Andrew in the Crimea, the last time she was seen on July 20, 1999 on the market in Zaporozhye.

A man is looking for a brother: Stepan M. Tumanyan, born in 1921, a native of the village of Kerkench, Azerbaijan, was drafted into the army on June 12, 1941, he sent a postcard from Rostov-on-Don from the road, no photo, no other information.

Galina Vladimirovna Kovalchuk is looking for a niece: Maria L. Hilya, born in 1989, at the age of 6 she moved with her mother from the Zhytomyr region to the Primorsky Territory, the father's name was Leonid Feliksovich Khilya.

Mikhail Grigorievich Shevchenko is looking for a friend: Mikhail Alekseevich Musienko, born in 1939-1940, studied at the Glier Music College in Kiev in 1955-1957, lived together on Turgenev Street, 10; the daughter acted.


Taisiya Mikhailovna Lazareva is looking for a grandson: Arthur Kanik, born in 1980, left with his father to the Republic of Chad in 1987 with the consent of his mother, the connection was interrupted in the early 1990s.

Video from Arthur from the city of N'Djamena, Chad: the young man talks about life with his father and other relatives.

The mother is looking for her son: Alexander Isambatovich Petrov, born in 1959, went on a business trip from Tyumen on November 24, 1994 and did not return, the address of the family is Tyumen, Tula, 7-91.

Maria Komolova (Ezhova) is looking for a girlfriend of youth: Valentina Rusakova, born in 1938, working together at a brick factory in Moscow, the connection was interrupted in the early 1960s.

Maryam Kirovushina is looking for her son: Vladislav Kiryushin, born in 1979, died on February 26, 1997 in Penza.

Sergei Tsygankov looking for a sister: Elena V. Sarapulova, date of birth 06.10.1973, March 11, 1975 was adopted from the house of a baby in the city of Pechory, Pskov region.

Valentina Glodianu is looking for children: Christina (16 years old) and Andrei (11 years old), in 1992 they were taken to Moldavia by their father.

Filming in Moldova: a schoolteacher and grandmother talk about Andrei.

Father of children Vasily Glodian went to work in Moscow and disappeared; At the end of the 7th grade, Kristina left for Moscow after her father and also does not make herself felt.

Valentina's meeting with her son and his grandmother in the studio.

Inclusion from GUM.

Naum Polyakov is looking for a son: Yevgeny Polyakov, born in 1975, disappeared on October 6, 1996, last time he called the teacher on October 20, 1996.

Nadezhda Sazhina is looking for her husband: Konstantin Sazhin, born in 1966, on August 2, 2001, he left Astrakhan by car VAZ-2106 No.

T824AN and did not return.

Vasily Maksimovich Butkiy is looking for a girlfriend of his youth Valentin Voronkov, lost contact in 1959.

Lubov Klimova is looking for a daughter: Irina Sergeevna Pilyugina (Klimova), born 1977, died on June 24, 2001 in Polotsk, Belarus.

Relatives and acquaintances of Maria Alekseyevna Ivanova, born in 1923, born in Smolensk, are being sought; after the war worked in forestry, died in 1955 in Ukraine, the name of her husband Mitrofan Mikhailovich Streltsov (granddaughter appeared).

Olga Shodievna Elnikova is looking for her grandparents' grandparents: in 1991 Natalia and Vladimir Rud moved from Uzbekistan to the Tula region; except for the deceased son (Oleg's father), there are daughters Anastasia Rud and Irina Fadeeva.

Leonid Konstantinovich Semyonov is looking for his elder sister Varvara, who knows nothing but the name.

After the death of the mother, the children were in the orphanage, the conditions of detention were poor, and Varya persuaded her brother to flee, Leonid then was only 3 years old.

The mistress of the house, where the children asked for water along the way, left the boy herself, and Varya ordered to go on and look for a haven somewhere else.

Since then, brother and sister have not seen each other.

Antonina Antonovna Tkachenko (Pigareva) is looking for the brothers Paul and Nicholas.

After the arrest of his father and the confiscation of property in 1937, his mother went to Ukraine.

On the way to Smolensk, the younger children got sick, they were put in a hospital; older children lived at the station, from where they were assigned to an orphanage.

After discharge, the mother with three children reached Ukraine, got a job in the collective farm, wanted to pick up the remaining children from the orphanage, but the war began; to the requests was received the answer that on the way to the evacuation all orphanage children were killed.

Later, the family searched the brothers for evacuation documents, but such names were not listed anywhere.

It turned out that one of the brothers is also looking for relatives.

Meeting with Pavel Antonovich in the studio.



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