wait me (2002) 04/22/2002

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Shooting in the Belgorod child's house: the history of Vladislav from Kharkov is told by the educator Elena Shibanova and the head doctor Nikolai Shamborskiy.

On January 11, 2001 Vladik was traveling in an electric train with a pregnant mother, who was removed from Belgorod near the train, since she felt ill and was sent to the hospital.

The woman left the child to the fellow traveler, wrote down her address, promised to take the boy, but she did not take it.

Search for hospitals and maternity hospitals did not give results, then Vladika was transferred to the Belgorod home of the child.

Employees hope that the mother or other relatives of the boy will be found before he has to be transferred by age to another orphanage.

About the mother we only know that she looked about 25 years old, was represented by Alena Anatolievna Eskova.

Mysterious medallion.

The medallion was sent to the program by Vera Vladimirovna Butylskaya, in the girlhood of Nazarov.

She was adopted on December 31, 1941 from the Children's Hospital No. 9 in Tashkent, according to the documents she passed as Vera Solovyova.

In the archives a card was found on Vera Solovyova, the examination showed that she had erased the record that the girl had died; to the card was sewn another, where all the data about the child were rubbed and changed in the direction of decreasing height, weight and age.

The locket was in Vera's adoption.

The reverse side of the photo is covered from top to bottom in two layers, presumably in Lithuanian; with the help of expertise managed to disassemble the date of birth on February 25 1940, "evacuation on July 8," in Russian, at different times, the names of Lyudochka, Lindochka and Andiks were completed.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine suggest that the girl could be the daughter of repressed parents from the areas that were part of the USSR in 1940.

To the child on a photo of 8-10 months.

Inclusion from Kustanay.

The mother is looking for her son: Temirkhan Shushtumbaev, born on October 24, 1969, served in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in 1995-1998, last telegram on December 23, 1998.

Maria Pasyachnaya (Fedorovich) is looking for a childhood friend: Lyubov Petrunkova, together brought up in an orphanage in Pinsk, Brest region, studied and worked together, the connection was interrupted in September 1960, when Lyuba married and left.

Alexander Ivanovich Gorbunov is looking for a sister: Valentina Ivanovna Gorbunova, born in 1945, lost her life in 1946 when, after the death of her mother, they found themselves in various orphanages.

Anna Nikolaevna Trofimenko is looking for her husband: Aleksandr Petrovich Trofimenko, born in 1952, left the house on June 18, 1993 and disappeared.

The daughter is looking for a father: Valery G. Shabliy, born in 1948, geologist, on June 6, 1989 went on a business trip to Turgai and did not return.


Maria Pavlovna Spasskaya is looking for relatives.

The woman recalls how she lost her way at a railway station in Sverdlovsk on August 21, 1947, while traveling with her mother.

Before school the girl was brought up in an orphanage, which was in the village of Spasskaya, Sverdlovsk region; his real name does not remember.

After the end of the 7th grade, Maria was sent to a pedagogical college in Nizhny Tagil, where she still lives.

The Pisarev family from Donetsk is looking for a father.

Former miner Gennady Matveyevich Pisarev was accused of stealing large-scale non-ferrous metals and fled without waiting for arrest, on October 31, 1995 he left Ukraine.

Daughters Svetlana Moroz and Irina Pisareva, sister Lilia Pisareva, neighbor Igor Korpachev and head of the LOVD station Yasinovataya Nikolay Prize share the details of this story and say that the case was almost immediately terminated for lack of evidence, and after a while there was a resolution to stop the search for Gennady Matveyevich.

For all the years the family received from him three letters with no return addresses: two in 1996, one in 1999, it was sent from Odintsovo (Moscow region).

The letters sent by Svetlana's eldest daughter to Odintsovo-6 returned unopened.

During the absence of the father, the children grew up, they study, they work, Svetlana has a three-year-old son, the whole family is waiting for the father and grandfather to return home.

Inclusion from Kiev.

Ivan Stepanovich Svistun is looking for his uncle: Mikhail Sergeyevich Svistun, born in 1919, was missing in 1941, possibly living in Germany.

The mother is looking for her son: Anatoly Borisovich Levchuk, born in 1969, left for Moscow in 1996 to work, the connection was interrupted in 1997.

Tatiana Stanislavovna and Lyudmila Ivanovna Chizhevskie are looking for a son and a brother: Pyotr Ivanovich Chizhevsky, born in 1954, left in August 2000 to work in the Moscow region, Luberetskiy district, Marusino village.

A girl is looking for a sister: Diana Miroshnichenko was missing on March 8, 2002.

Ekaterina Grigoryevna Kachar is looking for her husband: Vladimir Petrovich Kachar disappeared on January 14, 2002 in Komsomolsk, Poltava region.


A woman is looking for her father: Valentin Dmitrievich Skugaryov, born in 1921, left the house on Vadkovsky Lane in Moscow on April 7, 2002 and did not return; could forget the address.

Lyudmila Ivanovna Averkieva is looking for her brother: Pyotr Ivanovich Averkiev, born in 1951, served in the 48th Novosibirsk training center in 1971, presumably lives in Izhevsk.

Vahan Sarkhanyan is looking for fellow soldiers of his father, Ivan Sarkhanyan, all were summoned from different regions of Siberia in 1937-1938, fought on Khalkhin-Gol, passed the Finnish war and the Great Patriotic War.

Anna Timofeevna Maksimenkova is looking for a friend, Valentin Alikberov, and her son Dmitry.

They lived together in Kirovabad (now Ganja), mothers worked in military unit 36978, children went to one kindergarten in 1982-1987.

Meeting in the studio with Dima; Valentina could not come because of her health condition.


Belgorod region
Sverdlovsk region

Family; International cooperation