Comrade San Katayama.. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Monglovskiy U.

Script writers: Tamginskiy I., Chekhonin B.

Operators: Akkuratov E.

Composers: Kosmachev I.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.

Text writers: Golembiovskiy I., Tamginskiy I.


About the outstanding personality of the International Movement of Workers and Communists, the founder of the Japanese Communist party Sen Katayame.

Temporary description

Text newspapers Rodo Sekai "," Heymin "created by S. Katayama. Photos S. Katayama different years: the Japanese socialists, with the participants of the Amsterdam Congress in prison, with his family. Speeches S. Katayama at the congress of workers of the Far East in Moscow (1922), the 4 th Congress of the Comintern, the Red Square during the celebration of 5-th anniversary of the October Revolution, at a meeting of the All students of the school with the German Communists, at a rally on the occasion completion of the Turkestan-Siberian Railway. S. Katayama at Khodynskoe field during the celebration of the 1st anniversary of the first Soviet Constitution. Identities S. Katayama. S. Katayama's funeral in Red Square, have an urn with the ashes S. Katayama. City Tokyo. Congress of the Communist Party of Japan. Speakers: K. Miyamoto, Makieda. Daughter of S. Katayama said Yasuo Katayama (synchronously) on the strengthening of friendship between Japan and the Soviet Union. May Day demonstration in Tokyo.

Reel №1

Red Square, people go to the mausoleum.

The Japanese delegation is the wreath.

People pass along the Kremlin wall, busts the wall plate.

Plaque with the NDP: Sen Katayama 05/12/1859 - 11/05/1933

Photo founder KP Japan, the outstanding figure of the international workers' and communist movement Sen Katayama.


Avtoestakada, travel transport.

Religious festival on the streets of Tokyo.

Neo-fascist rally.

Tank in a militaristic advertising film.

People on the street.

A man hands out flyers.

Police disperse protesters, watered, fight with the police, the police fired into the air.

On the street are the communists and socialists, carrying placards.


Chronicle: Japan koestyane in a rice field, rice plant.

Turn the wheel a little dam.

The old woman in the field, a woman with a child.

Photo: Young S. Katayama.

The house where he was born and grew up Sen Katayama, father Katayama.

Farmers working in the fields.

Chronicle of Japan, runs rickshaw.

Children on the street.

Children run to the organ-grinder.

The streets of Tokyo.

Drive through the old cars, people crossing the street.


The workers were working rest.

Photo: Katayama, a newspaper he founded.

A group of Japanese socialists, a petition for the establishment of the Social Democratic Party.

Socialist rink.

Katayama among the socialists.

Chronicle: marching soldiers Japanese army.

Military action, explosions, fleeing soldiers.

Photo: Katayama.

The participants of the Amsterdam Congress of the 2nd International, among them Katayama and G. Plekhanov.

Japanese socialists. 11 executed by the Japanese socialists, including an ice rink.

Chronicle: Tram on the streets of Tokyo, directing traffic.

Photo: Tokyo streetcar strike, organized by Katayama.

Katayama in prison.

Katayama and his wife and children.

Reel №2

Chronicle: The Statue of Liberty - filmed from a helicopter.

Photo: Katayama in the U.S..

Chronicle 1917: storming of the Winter Palace.

Passing an armored car, are soldiers.

Jubilant people.

Picture: Lenin proclaims Soviet power.

Katayama book.

Photo: portrait Katayama.

Newspaper "Heymin" manufactured by Katayama in America.

Chronicle: U.S. skyscrapers.

Chronicle of December 1921: The Kremlin, Moscow.

Okhotny Ryad Street, trams, the Bolshoi Theater.

Photo: Lenin, Katayama.

Chronicle of 1922, January: The first congress of the peoples of the Far East.

Katayama speaks.

The congress delegates in the hall.

Delivered by the representative of Mongolia.

Photo: Katayama Katayama in the car.

House in Tokyo, where in 1922, held the first Congress of the CP of Japan.

Chronicle in 1922, the train is coming to the platform in Petrograd.

Pass along the platform the delegates at the 4th Congress of the Comintern, including Clara Zetkin.

Pass trumpeters.

Delegates out of the building, go down the street.

A meeting on the street, cheering in the stands.

Solemn procession through the streets.

Congress opens Zetkin, standing next Katayama.

Listen to the Hall.

The Bureau of the Congress.

Katayama speaks on the sidelines with the delegates.

Japanese ship in the sea.

Japanese military on the deck, the officer looks through a telescope.

Acts Katayama.

Leaflets with reference to Japanese soldiers.

Posters: Hands off Russia.

Karikutury the newspapers.

Rally on Red Square in honor of the 5th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

Red Pass.

Katayama and Zetkin at the parade.

Playing a military band.

Katayama speaks.

The people welcomed.

Parade on Red Square.

Marching infantry.

Katayama, and Mikhail Kalinin at the parade.

Passing Red riding.

Meeting with students of German communists CEC schools - are German communists.

Are the participants.

Katayama of the floor.

German communists handed banner.

Katayama and Zetkin welcome participants.

Celebrating the first anniversary of the first Soviet Constitution on Khodynka in Moscow.

Katayama, the banner of the Communist International, along with others.

Cheers people.

Katayama, a group of young people.

Photo: Katayama, a young Ho Chi Minh.

Chronicle of 1929, spring: Moscow, building a house on Gorky Street.

Smoking pipe plant.

Pouring metal.

Faces of the workers.

Shop Turbine Works.

Meeting farmers.

Entry to the farm.

The first tractor in the field.

Construction of the Dnieper.


Photos of dead comrades Katayama: Watanabe, Yamamoto, Ueda, Iwate, Kabayasi, funeral Yamamoto.

Arrested by the Japanese Communist Ichikawa, Tokuda, Miyamoto.

Chronicle of the 20's.: Construction of the canal.

Girls carry the stretcher to the ground.

Men work a jackhammer.

Kazakhs riding cross w / a path.

Passing trains.

A young boy runs the train.

The meeting at the opening Turksib tribune stands Katayama.

The people at the rally.

Clog the last spike, the train breaks ribbon.

Reel №3

Photo: 1932: Amsterdam Congress, Katayama at the Congress.

Documents Katayama.

Photo: people with mourning banners, members of the government in the honor guard at the urn containing the ashes of Katayama.

Chronicle of 1933: a funeral procession in Red Square.

Stalin and others carry the urn containing the ashes of Katayama.

Standing military with banners, a military band played, an urn containing the ashes in a niche walled Kremlin.

Red stand with banners.

Pass the troops.

Photo: honor guard at the Kremlin wall.


Chronicle: marching armies of samurai.

Animation: saber blade pierces the cards in Manchuria, Mongolia, China, Borneo, the territory of the USSR.

Chronicle 1941-1945.: Conflagration.

The child sits at the body of the murdered mother.

Japanese soldiers shooting prisoners.

Japanese soldiers marching.

Disarmament of the Japanese army after the defeat.

Japanese soldiers shoot sword belts, put on ground weapons are Japanese flags.

Photo: Japanese political prisoners out of jail.

Japanese golusuyut elections for the Communists.

Congress of the Japanese manual.

Present in the room applauded.

At the Congress, Chairperson of the Presidium of the Communist Party of Japan Kenji Miyamoto.

Listen to the Hall.

On the streets of Tokyo are people.

Katayama said associate professor Sakisaka (synchronously).

Pass the Japanese workers.

On the labor movement in Japan says the Chairman of the General Council of Japanese Trade Unions Makieda (synchronously).

Yasu says daughter Katayama Katayama (synchronously).

Japanese people on the street, in the cafe.

Family in the room listening to records with the voice of Ilyich.

May Day demonstration in Tokyo, the Japanese are carrying placards and banners.

Working hammers.

Hoe breaks ground.

People vote.

Hands holding a chisel.

Hand planting rice.

Vote leaders KP Japan.

Demostranty pass.