wait me 12/08/2003 (2003)

Telecast №81060, 1 part, duration: 0:44:08
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

The plot of a man who has lost his memory.

Alexander Kruglov four months ago woke up in an unfamiliar room, not remembering anything about himself, not even a name.

Some people (a woman and two men) kept him under lock and key, they did not let him out into the street.

From his room the prisoner went only to the next, it was like medical examinations.

Once he accidentally saw on the table a passport with his photo, then he heard how these people call him Alexander Kruglov.

When once the room was forgotten to be closed, the man fled, on the outside he saw that they were holding him in a brick two-story house in the forest.

He ran for a long time in the woods, then drove 12 hours on a freight train, reached Rybinsk, where he is in the hospital.

Memory is not restored.


Aleksandr Georgievich Dzyuba is looking for daughters Natalia and Svetlana, whom they have not seen for 26 years.

In 1977, Alexander suffered a serious trauma and sent his wife and children to her mother in Belarus, in 1989, again went to the hospital for 4 years and could not visit the family.

About the growing up of daughters and about their entire life, he only knows by letters and photos sent.

Roman Nikiforov from Semipalatinsk is looking for his father: Andrei Olegovich Nikiforov, his parents divorced in 1991, his father left for Moscow to his parents, the connection was cut off in 2000, when Roman and his mother moved.

Video recording for Roma from his father.

Meeting in the studio.

Alexander Dzyuba meets his daughters.

Galina Sinelupa is looking for a daughter: Diana Sinelup, born in 1984, disappeared on May 17, 2003 in Moscow.

A month later, a woman approached Galina and said that Diana and her daughter were at the apartment where they were forcibly kept.

The woman bought her daughter, and Diana was sent to Krasnodar to further transfer to Turkey.

Tatiana Fedorovna Emelyanova is looking for a brother: Mikhail Fedorovich Yemelyanov, born in 1933-1934, a native of the village of Lytkino, Moscow region.

The family had 5 children, the mother was seriously ill, for recovery the doctor advised giving birth to the sixth child.

After the birth of Misha, his mother died, his father gave the child to an orphanage, but promised to take it when the boy grows up.

In 1943, the father died, the children were left alone, they knew nothing about their brother.

Vyacheslav Kozyrev looking for a beloved: Natalia Fedorovna Pisnova, born in 1974, met in Dushanbe in her youth, last time in 1992.

Vyacheslav served in the army, in the special subdivision for the protection of the presidential palace.

During the beginning of hostilities in 1992, the commander took the soldiers out of the palace and dismissed them to their homes; mother sent Vyacheslav to Russia, where he finished his service.

Once the young people managed to phone, but the conversation was interrupted.

Vyacheslav all these years wrote letters and continued to look for Natalia.

Svetlana Dagievna Khabirova (Fuzlyatdinova) is looking for a sister: Alfiya Dugievna Fuzlyatdinova, the date of her birth on August 27, 1980, the family lived in Tashkent, shortly after the death of her mother, the girl was transferred to an orphanage where she was immediately adopted, the name can be different.

It turned out Svetlana was being sought by her friend Svetlana Shabalina, a meeting in the studio.

Sister also managed to find: the plot of the Moscow cafe, where she works, her name is Olesya Kalita.

Telephone conversation between Svetlana and Olesya.

Olesya goes to work and goes to the studio.

Videography from Poland (village of Skabrenesh near the town of Brzeg).

Edward Mazur learned about the fact that he has a stepbrother in 1997.

Father Kazimir Mazur before his death said that in 1944 he was taken prisoner and was exiled to Siberia, to the camp.

He returned to Poland in 1956 with a Soviet passport, and soon regained Polish citizenship.

In Kazimierz there was a second family in Ukraine: his wife Maria Ivanovna Yushko and son Stanislav, born in 1956, they lived in the Lebedinsky district of the Sumy region, they left for Poland together, but what became of the family is unknown.


Svetlana Nozhnova (Skvortsova) is looking for a cousin: Pavel Valentinovich Gerasimov, born in 1965, last seen in 1986.

Larisa Nikolaevna Gekalo is looking for a brother: Pavel Nikolaevich Gekalo, born in 1962, after the death of his parents, the children were brought up in an orphanage, the connection was interrupted in 1986, when Larissa married and left for Bulgaria.

About Paul it is known that after the end of the railway institute he was sent to Nizhny Tagil.

The program staff learned that Pavel moved from Druzhinino station in the Sverdlovsk region, where he worked, to Karaganda, and then to Astana.

Stepan Innokentievich Yemelyanov is looking for an army friend: Boris Alekseyevich Kosolapov from Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo region, served together in the Pacific Fleet, parted in 1956 at the station of Taiga of the Novosibirsk region, when they left by different trains; meeting in the studio.

Videography from Germany (Kiel).

Otto Lange is looking for a twin brother: Herbert Lange, date of birth 17.01.1931, lived in the village of Zalivino near Koenigsberg, in 1945 they were arrested with other Germans and sent to the camp of Proish Islau (Ilawa,  Eilau) in Poland; Otto fled, Herbert was afraid to run away.

The family left for Germany and only in the 1970s learned that the prisoners of this camp were sent to Orsha in August 1945; It was impossible to look for a brother in the USSR, the search in Germany did not yield results.

In the early 1990s, Otto visited his homeland in the Kaliningrad region, where an elderly woman told him that in 1958 a man came to Zalivino who looked like Otto, and said that he grew up here.

Otto believes that it was Herbert.


Lyubov Aleksandrovna Malkova (Savelyeva) is looking for an older brother whom she has never seen: Anatoly Nikolaevich Zharov, date of birth 26.09.1939, was given to an orphanage at the age of 9 months.

He also is looking for the adopted son of his aunt: Sergei Mikhailovich Tozaborian, lives in Alma-Ata, the address of the family is Kirghizia, Chui oblast, Tokmak, Komsomolskaya, 59.

The family is looking for a son: Dmitry Vladimirovich Tsvetkov, born in 1954, disappeared on April 24, 2002 in Zelenograd.

A woman is looking for her brother: Vladimir Nikolayevich Ishchenko, born in 1968, after serving in the army he stayed in the Amur Region (the village of Verkhneizeysk), worked in the militia, the connection was interrupted in 1993.

Message for Larisa Gekalo: Brother Pavel left Astana for Kokchetav, where he lived until 1999, then moved to Germany.

In addition, it turned out that the mother of Larissa and Paul is alive and also looking for children.

Meeting Larissa and Claudia Andreevna in the studio.

Meeting Svetlana Khabirova with her sister Olesya.

Locations: Yaroslavl region [812] Poland [177] Germany [84]

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