wait me (2009) 15.06.2009

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Excerpt from the program of 23.03.2009: the story of Vyacheslav Anatolyevich Samukov, who disappeared in Novosibirsk in the early 1990s, soon after his disappearance, that he died, and in 2003 they handed a letter with a photo, in which Vyacheslav was taken off surrounded by Uzbek women and children.

Shooting in the village of Yange-Sanoat: an interview with Vyacheslav and the people from whom he lives, because of problems with outdated documents a man can not return home.

Employees of the FMS of Russia promised to help.

Continuation of history: the villagers say goodbye to Vyacheslav, he flies home and meets with relatives in Pulkovo.

The guests of the program are employees of the Federal Migration Service of Russia: the head of the Department on Citizenship Mikhail Nikolaevich Utyatsky, the head of the press center Konstantin Mikhailovich Poltoranin, deputy head of the department for passport work and population registration Elena Radochina; Comments on the program to help people return from the CIS countries and to restore Russian citizenship.

Igor Kvasha transmits FMS staff a folder with information about CIS citizens who disappeared in Russia at the time of their arrival to work.

Continuation of the history of Sadyk Yakubov.

The man applied to the program together with the whole family when they were in Moscow on earnings, and then could not return home because of the false migration press.

After appealing to the Consul General of Tajikistan, Sadyk was able to safely leave for home, the family was reunited.

Filming in the kiosk of the program at the Kazan station: Samir Sattarov tells how he came to work in Mordovia, extended the validity of the documents without returning home, then unable to return home, was detained in Penza, since his passport was fraudulent immigration stamp.

Employees of the FMS promise to help carry out examination of the passport and deal with the remaining documents, in particular, with the migration card illegally seized during the detention.

Videography from Samir's wife: a woman asks to find her husband.

Raisa Semenovna Gromova is looking for her son: Andrei Viktorovich Gromov, born in 1968, disappeared on May 24, 2005, was going to go to Germany.

Galina Usoltseva is looking for a friend: Zakhar Zaitsev, date of birth 30.04.1980, met in Moscow in 2006.

Maria Dorofeeva (Queen) is looking for her stepfather: Vasily Mandrykin, born in 1951, the connection was interrupted in 1988.

Tamara Nikolaevna Pavlova is looking for her son: Alexey Pavlov, born in 1979, went to Gorno-Altaisk on August 14, 2008 and disappeared.

Galina Arkadevna Kazantseva is looking for a classmate: Igor Mikhailovich Solomenny, born in 1933, a graduate of the geological survey department of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, the connection was interrupted in 1957.

Wanted Teimuraz Grdzelishvili, born in 1973, presumably resides in the Far East, after serving in the army he worked on a fishing boat.

Svetlana Borisovna Dikarieva (Kotik) is looking for a half-brother: Boris Borisovich Kotik, presumably lives in the Moscow region, the name of the mother Margarita Popova.

Wanted Peter Stratila, born in 1967, left Moldova for work in Moscow in 1996 and disappeared.

Julia Vladimirovna Volchenskova is seeking information about the relatives of Karl Ivanovich's great-grandfather, born in 1903, native Turku, Finland, the real name is unknown.

In 1922 he fled from Finland, moved to the side of the Soviet government and stayed to live in Russia.

He married Efrosinya Marova, lived on Vasilievsky Island, the family had 5 children. 09/02/1938 arrested for contact with his brother, who lived in America, was shot in 1940, much later rehabilitated.

During the siege of Leningrad the whole family was lost, only one daughter survived - Nelly Karlovna Marova, grandmother of Julia.

Videography from Carl's nephews: Arvi and Arro Olaska tell the story of the family and their own searches for relatives.

Meeting in the studio with Arvi and his wife.

Igor Kvasha and the guests thank the volunteer program assistant in Finland Tim Laax.

Photos of the missing:

Alexander Makarov, 33, came from Ukraine to Moscow for work, worked in Podolsk, last time he called home in August 2008.

Dmitry Artemov, 29, disappeared on May 28, 2007 on the road from Chapaevsk to Samara.

Yegor Sablin (a small child) disappeared in the Chelyabinsk region, his mother is looking for him.

Jamil Jafarov, 13 years old, disappeared in Azerbaijan, allegedly kidnapped and illegally exported to Russia.

Valery Tagintsev in 2007 went to a hospital in Moscow, then disappeared.

Vladimir Gusev went to work in the Vologda region, was in the village of Kharachevo, the connection was interrupted a month after departure.

Ingar Bikcherov served in the Leningrad region, disappeared in 2007, did not return from his dismissal.

Valery Donica, 38 years old, disappeared in May 2008 in Moldova.

Alexander Vasilyevich Bryantsev, 47, disappeared in Moscow, last time he called home in the summer of 2008, managed to report that he was in slavery.

Alexei Panfilov disappeared in May 2008 in Volgograd, at night he asked the driver to land him on the Moscow highway near the stop "Dachnaya".

News from the FMS of Russia: Samir Sattarov's documents are authentic, he can return home at any time.

Rima Viktorovna The Wolf (or Vovk) is looking for a son: Ilya Vladislavovich Podoprigora, born in 1991, disappeared on September 30, 2008 in Moscow.

Laziza Aybekovna Izhenchay (Tohtieva) is looking for her father: Aibek Tokhtiev, born in 1952-1953, lived in the city of Kara-Balta, where he got acquainted with his mother.

A fragment of the program from 20.04.2009: Sergey Vishnyakov, who is in the hospital with a memory loss, recalls some fragments of information about himself.

He believes that he lived in Yekaterinburg, his wife Julia is divorced, she has a daughter Dasha, 9 years old; previously served in the 56th Airborne Assault Brigade, was in Chechnya and Yugoslavia, but there is no documentary confirmation of this.

After the plot was shown, there were several responses from different people, but all were mistaken.

In the fate of Sergei took part paratroopers from Samara, they took over his patronage and brought to Moscow for a consultation at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry named after V.P.Serbsky.

Fully Sergei's memory has not recovered, but the paratroopers want to take him with them and help arrange a life in Samara.

Meeting in the studio.


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