wait me (2005) 18.04.2005

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

The plot from the program kiosk at the Kazan station.

Alexander Kovalevsky from Grodno after a quarrel with his parents decided to go to a friend in Orsha, fell asleep on an electric train, and when he woke up, it turned out that he was already in Russia.

There were no documents with the boy, only the school diary.

He did not know how to return home without documents and money, so he came for help in the program.

A few days before this incident, Vladimir Grigorievich Yurov was addressing the program with a project of a family-type hotel for homeless children or for such children as Sasha.

Sasha meets his mother in the studio.

Shooting in Krasnodar.

A young man named Alexander 2 February 2005 was returning home, on the road he was stopped by a girl and asked for a ride to a nearby town.

Before the trip they decided to have a snack in the cafe, Sasha drank coffee and felt bad.

Vaguely recalls that he was attacked by three men, beaten, then came up some people and took him to the hospital.

About itself recollects fragmentary information, the full picture does not develop.

Sasha is still in the hospital, can not remember his last name and hopes that one of his relatives will recognize him.


The mother is looking for her son: Eduard Yuryevich Kuznetsov, born in 1971, left Moscow for work, left for the last time in June 2001, called on September 25, 2001, then the connection was interrupted.

Vladimir Georgievich Yurov is looking for his uncle and his relatives: Ivan Yakovlevich Kozlov, his civil wife Dina, daughter of Rimma; was considered dead or missing, the house preserved front-line letters, in which he reported that he was alive.

Evgeny Vasilievich Shevchenko-Stanishevsky, date of birth 02.09.1948, is looking for relatives through the Stanishevsky family; my father had three brothers - Grigory, Vladimir and Dmitry, were lost after the shooting of my grandfather, when all were sent to orphanages.

Lyubov Vasilievna Melnikova is looking for her father: Vasili Ivanovich Kolbintsev, born in 1916, disappeared in July 2001 in Vladimir.

Zinaida Nikolaevna Uzunyan (Zinaida Lvovna Vainshel) is looking for a sister who was lost during the war during the evacuation from Leningrad to Maykop, where Zinaida was adopted by an Armenian family, nothing was known about Tamara's fate.

Through the archives of the Red Cross it was possible to find out that Tamara Lvovna Vainshel, born in 1931, was evacuated with her grandmother from Poltava to Novosibirsk.

A video composed of the appeals of the inhabitants of the besieged Leningrad.

Valentina Aleksandrovna Pautova (Barysheva) is looking for a sister: Vera Alexandrovna Barysheva, born in 1938, disappeared during the evacuation, she was removed from the train by nurses in Cherepovets on April 22, 1942.

Tamara Aleksandrovna Komarova (Makhalkina) is looking for a friend: Tamara Lozovskaya, born in 1930, lived in the same house (apartments 7 and 35), were lost after the evacuation to Borovichi.

Valentina Nozhova, born in 1940, searches for relatives, was found in the fall of 1941 at a railway station in Abakan at the age of about 1 year, Valya's name was written on her stomach with a chemical pencil.

Valentina Trofimovna Ovsyannikova is looking for a sister: Tamara Ivanovna Smirnova, the year of birth is unknown, only the children's photo was preserved, the whole family disappeared during the blockade.

News for Zinaida Lvovna Vainshel: Tamara's sister passed away in 1995, but her daughter Lyudmila came with her husband to Moscow.

Meeting in the studio.

Sometimes children come to Moscow just to see Red Square and ride the subway.

It happened with Anatoly Grigoriev from the Belgorod region.

They went to Moscow by train with a friend, spent a day walking around the city, lost their way in the subway in the evening.

Tolik himself turned to the police for help.

Mom of the missing child immediately appealed to the program "Wait for me" with a request to help find a son, they met in three weeks.


Tatyana Pavlovna Dolgaya (Koval) is looking for a sister: Zinaida Pavlovna Neznaiko (Koval), born in 1951, left Moldavia on December 27, 2000 to work in Moscow,  worked at a tobacco factory in the village of Tsarevo, on January 30, 2001 she did not return from the shift; the same cousin is also wanted: Alexander Mikhailovich Stratienko, date of birth 13.08.1975, lived in the Tula region, in 1998 brought the children to his mother in Moldova, allegedly temporarily, left and did not return, the connection was finally interrupted in 2000.

Vladimir Mikhailovich Pocheev is looking for sisters Tatiana and Catherine, lost in childhood, when transferred to different orphanages, it is possible to change names and surnames.

Wanted Sergei Nikolaev, born in 1953, left for Tbilisi in 1992 in Sochi, last called home in October 1995.

Valentina Dmitrievna Kubasova is looking for her son: Evgeni Anatolyevich Kubasov, born in 1985, on September 2, 2004 he left the military unit on his own free will 12670, unable to withstand bullying;  September 13, sent a letter from the district center Dubovka in the Volgograd region, where he said that he had settled down to harvest vegetables, then the connection was interrupted.

Valentina Dmitrievna Safina is looking for her son: Eduard Azatovich Safin, born in 1965, left for Ukraine with his wife in 1994, after the divorce the last letter was sent in May 2001 from the village of Skorynets in the Chernigov region; meeting in the studio.

Inclusion from Kiev.

Nina Savelyevna Kolynchuk is looking for her son: Gennady Dmitrievich Gayvoronsky, born in 1959, lived in Tyumen, there has been no connection since 2001.

The pupil of the boarding school Ruslan Yuryevich Sugak is looking for his sister Alla Pavlushova, whom he left in his early childhood.

Leonid Grigorievna Tymoshchuk is looking for a son: Ruslan Nikolayevich Tymoschuk, born in 1980, on January 28, 2004 went to work in Moscow.

Anna Petrovna Vertyankina is looking for a daughter: Margarita Vertyankina, born in 1958, lived in Tallinn, there has been no connection since 2000.

Гаянэ Володьевна Петросян searches for the husband: Ararat Ovakimovich Melikjan, 1957 of the river, in 1994 has left on earnings in the Chita area, communication was interrupted in 1996.

Excerpt from the program of 21.02.2005: Iraqi citizen Mohamed-Ali-Mohamed is looking for the son he last saw in 1975; Alen Trofimov, date of birth on December 14, 1970, lived in St.

Petersburg until 2000 (a woman performed).

Former military pilot Mohamed-Ali-Mohamed is visiting the program.

In 1968 he was sent to study in Kazakhstan; in 1969 met Galina Vesnina in Alma-Ata, a year later the son of Alain was born.

After the training, Ali was recalled back to Iraq, his wife and son remained in the USSR. In 1974, Mohamed came to retrain, but a year later the family broke up again.

Father and son found each other with the help of embassies, but because of the military regime in Iraq they could not meet and even communicate at a distance.

Meeting Alain with his father in the studio.


1941-1944 02.2005


Krasnodar region

Family; International cooperation; War