wait me 15.10.2007 (2007)

Telecast №81074, 1 part, duration: 0:40:19
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

The story from Perm is about a boy, and now a young man Slava, who got into the orphanage No. 7 from Chechnya, when there was a war there.

That was 12 years ago.

He himself narrates about his difficult fate.

He remembers the war.

And I turned to the program with a request to help find my family and friends.

We ask everyone who knows something about this story to respond

Mikhail Ivanovich Primakov, found his sister Raisa Primakova.

He still hopes that his brother will be found.

They were lost during the war in 1943, when they lived in Sudzha, Kursk region.

Then they ended up in an orphanage.

He, as the most nimble escaped.

A story from the city of Sudzha, which tells the story of the Primakov family.

Interview with sister R. I. Primakova.

After 65 years, the brother and sister meet in the studio.

Requests for help in the search from the participants of the program in the studio:

1. Elena Proskurova, looking for her father Vitaly Fedichenko, born in 1947, with whom she has not seen since 1973.

2. Tatiana Ivanova, looking for a brother Alexander Kisileva born in 1984

He disappeared in March 2007 in Moscow.

3. Graduates of the Tlyarosh school, Charodinsky district, the Republic of Dagestan are wanted.

In September, the school will celebrate its 80th anniversary.

4. Faina Noskova is looking for brothers Valentin Noskov born in 1925 and Konstantin Noskov born in 1921.

Alexey Salonikov found a familiar girl Diana Yurochkina, whom he met in the camp " Sun " near the Lower Tura.

They meet in the studio.

A colleague found a combat comrade Oleg Rodionov, with whom they served in Chechnya.

The plot of O. Rodionov, in which he recalls the service, the war.

The guys meet in the studio.

A story from Havana about Alexey Rodriguez, the drummer of the most popular band in Cuba, "Caramba".

Broadcast of the program from 9.10.06

He spent many years looking for his mother in Russia.

Many years later, mother Natalia Mikhailovna and son, a Cuban citizen Alexey Rodriguez, meet in the studio.

No. 387 F " ZHM " of 15.10.2007

The plot is from Italy and Lithuania.

The story of the lost sailor Nikolai Tsoi from Lithuania.

He miraculously survived the brutal beating he was subjected to because he did not want to engage in smuggling.

They talk about him and everything that happened: his brother Oleg, his daughter Tatiana and his wife.

Lithuanian TV journalists helped him to return to his homeland.

Now he needs time and the care of his loved ones to restore the memory that he lost due to the consequences of his injuries.

Requests for help in the search from the studio:

1. Olga Frias is looking for her husband, Jorge Frias, whose last letter was in January 1973.

2. Khurshad Yuldashev 1977 is looking for Natalia Kivitkina, whom he met on a plane in 2007.

3. Kristina Pavlyuchenko is looking for a Michelangelo-Salvatore Ukkese.

Contact with him was cut off in June 2007.

4. Ilgar Geybatov, born in 1974, is wanted.

He served in Azerbaijan. 17.04.94 went to investigate and did not return.

Antonina Ivanovna Volodskaya found her front-line friend Vera Fedorovna Shcherbanenko.

The plot of V. F. Shcherbanenko.

She tells her own story.

He remembers the war years and his girlfriend.

Many years later, the front-line friends meet in the studio.

Irina Valentinovna Naumova found Alexander Budakov, whom she met 20 years ago.

We were planning to get married, but it didn't work out.


The plot of A. Budakov.

He talks about himself, about his life-being.

Irina, Alexander and their son Konstantin meet in the studio.

Photos and stories of the lost:

1. Igor Kartashov, 37 years old. 28.05.06 went on a business trip from Kurgan to Penza and did not return.

2. Olga Fedorovna Kindzerskaya 59 years old.

She lived in Moscow.

No connection since 2006.

3. Irina Plotnikova, 1.01.2000 left the house and did not return.

4. Roman Titorenko, 26 years old, disappeared on 11.09.04 in Sochi.

5. Alexander Loginov, 22 years old.

In April 2007, he left his home in Yaroslavl and did not return.

Chardynaya Lyubov Mikhailovna found her son, who was taken away by fraud for seasonal work in Serpukhov.

The story is about his son Vladimir, who turned to the kiosk of the program "Wait for Me"at the Kazan railway station and told about all the ordeals.

About the slave work and how he managed to escape from it.

Mother and son meet in the studio.

Calendar: 15.10.2007

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