We Will Devote It To Our Motherland.. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Zenyakin A.

Operators: Cherkasov S.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.

Text writers: Belokurov L.


About the work of creative unions in this country, about the ties of creative intelligentsia with public masses.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Meeting of the joint plenum of the boards of creative unions and organizations of the Soviet Union. Speakers: GM Markov, TN Khrennikov, SM Chiaureli, S. f.. Bondarchuk. Newsreel: presentation Gorky on the 1 st All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers (193). Conducted by the State Symphony Orchestra EF Svetlanov bows after the performance of the workers depot Moscow - Sorting. Artist M. Ulyanov at a meeting with the workers of the factory "Sickle and Hammer", in the dressing room preparing for the play. SF Bondarchuk on shooting the film "Father Sergius". Artist K. Lavrov, in an episode of "The Taming of the fire." Photojournalist D. Baltermants viewing an album with photos. Sculptor A. Kibalnikov in the studio at work on the portrait of P. Tretyakov. Story SS Geychenko of Pushkin estate in the village of Mikhailovskoye Pskov region. Pushkin's poetry festival in St Michael's. Advocates poet R. Kazakova. Member of XI All-Union Film Festival in Moscow NN Gubenko receives the main prize for the formulation of the movie "wounded animal". Lithuanian poet E. Mezhelaytis says (synchronously) on the significance of culture in public life. Works of art works by the artist AA Mylnikova. Rehearsal of the play "Steelworkers" at the Moscow Art Theater. In rehearsal involved: E. Kindinov, E. Evstigneev, O. Efremov. Actors Theater, performing scenes from the play "Steelworkers" in the shop of the plant Uralmash.

Reel №1

Steelworker at the furnace, a welder working assemblers.

Construction workers on the site.

Artist in mine talks with miners, drawing their portraits. picture T. Yablonska "Bread."

Rolls of grain in the combine hopper car body.

Farmers in the field talking to the writer.

Harvester in the field.

Boat and a barge on the river.

The writer writes in a notebook on the deck.

Correspondents out of the helicopter.

Reindeer face.

Writer Vladimir Kozhevnikov in the shop talking to the workers of the plant.

Engraving "Building w / e."

The artists in the exhibition.

Construction / railway

Dock rail.

Writer B. Field with workers and writers in the construction of w / d, scored docking crutch.

Field and others climbing the ladder of PDR. Joint plenary session of creative unions and organizations of the USSR. Acts writer G. Markov (synchronous), composer Tikhon Khrennikov, S. Chiaureli actress, actor and director Sergei Bondarchuk (synchronously).

Plenum delegates listen, applaud.

Behind the scenes - Aitmatov, M. Shahinian, A. Surkov.

Chronicle of 1934: A banner on the facade of the House of Unions: 1st All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers.

Participants in the meeting room.

Bitter in the Presidium of the Congress, speaking at the congress (synchronously).

The audience listening, applauding.

Depot "Moscow - sorting" - Orchestra conducted by Evgeny Svetlanov depot in the shop, Svetlanov bows, workers applauded. M. Ulyanov with workers in the shop of the plant "Hammer and Sickle".

Photo Ulyanov in different roles.

Ulyanov in the dressing room.

Burning lights.

Bondarchuk grimiruetsya for the filming of the movie "Father Sergius".

Still from "The Taming of the Fire" by K. Lavrov.

Photo: is Gagarin with his wife and children.

Photojournalist J. Baltermants looking film.

Baltermants album.

Photo: Kukryniksy, sculptor, Konenkov, pianist Svyatoslav Richter at a concert, the writer Leonov.

Sculptor A. Kibalnikov at work on a sculpture of Tretyakov.

Keeper of the Pushkin Museum in St.

Michael S.Geychenko tells Michael (synchronously).

Landscapes Michael.

Pushkin House, office, Pushkin's grave in the Svyatogorsk monastery.

The people at the grave of Pushkin's poetry at the festival.

R. stands Kazakov in St.


Geychenko the podium.

Listen to the participants of the event.

Reel №2

Mazurin architect working on creating an architectural ensemble of cultural and scientific center in Pushkin Hills.


The architect told.

Plan the layout, the


Architects and designers discuss the development project, the



The workers go to the factory.


Yerevan Square with fountains.

The building of the new cinema "Russia."

Layout cinema building.

Yerevan architects Khachikyan Poghosyan Tarhilyan discuss the project.

Cinema "Russia" - the participants of the 11th Moscow International Film Festival held at the theater.

Actors pass Chursina, Banionis.

Actors Lapikov, Matveev, Gubenko Mkrtchyan in the margins.

Cinema hall filled with participants and guests kinofetivalya.

On a stage actor and director Nikolai Gubenko, won the prize for the film "wounded animal."

Photo: Still from "wounded animal."

Gubenko award prizes and flowers.


Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian poet E. Miezelaitis presents awards to education and health.

The honorees in the hall.

Miezelaitis stands on the bridge, runs along the river bank.

PNRM. the books Miezelaitis.

Miezelaitis says (synchronously).

Leningrad, the young artists are working on the Neva River.

Member of the USSR Academy of Arts AA Mylnikov working.

Paintings Mylnikov.

Mylnikov in the workshop with the students, working on sketches for tapestries for the Palace of Soviets of the Russian Federation.

Rehearsal of "Steelworkers" at Moscow Art Theater.

Oleg Efremov instructs actor, artist E. Kindinov rehearsing (synchronously).

Playbill "Steelworkers" scene from the play.

MAT is a group of actors on the shop floor of the plant "Uralmash", talking with the workers.

Actors Art Theatre Golovko and M. Prudkin performed in the shop factory scene from the play.

Workers laughing and applauding.

Workers shake hands O. Yefremov.