wait me (2004) 27.09.2004

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

The story of a lost young man Danila, who has crossed the distance from Vladivostok to Moscow by hitchhiking, told his story.

A huge help to him in this driver-trucker Vladimir, he drove him from Novosibirsk to Moscow.

It turned out that Danila has lived for 2 years without the past, he lost his memory.

Today he is in the studio.

His most cherished dream is to find relatives or at least learn the whole truth about himself.

A request to everyone who knows something about him to respond.

The plot is from Kiev.

Seeking help in the search.

1.Lilia Kvasenko is looking for mother Olga Kvasenko born in 1949. On 15.08.04 she left the house in the Kiev region and did not return.

2. Nikolay Zadorozhny is looking for his brother Yury Zadorozhnyi in 1965. communication with which was interrupted in 1994.

3.Roman Pisarenko is looking for Father Giermo Castro Selvo born in 1952. he is a military man, a citizen of Cuba.

4.Sister Jeanne and Lyuba Frize are looking for Uncle Alexander Deppel, born in 1955. communication with which was interrupted in 1991.

Brothers have found sister Tamara Ivanovna Ostroushko.

They were lost in 1942. In 1975 they were found, but after leaving in 1978 in Tashkent, the sister again disappeared.

Thanks to the program, today brothers and sister are meeting in the studio.

The plot of 12-year-old Victor Babiy from Rostov-on-Don, who is looking for his father Victor Babiy.

He escaped from the orphanage, as the elders mocked him.

The boy was trying to get to Moscow, but he was detained in Voronezh and now he is in the receiver-distributor.

He very much hopes to find a father who probably lives in the Crimea.

Seeking help in the search from the studio.

1.Mat is looking for Anatoly Zhigunov's son, born in 1999. 6.08.03 left the house in Moscow and did not return.

2.Marina Mityaeva is looking for her sister Olga Mityaev, born in 1923. stolen in 1941 in Germany.

Perhaps he lives in Poland.

3. Father is looking for the son of Dmitry Anisov, born in 1978. 20.09.02 I left my job in Minsk, I did not come home.

Sergei Zagirin found Oksana Efimov, whom he met in 2000 in the hospital in Podolsk.

After 4 years they meet in the studio.

The plot of the fate of the young man Igor (without a surname), who for his 15 years was running around in orphanages and orphanages.

A year ago he managed to find his mother, but due to her alcoholism, his son could not stand it and left.

Today he is in the studio transfer, thanks to which his father was found.

After 10 years they meet in the studio.

Continuation of requests for help in the search.

4. Relatives are looking for Vasily Frolov, 1983 b.

Disappeared on May 28, 04 at military unit 31688 in Nizhny Novgorod.

5.Oleg Kuznetsov is looking for his cousin Igor Degtyarev 1981 b. in August 2004 he left his home in the city of Reutov and did not return.

6. Marina Korda, born in 1986, is being sought. 19.05.04 left the house and did not return.


Sister Dilba found brother Rustam, who left Tajikistan to work in 2000.

The plot of the fate of Rustam, who was found in the Moscow suburb of Shebleakino.

About it speak the inhabitants of the village.

He himself tells about the life.

About how he was robbed and beaten.

How he survived by a miracle.

And today he had to come to the studio, but for some reason this did not happen.

The presenter promises his sister that they will meet on the next show.