At the 12th European Championships in Athletics. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bessarabov I., Kochetkov A.


On the 12 th European Championships in Athletics in Czechoslovakia.

Temporary description

Czechoslovakia, Prague. XII European Championships in Athletics. The competitions in running, long-jump, height, throwing the nucleus. Performers are athletes: L. Storozhkova, K. Kolaris (Czechoslovakia), F.-P. Hofmeister (Germany), N. Zelentsova, K. Kasperchik (Poland), V. Trofimenko, V. Kazakevich (Poland), A. Kalliomyaki (Finland), V. Bardauskane (Lithuania), R. Ackermann (GDR), S. Simeoni (Italy), Yaschenko, L. Moseev, N. Penzin. Congratulations to the winning athletes.

Reel №1

With the Prague Marathon Stadium - MS., PNRM.

Car ride to accompany athletes, PNRM. on running marathon - MS., CU.

Finish women's relay 4 x 100 meters race winner Ludmila Storozhkova - CU.

The audience applauded - LS., MS.

Standing Soviet athletes - winning relay - MS.

Correspondent on the phone - MS.

Members of the press - MS.

Kievan Yuri Sedykh throws hammer at 77 m 28 cm and is the winner of the European tournament - MS.

Women's relay race 4 x 400 meters: front runner Soviet athlete Tatyana Prorochenko, passes the baton to Tatiana Providohinoy; T. Providohina runs, it pursues an athlete from the GDR Christine Bremer, the last stage of the Soviet athlete Mary Kulchunovu beats world record Marika Koch of East Germany, the relay finish - LS., MS.

Embracing athletes of the GDR team, who won - LS., CU.

Pass the silver medalists - athletes USSR - MS., CU.

Press Center.

Correspondent is typing - CU.

Office of Information - LS.

In the apparatus is filled with film reel - CU.

Finish the male race: happy winner - MS.

Helena Fibengerova, became a silver medalist, pushes the nucleus - MS., CU., PNRM.

Final race of the men's 400 meters, athletes will finish one athlete falls on the finish; athlete runs from Czechoslovakia Karel Kolář - MS., CU., PNRM.

Awarding of winners: Karel Kolář on the second step of the podium - MS., PNRM.

Finish the race of men's 400 meters, PNRM. on falling after the finish of the West German athlete Franz-Peter Hofmeister, who became a champion - LS. (Rapid).

Removes photojournalist - CU.

Warm up the Polish runner Christine Kasperchik - CU.

Soviet athlete Tatyana Zelentsova - MS.

Referee - MS.

Race Women's 400 meters hurdles: the first runs and finishes T. Zelentsova - MS., CU.

They run the marathon, runners on the course the spectators at the track - MS., CU.

Men's relay race 4 x 100 meters - MS.

Competition in the high jump with a sixth - LS.

To the competition prepared: Soviet athlete Vladimir Trofimenko, Pole, Vladislav Kazakevich and Finnish athlete Anti Kalliomyaki - MS., CU.

Height of 5 feet 45 inches trying to overcome B. Kazakevich, knocks the bar - MS.

A. Kalliomyaki trying to overcome a height of 5 feet 55 inches, makes the bar - MS.

V. Trofimenko takes a height of 5 meters 55 centimeters - MS. (Rapid).

Competitions men Hurdles - MS.

Women prepare to compete in the long jump - CU.

Long jump: athlete Wilma Bardauskane from Vilnius, the Czechoslovak Jarmila Nshrinova athlete, Olympic champion athlete from East Germany, Angela Voigt - MS. (Rapid).

Competitions Women's high jump: 1 meter 99 centimeters at the second attempt takes athlete from East Germany Rosemary Ackerman, the first attempt Italian sportswoman Sara Simeoni, happy athlete - MS.

Bar at a height of 2 meters is trying to overcome R. Ackerman, the bar falls - MS.

Scoreboard with a 2 meter 1 centimeter - CU.

Jumping S. Simeoni, overcomes height rejoice - MS., PNRM.

Soviet athlete Vladimir Yashchenko preparing for the high jump - CU., MS.

Polish athlete jumps Jacek Vshola, the bar falls - MS.

Height overcomes Yaschenko - CU. (Rapid).

Yaschenko on the podium - MS.

Removes photojournalist - MS.

Distance runners finish in the stadium, the first to finish the race two Soviet athlete Leonid and Nikolai Moseyev Penzin - MS.

Congratulations to the winners - MS., CU.

Lowering the flag and the parade of athletes - MS., LS.