wait me (2005) 27.07.2005

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Hamatova Chulpan

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The leader removes from the wall photographs of those who have already been spotted.

A photo is a brief history of those who have lost recently.

1.Vladimir Kudryavtsev, born in 1941. disappeared in Yevpatoria in the summer of 2004 under unclear circumstances.

2.Sergei The deputy of 1980 b. in 2004 came to work in Moscow and does not make itself felt since January 2005.

The plot of the Bryansk region.

The story of Natasha's girl from the city of Lisichansk, who first went to Moscow for work.

Then her documents were stolen.

I found it difficult to work in the market in Khimki.

There she got acquainted with Lesha and they moved to live in Bryansk region.

And her mother has been looking for more than a year, who came to the transfer, and they meet in the studio.

Seeking help in the search from the studio.

1.Syn is looking for Boris Slutsky's father born in 1951.

In 1992 he left for permanent residence in Israel.

Communication was interrupted in 2000.

2.Mat is looking for the son of Alexander Shestov, born in 1956. On January 14, 2005, I disappeared near Nelidova Street in Moscow.

Victoria Demidenok is looking for a friend Nadezhda Moskavenko (Lopacheva), born in 1972. .


A veteran and invalid of the Great Patriotic War, Afanasy Mikhailovich, is looking for his son Konstantin.

The plot from the Ivanovo region about Constantine, which tells how they were lost in 1990 about their family.

Father and son later meet in the studio for many years.

Photos and brief stories of recently lost.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio.

1.Georgy Shepelev is looking for the childhood friends of Valentin Polyakov and Mikhail Kalmaev.

2. Ekaterina Knyazeva is looking for a friend, Valentina Konka, with whom she studied in Leningrad.

3. Mother is looking for the son of Yuri Parfyonov, born in 1991. 19.07.01 was lost in the city of Ulyanovsk.

4. Aunt seeking the nephew of Andrei Strelkov 1981 b. disappeared in late October 2004 in the Ryazan region.

Ekaterina Kiseleva found her friend Alexei Zaitsev, whom she met on the Internet.

They corresponded for almost 3 years, never met.

And now Catherine and Alex meet in the studio.


Pavel Markovich Denisov, a veteran of the Second World War, a Chevalier of the Order of Glory, found his first love for Roman Albert.

The plot from Baden (Austria).

Romana Albert recollects and tells the story of her meeting with Pavel Denisov in September 1945. She talks about how her life was formed.

About the son of Gerhard, whose father is Paul.

She did not tell her son about Paul for a long time, but she decided to say it.

Pavel Markovich and Gerhard, 58 years later, meet in the studio.