wait me (2003) 01/04/2003

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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US citizen Mark Warren is looking for Valentina Tomarevskaya (patronymic, perhaps Stepanovna), whom he met in March 1945, the woman served as a doctor in the rank of sergeant, accompanied Mark from the hospital to Odessa.

Young people were familiar only 6 days, but Mark does not lose hope to find Valentine or learn something about her future destiny.

Video clip with a selection of New Year wishes.

The girl is looking for the first child's love: Daniil Alexandrovich Bogus, met at the age of 11-12 in the hospital.

A man is looking for his beloved woman Lydia and her daughter Svetlana (she does not name her surname).

A woman is looking for a girl Natasha, who was nursed in the Chita pathology immediately after birth, when her own mother refused her, the date of birth of the girl was 30.11.1985.

The long-distance driver is looking for a friend: Igor Galchenko, worked together in Samarkand, was friends with families.

Relatives of the patient of the hospital named after V.P.Serbsky are wanted: the girl can not speak, she could only write her name - Lena Kudel - and several telephone numbers without the city code.

A man is looking for his sister Lyuba, born in 1938, who was left in 1943 in the family of an unknown woman in the city of Dubrovno, Vitebsk region.

The plot from the shelter "Fairy Tale" in the town of Polyarnye Zori, Murmansk region.

On October 8, 2002, the boy was transferred to the orphanage.

According to the child himself, his name is Misha Karelsky, in appearance and in terms of development level of about 4-4.5 years, says that he lived with his mother Lena and grandfather at home, there is no father; Mom works, wears a white coat at work.

From the police certificate: "On October 1 the child was brought from Murmansk by a citizen of Zaire Huseynovna Polzhatova and was left to a citizen Galina Makarovna Kholstova, who lives in the city of Polar Zori.

Polzhatova promised to take the child on October 4, but has not yet appeared. "

It is believed that the child could be stolen.

The program was addressed by Archbishop Nikon of Ufa and Sterlitamak with the request to help in search of the relic of Russian Orthodoxy - the Tabynsk Icon of the Mother of God, which was lost during the Civil War.

Visiting the program of the rector of the Tabynsky Church of the Ascension of the Lord, Father Vladimir.

The icon was taken from Russia by the ataman of Orenburg Cossacks Dutov.

According to one version, he delivered it to China, the last known place of residence in the city of Kuldzhi (Kulja).

Prior to the cultural revolution, the icon was in the St.

Nicholas Orthodox Church, then disappeared; according to rumors, the Cossack Fyodor Kuzmin saved her, the fate of which is also unknown.

According to another version, the icon never left Russia and is kept by the descendants of Cossacks Dutov or in one of the private collections; In addition, there is evidence that the icon may be in Kazakhstan.

Inclusion from Vladikavkaz.

Gaishat Tatarova is looking for a son: Kazbek Zaurbekovich Ozov, born in 1962, is an invalid of the 1st group, is registered in the dispensary, disappeared on 11 June 2002 in Nalchik; presumably headed toward Abkhazia or Dagestan.

Vladimir Georgievich Sanakoev is looking for a friend: Oleg Vladimirovich Konstantinov, born in 1954, studied together at the Ashkhabad Mechanical and Technological College in 1970-1974, the connection was interrupted after the army.

Ulyana Efimovna Kastueva is looking for her brother: Alexander "Bubu" Pliev (born in 1955) and friends Kazbek Gerasimovich Kadzhaev (born in 1955), Mayram Sulikoyevich Khaliev (1962). ), Chermen Zelimkhanovich Salbiev (1965), disappeared on September 27, 1999 on the outskirts of the village of Elhotovo near Terek, allegedly kidnapped (Kadzhaev family was called with redemption requirements, but calls stopped with the outbreak of war).

Arkhip (Arkipp) Khugaev from Georgia is looking for his brother: Samson Khugaev disappeared during the Second World War, presumably was in the US, in 2002 a letter came from Andrei Khugaev's nephew from Canada.

Makvala Chertkoyeva is looking for her son: Suliko Chertkoev, born in 1979, left for the village of Krasnogor in the Ardonsky district on September 18, 1999 and disappeared; there are reports that a man was seen in the Rostov region, Veselovsky district, where he appeared to Maxim.


Lyudmila Zakharovna Krivonosova is looking for her son: Oleg Davydov, born 1962, on January 6, 2002, disappeared on the road from Chekhov to Moscow, last time he called from the train.

Nina Ivanovna Pelisskaya is looking for a son: Vadim Valentinovich Pelissky, born in 1969, disappeared on February 11, 1998 in Bishkek on the way to work with a friend of Yuri Chekhlov; the family moved to the Kaliningrad region.

Singer Katya Lel is looking for the author of a new song: poetess Olga Vladimirovna Mars (Palshina), born in 1978, presumably lives in Moscow, without Olga it is impossible to register the rights to the song.

Raisa Nikolaevna Karpova is looking for a pupil of the orphanage "Khatun", with whom she became friends in the camp "Sosnovy Bor" in 1985-1986; video clip from Dmitry Shchegolkov, meeting in the studio with Dima and his daughter Dasha.

Alexander Vladimirovich Bakaev is looking for his father: Vladimir Aleksandrovich Bakaev, born in 1945, left the family 30 years ago, alimony came from Tselinograd; was the wife of her son.

Maria Tishchenko is looking for her husband: Sergey Nikolaevich Matveyev, born 1961, on October 2, 1993 flew on a business trip from Moscow to Kiev and disappeared.

Marina Borisovna Krivova is looking for her father: Boris Andreevich Krivov, date of birth 11.10.1943, broke up after the parents' divorce, when Marina was 4 years old; meeting in the studio.

Eugene Urlik is looking for Marina Cherepuhina, who starred in the series "Simple Truths", but first the young man saw her in a dream.

Eugene talks about how he was searching for the girl himself for two years and even managed to find out that she lives practically on the next street, but the exact address could not be calculated.

Telephone conversation between Marina and Eugene.

Meeting in the studio.


Chuprinina E.N. (Katya Lel) - pop singer, composer, festival participant "Song of the Year", laureate of music awards.


Murmansk region

Family; New Year
Holidays; Social life