wait me (2003) 05/12/2003

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Natalia Alexandrovna Alai together with her brother Alexander is looking for an older brother: Anatoly Aleksandrovich Arlovski, born in 1963, left for work in the Chita region in 1985, the correspondence ended in 1992.

Natalya's letter came at the very beginning of the existence of the program, but the opportunity to respond to it appeared only after the March 17, 2003 edition a letter came from the collective of the motor depot of Borzya avtotrans OJSC, signed by chief engineer GI Ryumkin.

The letter says that Anatolii Aleksandrovich Arlovski lives on the territory of the enterprise for a number of years, the man does not have documents other than a military ticket, and the employees of the motor depot are asked to check whether someone is looking for him.

Shooting in Borza: colleagues talk about Anatolia.

Meeting in the studio.

Yulia Vladimirovna Udrisova is looking for a husband: Oleg Valerievich Udrisov, born in 1976, left home on January 18, 2003, could go to his mother in Ust-Ilimsk.

Family is looking for a daughter: Evgenia Vladimirovna Demyantseva, born 1987, September 23, 2002, was lost in Omsk; the colleague of father Galina Shamilovna acted.

Olga Mihailovna Kiba is looking for her son: Alexey Vyacheslavovich Kovrizhnykh, 1981, February 22, 2003 disappeared in the market in Pushkino, Moscow region, a friend of Maxim Dotsenko returned home alone.

Photo: Pavel Shirokih is wanted, disappeared in the Tula region, when "KAMAZ" crashed into his car, from fright the young man jumped out of the car and ran away.

After the plot was shown to the editor, a call was made from the village of Nikitskoye and was informed that the guy was living with them, but it turned out to be a mistake.

The plot from the Tula region: residents of the village of Nikitskoy talk about a man who lives and works with them.

The man says that his name is Askhat Akhmedovich Valiev, came to work in Russia in 1995, asks his mother to respond and give the exact address.

Photos of the missing:

Victor Stepanenko in 2002 went to Kaliningrad to buy a car and has not yet returned.

The Kaluga militia tries to establish the identity of the boy who was planted on July 18, 2002 in one of the children's homes of Kaluga by a citizen of the Gypsy nationality.

Nadia Aporina, born in 1953, left home in late February 2002, maybe in the Crimea, Sochi, Adler, Tuapse.

Elena Vladimirovna Maskova, born in 1938, in August 2002, took a taxi in the metro near the Sokol metro station in Moscow, met at the Kiev railway station to go home to Ukraine.

Marina Ilyina left the house in September 2002, she lived in the Sokol metro area, on Peschanaya Street.

The plot from Daugavpils: the immigration service of the Main department of frontier guard of Latvia has addressed in the program with the request to help identify a woman detained at the crossing of the Belarusian-Latvian border.

The woman herself calls herself Love Mochina, she has no documents, she speaks only in the western dialect of the Ukrainian language, the state is inadequate, suffers from memory failures, is in a psychiatric hospital.

Anna Grishina is looking for a way to get her child back.

As a child, the mother took Anna to the settlement of the Old Believers Zaitseva (Zayachya), a zaimka in the Altai Territory.

Having matured, the girl wanted to return to Moscow.

In 1997, she gave birth to a daughter Elena, who was not given her.

Prove that this is her child, Anna can not, because in all such closed communities live without documents and do not come into contact with the outside world, so she does not even have a birth certificate for the girl.

Amina Khanifovna Baikina is looking for a nephew: Ayrat Husmanovich Khuzin, who has not seen him since the parents' divorce, presumably lives in his mother's motherland in Moldova; meeting in the studio.

Oleg Eduardovich Mosyagin is looking for a daughter: Nadezhda Olegovna Mosyagina, date of birth 06.12.1983, parted in 1990 after the divorce of her parents, the correspondence was cut off in 1994, when the mother and Nadezhda moved; meeting in the studio.

Inclusion from Ufa.

Javid Gumerovich Kuzeev is looking for a front-line friend: Sergeant Kuzemboev, together fought on the 1st Belorussian Front, parted in May 1946.

Mahmut Haydarovich Sammashev is looking for the commander: Nikolai Ilyich Agapkin, born in 1924, served together in the Komsomol in 1958-1966 in Kotovsk, Odessa region, parted ways after transferring Mahmut to Transbaikalia.

Shamil Yamaletdinovich Baishev is looking for Hungarian girl Erzie, whom he met in October 1945 in Budapest.

Muxin Musalyamovich Islamov is seeking information about the test: Shaisultan Shainurovich Idrisov, born in 1907, was summoned to the front on August 22, 1942 by the Nurimanov RVC, allegedly died in March 1945 near Berlin.

Rifhat Salimovich Ganeev is looking for a commander: Senior Sergeant Fedorov (he does not remember his name and patronymic), in 1924, served in the 106th Tula Airborne Division of the 355th Guards Infantry Regiment.

Natalia Vladimirovna Kautkina from Ivanovo is looking for her brother: Vladimir Vladimirovich Juravel, born in 1959, lived and worked in Riga, went on overseas sea voyages, disappeared in 1990.

The last letter came on May 16, 1992 from Buenos Aires, in which Vladimir reported problems with the ship, since then the connection was interrupted.

The plot of Argentina Vladimir tells about how, after the collapse of the Soviet Union sailors abandoned ships trying to survive in a foreign country.

Russian, who can be searched by relatives: Sergei Nikolaevich Chigarov (actually Kochegarov), date of birth 29.03.1968, lived in Oktyabrsky settlement (Chunsky district,  Irkutsk region); Andrei Mikhailovich, he does not mention his name, he was born in Moscow, he does not remember the year of his birth.

Vladimir's meeting with his sister and mother in the studio.


Trans-Baikal Territory
Tula region

Family; International cooperation