wait me 06/02/2003 (2003)

Telecast №81347, 1 part, duration: 0:44:07
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Maria Shukshina reads a letter from a girl from Novocheboksarsk: seventh grader Alina asks to help raise money for the operation of a deadly sick father.

Excerpt of the program from 14.04.2003: Konstantin Emelyanovich Gazaryants, 1933, looking for a brother and sisters, in 1935 after the death of the mother of the children they were distributed to different orphanages, the girls changed their surnames.

In 1941, the orphanage, where the boy was, was evacuated to the Altai Territory; in 1958 Constantine came to Grozny, but he could not find out anything.

Shooting in May 2003: the daughter of Lyudmila's sister, Tatyana Stvolina and Galina Serebryakova, talk about the fate of the mother and the search for relatives; could find all except for Constantine.

Meeting with nieces and granddaughter Angela in the studio.

Georgy Alexandrovich Morozov is looking for his father: Alexander Mikhailovich Morozov, born in 1924, on May 8, 2003, disappeared in the area of ​​gardening partnership "Berezka-1" in Khotkovo; last seen him watchman at 7-8 in the morning.

Maria Moiseeva is looking for a friend of her childhood and youth: Maria Bryakina, born in 1939, lived together in the Kizlyar district (Dagestan), were friends with families.

Ludmila Voltaire from Germany is looking for her daughter's father: Valery Cherkasov served in Moscow in the Kremlin guard, met in 1984, parted in 1985, the girl was born after the break up.

Inclusion from Novocherkassk.

Alexander Mikhailovich Klimenko, born in 1970, is looking for parents or other relatives; in the summer of 1972 he was left at the railway station of Rostov-on-Don, in the collection of documents revealed the real name - Alexander G. Tsitkov, a native of Volgograd Region (Demyaevo farm, farm "Seaside").

Pavel Protopopova seeks Maria Artemovna Kovtun (born in 1925) and Vasily Ivanovich Usachev (born in 1920), Pavel and Maria were taken to Germany in 1942, where they stayed until 1945, where they met with Vasily, for whom Maria later married.

Nina Ivanovna Udovichenko is looking for a daughter: Oksana Udovichenko, born in 1974, disappeared in August 1995 in Bataysk, Rostov region.

Irina Andreevna Yablokova is looking for a mother she does not know anything about; Irina was born in November 1959 in the town of Carbon in the city of Gukovo, Rostov region, was adopted immediately from the hospital.

Zarui Melikovna Musaelova is looking for a husband: Levon Vaganovich Musaelyov, born in 1928, disappeared on October 15, 2001 in Rostov-on-Don; the man stutters, partial paralysis of the right side (arm and leg).


Claudia Seregina searches for her son: Mikhail Ivanovich Seregin, born in 1956, disappeared on September 11, 1982 in the area of ​​the hostel of the XV Congress of the Komsomol in Sukhumi.

Anna Ivanovna Garynina (Gudkova) is looking for a friend of the war years: Mikhail Istratov, born in 1919, met in 1944 in the village of Kupeltsi, Moscow region, the correspondence ended in 1946.

Sergei Khokhlov is looking for a girl with whom he communicated on March 27, 2003 on a bus, but did not get acquainted and did not exchange telephones.

The plot of the search for a stranger with the help of artists and drivers of the route number 205, and Sergei himself even addressed to women's clinics.

Excerpt of the program from 12.05.2003: a story about former sailors who settled in Argentina.

Natalia Vladimirovna Kautkina (Zhuravel) was looking for Vladimir's brother, born in 1959, who went to sea in 1990 and disappeared, but found himself in Buenos Aires.

After a meeting with my sister and mother, Vladimir told me that there are many of our compatriots living in Argentina, who are also probably being looked for by their families.

In the studio received a call: in one of the characters of the plot, the mother recognized her son - Sergei Nikolayevich Kochegarov, date of birth 29.03.1968; his mother lives in Primorye, but due to poor communication she could not get through.

Maria Efimovna Lihotina (Kozlova) is looking for her son: Boris Grigorevich Likhotin lived with his family in Lviv, the last time his mother came to visit in 1990 for his 40th birthday.

After that, the son stopped answering the letters.

When Maria Efimovna got through to his wife, she found out that Boris had gone to Argentina.

Two years of letters from him was not, then the correspondence began, and in the last letter of September 22, 1999 another address was reported, from which no answer had ever come.

Videography from Argentina: Boris asks to help find the mother and find out if she is alive.

Over the years, the son has changed so that his mother did not recognize him.

Meeting in the studio.

Calendar: 04.2003 05.2003

Locations: Omsk region [793] Volgograd region [773] Rostov region [798] Argentina [11]

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