wait me 10.20.2003 (2003)

Telecast №81349, 1 part, duration: 0:44:03
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

The plot from Yerevan: in his infancy Arsen Maratovich Aslanian suffered a lot of stress, as a result of which he can not walk and talk, nevertheless, he learned Russian and independently mastered the computer.

In 1977, in one of the Moscow hospitals Arsen got acquainted with Tanya Sotnikova, who at the discharge gave him her address, but once the address was lost.

Arsen does not lose hope to find Tanya, and also wants to communicate with everyone who also needs help, like him.

In the footsteps of happy stories.

Excerpt of the program from 22.10.2001: Elena Chirkova is looking for the circus artist Dmitry Shingarev, who wanted to marry her 14 years ago, but then Elena refused his offer.

After the meeting in the program, Elena and Dmitry got married, in the autumn of their daughter Ana turns 1 year old.


Ekaterina Lishtvanova is looking for her father: Alexey G. Lishtvanov, born in 1949, disappeared on August 19, 2003 in the courtyard of the house along Belozerskaya Street (Bibirevo, Moscow).

Melania Timoshenkova from Riga is looking for a cousin or her relatives: Helena (Elena) Petrovna Artyukhova, date of birth 02.05.1927, adopted by the Artyukhov family 23.04.1929;  the family was deported to the Komi ASSR on 02/06/1945, rehabilitated on 15.05.1948, did not return to Latvia.

Hamlet Karapetyan is looking for Yuri's brother, born in 1953-1954, born in Armenia; After the divorce of his parents, Hamlet stayed with his father, and Yuri was adopted by a Russian family who Later, she was sent to Armenia and worked in Kapan district, adopted parents were Alexander and Vladimir.

Svetlana Simunina is one of those who disappeared and was found.

8 years ago Svetlana left the child with her mother and came to work in Moscow, lived at the station, was interrupted by accidental earnings, until one day she was robbed.

Left with nothing, she decided to steal herself and was in prison.

After the release of her life, the station again became her life.

She did not want to return home without money, so as not to become a burden to the family.

Meeting with his son Sasha and sister Lena in the studio.

Petr Korczak is looking for his brother: Nikolai Gerasimovich Korczak, born in 1940, native of Vinnytsia region, last met at his father's funeral in 1962.

Valentina Khamrabaeva is looking for a daughter: Nina Borisovna Khamrabaeva, date of birth June 25, 1977, disappeared on February 28, 2003 in Samara.

Radik Ahmadullov is looking for a twin brother whom he never saw, children were born in Torez (Donetsk region) in 1971, the second boy was adopted by fraud childless family of doctors who moved to Moscow or to Bratsk, presumably with the adoption of the name of Vladimir Fedorenko (Sidorenko).

Tatiana Bohun is looking for mother and brother: Svetlana Mikhailovna Pogorelova (Shatura) and Vitaliy Vasilievich Shaturma, separated after the parents' divorce, the boy stayed with his mother, Tanya was taken away by his father; family lived in Odessa.

When Tanya was 4 years old, her mother came and wanted to take her, but my grandmother did not give the girl away.

Igor Kvasha transmits a letter from her brother to Tatiana.

Meeting with my mother.

Inclusion from Yakutsk.

Sania Narsitova is looking for her father: Irzhan Kasymzhanovich Narsitov, date of birth 03.11.1967, native of the village of Lugovoye (Lugovskoy district, Kazakhstan).

Stepan Innokentievich Yemelyanov is looking for an army friend: Boris Ivanovich Kosolapov from the city of Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo region, served together in the Pacific Fleet,  parted in 1956 when going home; address in Prokopyevsk - Tyrgan district, Barrikady street, 24.

Petr Petrovich Stepanov is looking for a daughter: Sardan Petrovna Medvedeva (Stepanova), date of birth March 15, 1970, parted in 1973, her mother remarried, allegedly live in the Kaliningrad region, Bagrationovsky district.

Olga Georgievna Kharitonova is looking for her brother: Alexander Georgievich Kharitonov, date of birth 08.06.1940, at the end of 1998 he left Yakutsk for treatment and disappeared.

Photo: Marina Leonova, born in 1982, is wanted, in September 2000 she was lost in Volgograd.

Stanislav Aitbakiev is looking for a father he never saw: Alexander Yakovlevich Dubovsky, born in 1937, met Stanislav's mother in 1968, when he was on a settlement in the Tyumen region, returned home to Minsk after the settlement.

Meeting in the studio.

Nodar Murusidze is looking for his father: Fridon Murusidze, born in 1965, after a divorce from his mother Nodar left for Georgia.

Videography for Nodar from Dad.

Meeting in the studio.

Samuel Gezain is looking for a father: Ethiopian citizen Gezain Haili-Mariam Weldeides met Svetlana, Samuel's mother, when he studied at the Penza Artillery School;  after the wedding in 1986, the couple left for Addis Ababa, but they regularly visited my grandmother.

In 1991, a military coup took place in Ethiopia, Samuel and his mother stayed in Penza, they do not know anything about the fate of their father.

Video from the father of Samuel.

Meeting in the studio.

Calendar: 10.2001

Locations: Armenia [12] Georgia [83] Ethiopia [71] The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750]

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