wait me 03/22/2004 (2004)

Telecast №81353, 1 part, duration: 0:44:07
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Excerpt of the program from 19.01.2004: a story about a man who lost his memory, real name Vladimir Nikolaevich Sidorin, date of birth 09.05.1956.

Vladimir woke up on the outskirts of a city, someone badly beat a man.

He remembers only his name, younger brother Nikolai, excerpts of childhood in the city of Balkhash, Kazakhstan.

The abbot of one of the rural churches in the Orenburg region offered the man help, since that day he lives at the temple.

Vladimir and Father Alexei arrived in Moscow.

The program's employees managed to establish that Vladimir lived in Tashkent, in early 2002 he went to work in St.

Petersburg, but in Sol-Iletsk he was removed from the train because of problems with the passport.

It was in Sol-Iletsk that Vladimir came to himself in a year and a half, what happened to him during this time - it is not known.

A video-record of Brother Nicholas from New Peterhof; meeting in the studio.

Filming in the Navy: Alexander's son, takes the oath in the army and sends greetings to his father.

Videography from the daughters of Nina and Elena from Tomsk; meeting in the studio.

Inclusion from Tashkent.

Svetlana Vasilievna Udalova is looking for her granddaughter: Oksana Andreevna Baranova, date of birth 06.03.1987, the connection was interrupted in 1992, when the girl's mother remarried and moved to Volgograd region, the name of her husband Igor Vorovko.

Bertha Innokentievna Pak is looking for her brother: Arkady Innokentievich Pak, born in 1959, went to work in Bodaibo in 1996.

Larisa Tursunovna Irizmatova is looking for her son: Denis Petrovich Ananyev, born in 1977, disappeared on June 23, 2003.

Nikolai Ivanovich Sasin, born in 1927, is looking for a wife: Alexander Stepanovna Sasina, born in 1928, disappeared on August 10, 2002, suffers from a partial memory loss.

Olga Andreevskaya, born in 1977, looking for her brother: Vadim Borisovich Andreevsky, born in 1983, the connection was interrupted in 2002.

Yevgenia Efremovna Eremina, born in 1938, looking for a daughter: Olga Yu.

Snastina, date of birth 10.07.1960, lived in Moscow (Krasnodonskaya, 14-2-126), the connection was interrupted in September 2002.

A native of the town of Charvak, Oleg Cherepanov, born in 1976, is looking for relatives: brother Vadim (born in 1969) and sister Veronika (born in 1977), parted in 1979, after the death of their father, the children were sent to orphanages.

The history of Natalia Pavlovna Kolesova.

From the orphanage she was adopted by the Pavlov family.

An acquaintance of an elderly man, who took a lot of part in the fate of the girl, once gave her an album with the words: "Daughter, take this album to yourself and take care of it as the apple of my eye, because I'm sure: once you learn a lot."

It was Ivan Vasilievich Kurakin from the princely family of the Kurakins; after the transfer of the album, they did not see each other again.

The album contains photographs and correspondence of famous aristocratic families close to the emperor, including the Kurakins and Colonel of the Czar's Army Ignaty Vikentyevich Vayshrilo.

Natalia Pavlovna addresses the descendants of the Kurakins and Vaisrilo families with a request to respond; perhaps, in this album the secret of its origin is hidden.


The family is looking for a son: Alexander Sergeevich Gromov, born in 1959, disappeared on August 1, 1995 in St.


The daughter is looking for a father: Evgeny Vasilyevich Rudakov, born in 1947, disappeared on May 12, 2003 in Klimovsk, Moscow region.

The family is looking for a grandson: Alexei Bashinov, born in 1984, disappeared on February 20, 2003 in Zavolzhye, the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Igor Kvasha urges people to be attentive, pointing phones and return addresses.

Visiting the program Hassan Batukaev, who is searching for Rustam's son (the plot in the program of 19.01.2004).

Rustam managed to find, but then it was required to find anew his father, who left the wrong phone number and incomplete address in Astana.

Meeting with his son in the studio.

Stepanida Fedorovna Kozlova is looking for her son: Mikhail Mikhailovich Kozlov, date of birth 10.11.1950, December 4, 1982 went to work from Alma-Ata to Ekibastuz; was the niece of SF Kozlova.

The wife is looking for her husband: Alexander Nikitovich Tsarkov, born in 1927, disappeared on July 23, 2003 in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region.

History from the town of Bučić (Western Ukraine): my grandmother is looking for a grandson.

In December 1993 the mother of the child, Irina Aleksandrovna Ikurina, decided to go to relatives in Russia, the oldest son of Alexander left with her father and grandmother, and the younger Victor took with her.

The woman was supposed to return in a week, but was gone, the search did not work.

Irina called home on December 22, 2002 and answered the questions of her mother-in-law that she was in prison, and the child is in the Danilov Monastery.

There were no more calls, nothing was known about Vita in the monastery, and Irina's relatives from the Ryazan region reported that her friend, Korovic, had given the boy to the baby's house under the name of Viktor Vladimirovich Gnasevich.

The family from Kazakhstan is looking for brother Burambai (Boria), the surname is not called, date of birth is 30.12.1964, the connection was interrupted in 1992.

Shooting in the port, the city is not listed: Burumbay talks about working at the port crane.

Wife Ludmila and three daughters send greetings to the family.

Meeting brothers in the studio.

Calendar: 01.2004

Locations: Orenburg region [794] Leningrad region [785] Tomsk [846] Uzbekistan [236] Ukraine [229]

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