wait me 18.05.2009 (2009)

Telecast №81360, 1 part, duration: 0:41:07
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

May 9, 1945, Soviet tank forces entered Prague, with them was a nurse Vasily Ivanovna Slivka.

After the war, she remained in Czechoslovakia, on August 8, 1945, gave birth to Stepan's son Stepan.

When she decided to visit the relatives who remained in Ukraine, she left her child for a while.

On the way, Vasilina was stolen documents, as a result she could not return to Prague, and when the documents were restored, the borders were already closed.

Vasilina lived all her life in Ukraine, gave birth to another son, Vladimir, told him this story and left no hope of finding the eldest son.

Vladimir and his whole family live in the town of Khust, Transcarpathia.

Stepan Rak became a famous guitarist and composer.

The employees of the program plan a meeting of the brothers at the concert of Stepan in Kiev.

Nikolai Semenovich Gargul is looking for combat comrades, the connection with which was lost after demobilization: Evgeny Pankov, Ivan Kuznetsov, Ivan Mikheev, Umar Turzhanov,  Bahchila Abdurakhmanov, platoon commander Mikhail Repkin (or Urepkin); meeting with Eugene Georgievich Pankov in the studio.

Search on front-line photos.

Aleksey Semyonovich Baev, born in 1921, in October 1941 the family received a notice that he was missing; May 11, 1945, a letter came in which Alexei wrote that he was in captivity in Austria, released and will soon arrive, but never returned.

Vladimir Petrovich Kuleshov after the war served in the city of Torgau on the Elbe, where he met Ursula Franciscus, for communication with her was convicted and sent to the USSR;  is wanted by Angelica's daughter, her mother knows that the last letter from him came in 1961 from Sochi.

Stepan I. King was born in the village of Stygani in the Grodno region, he did not return from the war, but there was no funeral; according to some sources, he was seen in Kursk in 1942.

Anna Zharkova is looking for her brother Peter, whom she left before the war, when after the death of her parents the children found themselves in the children's home of the city of Cherikov, Mogilev region, then they were separated.

In 1945, the adjutant of Marshal Konev, Artyusha Muradyan, during the liberation of Vienna, met Lizelotte Schwabl, in November 1946 they had a daughter, who was looking for a half-sister.

Vladislav Dominikovich Horsetail seeking a sister: Ida Ivy, born in 1926, was hijacked in Germany in 1942, was in the camp of Stremberg.

The defender of Sevastopol Vasily Nikolaevich Grekov was missing in 1942, his daughter is looking for relatives; It is known that he had Valentine's sister, hijacked in Germany, mother's name Martha Mikhailovna Grekova.

Mark Timofeevich Yurchenko lived in the village of Zachatyevka before the war, worked as chairman of the kolkhoz, after the arrival of the Germans, he was elected headman and helped fellow villagers,  how could;

in September 1943 Soviet troops arrived, MT Yurchenko was arrested, sentenced to 25 years and exiled to the North without the right to correspond;

the villagers wrote to Moscow, he received an answer that he was rehabilitated, but he never returned home, perhaps in those years he had another family, relatives would like to meet with them.

Inclusion from Kiev: the end of the concert of Stepan Raka in St.

Sophia Cathedral and a meeting with his brother Vladimir.

Photos of the missing in 2009:

Mikhail Vasiliev disappeared on January 15 on St.

Sophia Street in St.


Muscovite Alexei Solomatin disappeared on January 15 on holiday in Egypt.

Andrei Vitalievich Chasovnikov disappeared on January 19 in St.


Nikolai Petrovich Simonov disappeared on January 20 in Togliatti.

Vladimir Snisarenko disappeared on the night of 20 to 21 January in Moscow, was riding a taxi from the Bitsevsky Park.

Artem Lazarev disappeared on January 21 in Novoperedelkino, Moscow.

Vladislav Gregorzhevsky disappeared on February 11 in Moscow, he worked in Orlikov Lane, near the square of three stations.

Lyudmila Yurievna Naumova disappeared on April 13 in St.


The family is looking for a son: Konstantin Alexandrovich Sorokin, born in 1986, disappeared in 2004 in Nizhny Tagil.

Irina Isaevna Egorchina is looking for grandfather: Abilphaz Isa-ogly Kosimov, born in 1906, disappeared without a trace in the years of the Second World War, in 1990 a message was broadcast on local television,  that he lives in the US and is looking for relatives; the family learned about the message only in 1992, they could not help on television, since such records are stored for not more than a year.

Olga Berezina is looking for Artem, who studied with her in Chelyabinsk.

Natalia Skakovskaya is looking for her husband: Valery A. Frolov, born in 1940, disappeared on July 2, 2008 in Moscow.

Konstantin Igorevich Serebryakov is looking for the relatives of Captain Pavel Stepanovich Khlebnikov, born in 1918, a participant in the Second World War, for the transfer of the Order of the Red Star, to which PS Khlebnikov was awarded in April 1945.

Flura Satdarova from Kazan is looking for a brother: Farit Kurbangalievich Nurgaliyev, born in 1934, disappeared in 1944.

Video from China: Sun Pei-Dze is looking for the sister of his grandmother and other relatives.

Grandmother's name is Tatyana Grigoryevna Mishchenko, her sister's name was Nadezhda Grigoryevna, born in 1916.

The family parted at the end of the 1930s after the change of Stalin's policy toward foreign military personnel and workers, Tatiana and her husband and children returned to China, the family of Hope remained in the USSR.

Volunteer program assistant in Vladivostok Galina Eliseeva found in the archives some details about the life of Hope and her husband in Vladivostok: the marriage was concluded on 03.11.1936, the couple lived on the Korean street, worked at a construction plant.

Anatoly Fedorovich Arkhiptsev is looking for his son: Vitaly S. Arkhiptsev served under the contract, was wounded in Chechnya, was on rehabilitation in a military hospital named after N. N. Burdenko, last saw his parents in 2005, after the discharge, the connection was cut off.

Video from Vitaly: a man lives at a church in the Moscow region.

In Estonia, where the family lived before the son left for the army, he has no place.

In Russia, he was commissioned without a pension, without benefits, without housing.

Communication with relatives was interrupted after the phone was stolen from him, and all he knows is that the relatives moved somewhere to Kuban.

Meeting in the studio.

Calendar: 05.1945

Locations: Italy [110] Ukraine [229] China [46] Moscow region [788]

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