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Anchorperson: Mihail Efremov, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Mikhail Efremov removes a photo of the found person from the stand: deputy chief of Melitopol station Vasily Markovich Osadchuk, who disappeared on July 31, 2009 during a break at work.

The disappearance of a colleague and friend is told by the employees of the Melitopol station: operator Tatyana Smirnova, the shunting dispatcher Alexander Galunenko, the duty officer at the station Oksana Deryabina, duty station Irina Valyanskaya, cashier Lyudmila Sidorova, station chief Miroslav Savchuk, as well as daughter Natalya Krivoruchko, neighbor Leonid Chernousov, taxi driver Viktor Filonenko.

A fragment of one of the February programs with a selection of photos of people taken to various hospitals with varying degrees of memory loss:

A man named Nikolai from the Rostov hospital.

Vladimir Vasilievich Efimov came to visit from the Sverdlovsk region in Bratsk, he was stolen money and documents, from that day he lives in the hospital corridor, there is nowhere else.

An elderly woman found at a train station in Voronezh without documents.

An unknown man who has been living in the hospital for more than two years.

An unknown man found on the territory of one of the Moscow thermal power plants.

An unknown woman, found in Ryazan, had only a few self-made dolls; presumably Nina Vladimirovna Zuzanova, date of birth 14.09.1954,  disappeared on September 23, 2003, Lyudmila's daughter responded, a check is being conducted; the comments of the operative criminal investigation department of the Zelvensky district police department of the Grodno region Mikhail Gritsko.

Unknown woman, found at the station "Ushinsky" Moscow Railway.

An unknown man is in hospital since October 2007.

Two more are unknown.

Asinbay Duukarayev came from Uzbekistan, got into a shelter, looking for relatives.

Yuri Mikhailovich Andryushchenko came from Uzbekistan to work, can not contact his relatives.

An unknown man is in a boarding house since 2007.

An unknown man came to Stavropol by car, possibly from Rostov-on-Don, in his pocket there were tram tickets from this city, he was delivered to the hospital on August 2, 2009.

An unknown woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance in 2005.

Unknown man with tram tickets from Rostov-on-Don - Vasily Markovich Osadchuk.

Filming in Stavropol: Sergei Tebyakin, a policeman at the PPSM of the Stavropol LOVD, and Sergey Kontsevik, assistant to the head of the Stavropol LOVDC, tell how they met a disoriented person at the station.

On the state and behavior of the patient tell the staff of the Stavropol Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital: nurse Tatyana Kornevets and Tatyana Morgunova, a psychiatrist Nelly Dzhemakulova, nurse Galina Golovchenko.

The officer in charge of the criminal investigation department of the UVD of Stavropol Arina Kolpakova: the man named Ivan Ivanovich Chernousov, the search for these results did not yield results; later it became clear that Vasily Markovich was the neighbor's surname.

It is still unclear how he got to Russia and how he could cross the border.

Shooting at the State Scientific Center of Social and Forensic Psychiatry after V.Serbsky: deputy director of the center Zurab Kekelidze appeals to the relatives of the victim with a request to bring him for treatment as soon as possible.

Shooting at the station in Melitopol: Vasily Osadchuk meets with his family.


Elena Anatolyevna Kutuzova is looking for a friend: Alexey Selyugin, born in 1970, met at the Moscow Cancer Center on Kashirka in 2000.

The family is looking for a nephew: Sergei Ivanovich Bugaev, date of birth 12.10.1969, disappeared in April 2003 in Moscow.

Nadezhda Vladimirovna Isaeva is looking for her brother: Anatoly Vladimirovich Beskischenko, born in 1972, disappeared at the end of March 2005 in Bryansk.

Ekaterina Kurashova is looking for relatives in the grandfather's line: the military doctor Pavel Petrovich Kiselev, born in 1913, disappeared without a trace during the Great Patriotic War, last visited Moscow in 1943, his mother and younger brother lived in Kazan.

Eduard Aleksandrovich Sagittarius is looking for younger brothers: Valery Nikolayevich Danilchenko (date of birth 07.01.1985), Sergei Nikolaevich Danilchenko (date of birth 29.03.1988), parted in 2000 after the death of his mother.

Elizaveta Anatolievna Gritsevich is looking for brothers: Yaroslav Anatolyevich Gritsevich and Gennady Anatolievich Snegirev, parted in 1994 after Elizabeth moved to St.

Petersburg with her father;  mother and brothers lived in the city of Krasnyi Luch, Lugansk region, Ukraine.

Brothers helped find the lieutenant colonel of the police Andrey G. Ashmarin, the head of the Petrovsky city police department (the satellite town of the Red Ray).

Filming in the army: soldiers give greetings to relatives and friends, from Gennady Snegirev a message for Lisa.

Telephone conversation with the military unit.

Meeting in the studio with Yaroslav.

Boris Vasilievich Chorap is looking for a sister: Elena Chorap, born in 1965, was given to an orphanage in Chisinau after the death of her mother, was adopted by a family who moved to Ungheni, Moldova.

Tofan Arthur Petrovich is looking for his father: Pyotr Ilyich Tofan, born in 1960, broke up in 1987, when his father moved to the Kaliningrad region after a divorce from his mother, presumably Peter has a sister, Nadezhda; the sister of APTofana Aigul Shikova spoke.

Julia Vasilieva is looking for her brother: Ivan Vasilyev, born in 1985, disappeared on March 11, 2010 in the Pskov region, the last time they saw going in the direction of the route Opochka - Krasnogorodsk.

Ekaterina Lapenkova is looking for a husband: Igor Vladimirovich Lapenkov, born in 1975, disappeared on June 27, 2009 in the village of Bolshevo, Moscow region.

Wanted Svetlana Romanovna Lipetskaya, born in 1958, left for work in Yugoslavia on May 3, 2002, last time she called home on May 13, said she was going home to Uzhhorod, but did not return.

A video clip with a selection of photos of people who disappeared when they left for work:

Andrei Zaitsev left Bobruisk for Chekhov, Moscow region, friends returned without him.

Oksana Verstyuk left Moldova for Turkey, does not contact her for three years.

Valery Vakulyuk left Zhmerinka, Ukraine.

Evgeny Pai left Tashkent for South Korea.

Alexander Lamyryaly in autumn 2008 left Chisinau for Electrougli, Moscow region.

Antonina Doms went to the suburbs of the village of Serebropol, Altai Territory.

Igor Shpakov left Suvorov in Moscow in the summer of 2009.

Nadezhda Konstantinova left Moldavia for Italy, the last time she called from the city of Prato.

Mikhail Litvinov left Minsk for Kaliningrad in 2003.

Alla Fyodorovna Coward is looking for a brother: Alexander Fedorovich Trus, born in 1966, left Minsk for work in Moscow in March 2009, the last time he called from the train.

Shooting in the Moscow region: the story of Alexander Trus and Dmitry Kropotov, escaped from slavery and sent to the surgical department of the Yakhroma City Hospital with severe frostbite.

The crime scene turned out to be one of the private farms in the region, where several more slaves were found while checking, a criminal case was opened on this fact.

The plot filmed inspectors spetsbatalona DPS Severny Alexander Nemtsev and Alexander Zhuchkin, head of the surgical department Alexander Kartoshkin, senior nurse Lyudmila Mitskevich, head of the press center of the Federal Service for Supervision of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Poltoranin, deputy head of the Zaprudniy city military department Valdimir Bochkov, press secretary of the Moscow police department Yana Tregubova.

Alla's meeting with her brother in the hospital.

Maria Shukshina thanks for the help of the police officers and the FMS of Russia.


Kekelidze Z.I. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.


Stavropol region
Moscow region

Family; Crime and Accidents; Ministry of Internal Affairs
Defense and internal security