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Anchorperson: Efremov Mihail, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

The plot from Smolensk about the radio marathon "Wait for me", which was conducted by the "Good Radio", "The Post of Russia", the administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Smolensk.

Appeal for help in finding people from the city.

Friends Christina and Elena find each other live on the radio marathon.

Seeking help in search from the studio:

1.Lidia Fadeeva is looking for the son of Igor Fadeyev, born in 1060, the husband of Stanislav Fadeyev, born in 1936. and Anastasia Shalikhin born in 1988.

2. Alexei Khokhlov is looking for Ivan Khokhlov's father.

Communication with them was interrupted in 1981.

3. Olga Bataeva is looking for Father Arkady Gavrilov, born in 1948.

Disappeared in October 2012 in Moscow.

Mikhail, Lyudmila and Alexandra Ryzhevskie, sought out Sister Tatyana Utkin, whom she had to part with in her early childhood.

The plot from Vangaratta (Australia).

Tatiana remembers her family, tells about herself.

After many years, the brother and sisters Ryzhevsky meet in the studio.

The plot from Riga (Latvia).

Seeking help in search:

1.Miroslav Kodis looking for his grandfather Vasily Skopintsev, born in 1922.

Communication with him was interrupted in 1961.

2. Karina Shtelde is looking for a father named Debisai.

Probably, he lives in Russia.

3. Erik Volkov looking for Grigory Volkov's father of 1950 b.

It is possible that he lives in Belarus.

4.Inesesse Sonya is looking for Igor's son Son, born in 1993.

5.Alina Grigoryan is looking for her father Albert Grigoryan born in 1958.

Communication with him was interrupted in 1989.

6.Vanda Kepent (Vershalovskaya) is looking for the brother of Stanislav Vershalovsky, born in 1928.

7. Olga Mikhailova is looking for the father of Sergei Nazarov, born in 1961.

It is likely that he lives in Lipitsk.

The plot is from the town of Kirzhach, Vladimir region and the town of Aluksne (Latvia).

About the incredible adventures of the crew of ambulance, who were able to save the newborn child, putting the plane on the already melting ice.

It's not enough, they even managed to fly by a miracle, because it was very difficult to do it.

It happened in 1985. Today, commander Andrei Sergeyev, I would like to know the fate of the rescued child.

She remembers Marika Selovreide, a pediatrician who was part of the crew.

She talks about that history in detail.

The name and sex of the child are found out, this is the girl Berzinia, the name is being specified the searches continue.

Continuation of requests for a search from Riga:

8.Vyacheslav Ivanov is looking for his brother Viktor Ivanov, born in 1961.

Communication with him was interrupted in 1994.

9.Lyudmila Selivanova is looking for relatives of Vladimir Selivanov born in 1959.

Previously, they lived in the city.

10.Anatoly Tereshenkov is looking for the son of Dmitri Tereshenkov, born in 1971.

It is possible that he lives in Kazakhstan.

11.Vladimir Morov is looking for his sister Irina Vasyukhno, born in 1960.

It is likely that she lives in Moldova.

12.Aynars Bergmanis is looking for a father named Anatoly.

Rimas Lamensis found his daughter Veronica, whom he had not seen since when she was 3-4 years old.

The story in which the daughter of Veronica tells about herself, her family, that she lives in Ukraine.

The story of the lost Igor Goldobin.

In 1983, he left for Latvia and disappeared.

Plot from Balozi and Riga (Latvia) Says a resident of the city.

She tells in detail about Igor, who appeared in Balozhu from somewhere.

About what she tried, how could help him.

Igor's sister came from Novy Urengoy to his hospital and met with his brother.

However, Igor does not want to leave Latvia.