wait me 11/14/2011 (2011)

Telecast №81413, 1 part, duration: 0:52:01
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

The plot is from Rostov-on-Don.

The story of Andrew (unknown).

He was hospitalized in 1996 after being injured in Chechnya.

He has a memory loss.

For 15 years it has not been possible to find his relatives or friends.

A request to everyone who knows something about Andrei to respond.

Appeal for help in the search from the studio:

1.Albert Lotz is looking for a daughter, Tatyana Lotz, born in 1971.

Communication with her was interrupted in 1993.

2.Anna Kazantseva is looking for her brother Igor Kazantsev.

Disappeared in 2006 in Kazakhstan.

3.Lidia Panteleyeva is looking for a niece Victoria Morzikova, born in 1987.

Communication with it was interrupted in 1995.

4. Irina Karelina is looking for Rostislav Barabanov's brother, born in 1973.

Disappeared in May 1997.

The presenter removes from the wall in the studio photographs of those who have already been found.


The story of the lost Konstantin Lashin, born in 1984.

Thanks to the doctor's help 22 hospitals in Khimki, Ivan Kondrashin and the program "Wait for me" he was found, and he is already at home.

Photos and brief stories of the lost.

If you can help with the search, please respond.

The plot from Moscow about the search for Yevgenia Shalayeva in 1997, which left Saratov for Moscow and does not make itself felt.

She is approached by her father with a request to return or at least to make herself felt.

The teleconference "Moscow - Dresden".

The history of the search for relatives of Henry Halperin.

Fragment of the program "Wait for me" from 17.01.11. And today in Dresden he meets with the daughter of Edith's sister, Jeanette.

But, the search for Gerhard's brother is still going on.

Appeal for help in the search from Dresden.

1.Elena Dashevskaya is looking for relatives of Aron Dashevsky, born in 1902, who lived in St.


2. Yury Tsoglin is looking for a friend of Anatoly Baranov, born in 1937.

Communication with him was interrupted in 1961.

3.Vitaliy Avramenko is looking for Andrey's son Avramenko, born in 1974.

He disappeared on 29.11.95 in Krasnodar.

4.Anna Mondrus is looking for relatives of Aunt Nadezhda Ioffe.

5. Nina Goldina is looking for relatives of her aunt Elizabeth (Leigh), Smolkina.

6.Larisa Hodyunya is looking for her former student Michael Harutyunyan.

In 1986, he studied at the vocational school of Narva (Estonia).

7.Natalya Furenger is looking for relatives of his father Vladimir Fertih.

8.Vilorium Bisset is looking for friends: Vladimir Klenov, Vital Karchevsky and Pulat Inoyatova.

9. Klavdia Ginzburg is looking for cousins ​​Claudius and Eugenia Goldenberg.

It is likely that they live in Moscow.

10. Bella Fisher is looking for relatives of Jacob and Albert Weinshenker.

The plot from Dresden is about how G. Halperin and his niece visit memorable places.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio.

5. Larissa Trefilova is looking for a mother Lyubov Denisenko born in 1934.

Disappeared on July 27, 10 in Moscow.

6.Alena Kashina, born in 1987. seeking a mother Maria Kashin born in 1950.

7.Natalya Soboleva is looking for the great-uncle Alexander Klimkin, born in 1930.

Disappeared in September 2011.

Maviz Useynova found the son of Sergei Shelkunov, born in 1991.

In March 2011, he went to work in Moscow and does not make itself felt.

The plot of Sergei, who tells of his adventures in the capital and that he wants to go home.

Mother and son meet in the studio.

Photos and brief stories of the lost.

If you can help with the search, please respond.

The plot from Zirikzi (the Netherlands).

The story of Tashir Tohan's first love from Syria and a Russian girl named Lily.

They had to part ways more than 30 years ago.

T, Tokhan tells about everything in detail.

Story from St.


About his meeting with T. Tohan recalls his friend Lilia.

After 38 years Tasir and Lilia meet in the studio.

Calendar: 11/14/2011

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