wait me (2003) 29.03.2003

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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The plot from the village of Brichbull (Uzbekistan).

A story that began in 1982. Relatives, acquaintances and neighbors speak about the native of this village of Djoure, who served in Afghanistan.

Everyone was waiting for him since that war.

But, came the notice of his death.

However, colleagues say that he did not die, but was injured and they sent him to a hospital.

The most striking in 1987 came several letters from Jura.

After his announcement in the official search, there are no more letters.

Very mysterious story.

However, all his relatives and residents of the village are sure that he is alive.

You just need to find him.

Everyone who knows something about this story, please respond.

The plot from Lipetsk.

Seeking help in the search.

1.Dina Ilyushina is looking for her sister Eleanor Vasiliev, born in 1979. with whom they parted in early childhood.

2.Kenyul Abyshova is looking for Uncle Dzhabrail Asadov, born in 1960.

Communication with him was interrupted in 1994.

3. Mother is looking for her daughter Natalia Petrov, born in 1978.

Disappeared on 07.03.97 in Lipetsk.

4.Irina Putintseva is looking for her brother Alexei Machnev, born in 1975. communication was interrupted in March 2002.

5.Mat is looking for the son of Sergey Novik, born in 1976. 14.10.02 left home and did not return.

Seeking help in the search from the studio.

1. Natalia Mariusheva is looking for her daughter Arzu Mariushev, born in 1987, who was taken to Azerbaijan in 1993.

2.Mat is looking for the son of Sergey Podshivalov, born in 1977.

He disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the village of Petrovka, Mykolaiv region (Ukraine).


A young man, Pavel found a friend Anna Stupnik, born in 1988, who was lost two years ago.

He talks on the phone with her father, and they make an appointment.

The plot is from Kiev, St.

Petersburg and Chicago (USA).

The story of Marina Stavina, who before she left for the groom in the US, met a certain Nicholas, who became very sympathetic to her.

Then, she went to the US, got married.

But, life with her husband did not work out.

It is good that she is all right.

There is work, housing, car.

Now her cherished dream is to find Nicholas.

To everyone who knows something about Nikolai, call the editorial office.

Sister Lydia found her step sister Lyudmila Khazanov.

Unfortunately, she could not come to the studio, but the presenter assured that they would meet later.

Feodosiya Limkina found her sister Valentina Vilchek, whom she had not seen since 1972. Unfortunately, she could not come to the studio, her daughter came to the meeting.

The plot is from Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Seeking help in the search.

1.Elena Naumova is looking for her brother Vladimir Golitsyn, born in 1933. with whom she parted in early childhood.

2. Svetlana Fedotova, born in 1942. a pupil of the Tashkent orphanage No. 5, is looking for relatives named Fedotovs.

3. Lyudmila Punchenko is looking for her sister Ella Punchenko born in 1938. connection with which was interrupted in 1947.

4.Valentina Alemanova is looking for a friend of his youth, Pavel Gurtychenko, born in 1938. with whom she met in 1958.

5.Lyudmila Pazurkevich is looking for Radu Barskaya, born in 1980. and Alexandra Pazurkevich, born in 1979.

6.Razyskivaetsya Svetlana Popova, born in 1966, Gennady Popov, Galina Popova, communication with which was interrupted in 1974.

7. The relatives of Elena Galamidova, born in Khalturin, are being sought.

8. Bella Iloki is looking for the father of Marcel Iloka, born in 1961. citizen of the Congo.


The story, which began 20 years ago during the war in Afghanistan.

The Mujahideen killed the parents of five children.

Now Jamila, one of them in the studio.

She is looking for three brothers and a sister.

The plot from Afghanistan.

Chronicle of war.

His brother Jamili, Zalmai tells.

He remembers the war, according to Brother Shizoda, talking about the history of their family.

Thanks to the program "Wait for me", Jamil and Brother Shizoda meet in the studio and very soon they will see two more brothers and a sister.