wait me (2005) 30.05.2005

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Hamatova Chulpan

Reel №1

Fragment of the transfer from 23.05.05 The plot from Kiev.

Bella Nemnyuk is looking for a cousin of Dmitry Lobachev, born in 1993.

The presenter invited her to come to Moscow for the next program and now B. Nemnyuk meets with the grandson and his father in the studio.

Story from St.


The story of Helmut Wahiler, a native of Cologne (Germany), who was considered missing.

The Chronicle of 1933.


Parade of the Nazis.

Concentration camp "Auschwitz".

Department of Jews from Germany.

Helmut himself talks about his fate.

How he was lost and before the war he was in Ukraine, in Rivne.

In 1941, when he named Mikhail, he went to the front.

After the war, he came to Leningrad and worked all his life as a turner.

Now he would like to find someone from his relatives and friends.

Who can help in the search, call us

Appeal for help in the search from the studio.

1.Valery Samorukov is looking for mother Ekaterina Samorukova, brother Michael and sister Olga, whom they parted in early childhood.

2. Father is looking for the son of Alexander Komissarov, born in 1973.

In 2004, he left for work in Kazakhstan and from him there are no calls from September 2004.

3.Razyskivaetsya Tatiana Kunitsyna, born in 1960, the connection with snee was interrupted for 20 years nzazd.

Marianna Konovalova unexpectedly found two school friends, with whom she broke up 10 years ago.

Yuri Vekov, found a colleague of Yuri Nikolayev, with whom he served in the Navy.

The plot about Y. Nikolayev, who remembers about the service, speaks about himself and sings for a friend a song with a guitar.

After 12 years, friends meet in the studio.

Photos and brief stories of the lost.

Who can help with the search, call us.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio.

4.Daughter is looking for mother Xenia Ukraintseva, born in 1927.

She previously lived in Asbest, Sverdlovsk region.

5. Gregory Khachaturov is looking for daughters Elena and Anastasia Khachaturov.

Communication with them was interrupted in 1995.

A plot from the city of Pavlovo (Nizhny Novgorod region) about a lost dog, which waits for its owner for six months.

Grandmother, Ekaterina Ilinichna, found her granddaughter Alexander Savchenko, born 1981, who lost 10 years ago.

Because of a head injury, she lost her memory, now everything is gradually recovering.

After 10 years of separation, the grandmother and granddaughter meet in the studio.

Photos and brief stories of the lost.

Who can help with the search, call us.

Fragment transfer "Wait for me" from 21.02.05 about the St.

Petersburg homeless, who calls himself Stepan Kolmykov.

In the studio, Stepan meets his grandmother, who recognized him on the subject of the program.

Fragment transfer "Wait for me" on 25.10.04 about how my father spent more than 2 years looking for Ivan's son and here they met in the studio program.