wait me (2005) 18.07.2005

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Hamatova Chulpan

Reel №1

A mysterious story with a package that an unknown woman brought to the Kiosk show "Wait for Me", at the Kazan station.

It is intended for Svetlana Anatolievna Barashkova.

In the package were gold rings, a bracelet, a ring.

Who can help in this story, call us.

The plot of the Lugansk region.

Seeking help in finding three children

Sasha Kravchenko, Sasha Lazarenko and Maxim Matveev, who disappeared on 19.06.03.

Anyone who can help in this story, call us

Seeking help in search from the studio:

1. Father is looking for daughter Nadezhda Karazhiya, born in 1989. April 30, 2005 was lost in the Zubovsky district, Kiev region.

2. Yury Tsukanov is looking for his brother Vyacheslav Tsukanov, born in 1967. 24.10.03 disappeared in Bryansk, under unclear circumstances.

Veterans of the war in Afghanistan found their friend, battalion commander, Vladimir Mikhailov, with whom they served together in 1980.

The host reads fragments from the Afghan diary of the battalion commander.

After 25 years, colleagues meet in the studio.

Raisa Abasova found her son Vitaly, whom they had to part with 10 years ago.

The host sends a letter to his mother, and then the mother and son speak on the phone.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio:

3. Natallia the Nightingale with her son is looking for the father of Thomas Macea Pames, who lives in Barcelona (Spain).

4. Elza Aidaeva is looking for the father of Magomed Aidayev, born in 1956.

Previously lived in the city of Urus-Martan.

5. Father and mother are looking for a daughter, Alexander Spivak, born in 1988. 18.06.05 left the house in Moscow and did not return.

Tatiana Kutepova found her half-brother Ruslan Arkadiev, born in 1993. with whom she had not seen since 2002. As relatives said, he left home and now lives in a shelter.

Sister and brother meet in the studio.

Fragment from the x / movie "The only road", director V. Pavlovich

The history of the search for Serbian film actor Dusan Yanichievich of his friend Lyudmila Balabayeva, with whom he parted in 1947.

Who can help in this story, call us.

Alexander Malinin found a friend of Ivan Kotov, with whom they served together in Ashkhabad and parted in 1993.

Andrei Makarevich found his friend Olesya, whom he lost two years ago.

Marat Safin found a cousin (and learned that there are six more) and four uncles.

Relatives and relatives meet in the studio.

The plot is about two twin boys (about 2 years old), who were found in one of the entrances.

But, this is clearly not abandoned and not thrown by the children.

Now they are in the hospital.

Please, call on anyone who can help in this story.

Reingold Power found the son of Igor Powers, the connection with which was lost since 1997.

The plot of the son of I. Power, who himself tells his story.

He talks about why he did not want to meet and upset his parents, because his life was not quite smooth and there was nothing to boast about.

After 15 years, father and son meet in the studio.