wait me (2002) 12/02/2002

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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The Chronicle of 1945. War with Japan.

Fighting on the sea and in the sky.

He recalls that one of the sons of Safar Khairuliyev, a veteran of the Second World War, who went through the whole war, was also on Sakhalin.

There he met Japanese Sako Sun, Chronicle.

Stalin in the Kremlin.

They did not manage to legalize relations.

Sako-san was repatriated to Japan.

There she had a son.

Family S. Khairuliyeva, would like to find their relatives.

Please, call on anyone who can help in this story.

The plot is from Kiev.

Seeking help in the search.

1.Anatoly School is looking for Eduard's son School, born in 1980.

He left home in Volnogorsk (Ukraine) and did not return.

2.Mat is looking for Alexei Kulik's son, born in 1969. 10.11.95 from him was the last letter from the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

3.Daughter is looking for mother Maria Bezpas, born in 1926. 1.08.02 left the house in the Chernigov region and has not yet returned.

4. Father is looking for Vladimir Krisheny's son, born in 1977.

He left home after a quarrel with his father on 14.06.02.

5. Elena Chepil is looking for relatives from Grandfather Fyodor Springs, born in 1903. natives of Riga.

The plot from with.

Drenovec, Bulgaria.

History of Julia Christ.

Which 26 years ago, here left the parents in the care of their grandparents.

He and grandmother talk about how everything was.

Today, Y. Hristov is married, his son is 9 months old.

And he will never leave him.

But, Julian would like to find a mother.

Today he came to the studio.

Unfortunately, the mother could not come.

My father came to see my son.

Seeking help in search from the studio:

1.Syn is looking for the father of Magomed Magomedov, born 1957. In the end of April 1996 he left Dagestan and since 1999 no one has seen him.

2. Tamara Guseva is looking for her granddaughter Ekaterina Makarova, born in 1997. 15.06. 02 she did not return from a walk in the village of Petrovskoe (Chelyabinsk region).

3. Tatiana Sherdt is looking for the mother Ekaterina Sherdt, who used to live in Mykolayiv (Ukraine), who was repressed in 1944.

Natalia Esina found the son of Alexander Yesina, born in 1980.

His little one in 1981 was taken away by his husband.

In 20 years, mother and son meet in the studio.

The plot from Ufa.

Seeking help in the search.

1. Aunt seeking a pedigree Eldar Enikeeva, born in 1980. 13.05.02 left the house in Ufa and did not return.

2. Father is looking for daughter Elizaveta Shestaeva, born in 1976. 11/18/196 left the house in Ufa and still has not returned.

3.Daughter is looking for the mother of Rimma Kovshovu, born in 1963. which left her in a child's home in Ufa in 1985.

4.Ildar Abdrakhmanov is looking for a teacher at the Moscow University of Arts, Olga Akakieva.

Communication was interrupted in 1997.

5. Mother is looking for Alexei Vorobyov's son, born in 1958. in 2000 he went to work in Tyumen and has not returned until now.

Lena's girlfriend was found by her acquaintances, with whom she was treated at the Rusakovskaya hospital in Moscow.

After 10 years, young people meet in the studio.

In the studio, Eduard Skursky, who tells the story of his love for Tamara Galenko, who was married and did not want to leave the family, because her son Oleg grew up.

However, Edward managed to persuade her to leave Moldova for Kazakhstan.

But, her husband came for her and took her back.

After 45 years, Tamara and Edward met in the studio.