wait me 05.12.2005 (2005)

Telecast №81627, 1 part, duration: 0:51:15
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Hamatova Chulpan

Reel №1

Photos and brief stories of the lost.

Who can help us in the search, call us.

The story of Sasha Boyko, 15 years old.

He ran away from home from Ukraine.

Not frets with stepfather.

I came to the stall "Wait for me" at the Kazan station.

He does not want to return home.

Now he is in the studio and is waiting for a meeting with his mother.

Seeking help in the search from the studio.

1.Mat is looking for Edgar Arutyunov's son, born in 1983. 17.11.05 left the house in Moscow and did not return.

2.Mat is looking for the son of Murat Lukmanov, born in 1980. 03.05.04 disappeared in the Rostov region under unclear circumstances.

3.Elena is looking for a friend of Alexander Lazibo.

Acquainted in 1995 in London for study.

4.Vijay Kumar is looking for Rajiv Kumar's father, born in 1971. with whom he left in 1996.

Mother found Anatoly's son, who left Moldova three years ago to Moscow for work.

The plot is from Moscow.

Anatoly tells his story.

How I got to scams recruiters, who were deceived both with work and with salary.

How to work at a construction site.

Mother and son meet in the studio.

The presenter gives them the train tickets home.

In the studio, Inna Boyko, Sasha's mother, who was speaking at the beginning of the program.

She talks about the family, about the fact that Sasha took the habit of running away from home.

Mother turns to her son with a request to return home.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio.

5.Mat is looking for the son of Semen Kosarev, born in 1983. He left the house in Vyazma on 14.05.05 and did not return.

6.Syn is looking for Mikhail Sedykh's father, born in 1956. 4.07.02 was lost in the Tula region.

7.Victory Myachin is seeking a friend of Roman Suleymanov with whom he split in 2005.

8.Syn is looking for Anatoly Fedorov's father, born in 1941.

Disappeared in the early 90's in Moscow under unclear circumstances.

9.Mat is looking for the son of Denis Bovyrin, born in 1983. 21.05.04 left the house in Moscow and does not make itself felt.

Alexander Kaleganov found an army friend of Pavel Monakhov born in 1937.

They served in one tank crew.

After 45 years, friends meet in the studio.

Fragment of the program "Wait for me" from 7.11.05. Children, Evgenia, Lusia, Dima and Anzor and other children from the orphanage in Grozny seek help in finding their loved ones, whom they lost during the war.

After 12 years, the guys found their loved ones.

Eugene - the godfather, Dima and Lusia sisters and brother, and Anzor Dadaev miraculously found his mother.

The plot of Anzor's mother, Olga Dadaeva.

She recalls the tragic events of November 1994, when she lost her son and did not know if he was still alive.

And just recently I saw a photo of my son in the program "Wait for me".

11 years later, the mother and son meet in the studio.

Calendar: 05.12.2005

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