Take a step (1998) 02/19/1998

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

Reel №1

Theme of the program:

1. History of Leonid Abramov, who served in the army, whose hazing, but simply constant humiliation, bullying and beatings, brought to the limit, and he left the part on his own.

For eight years he lived under a stranger's name and surname.

Guest program: Yuri Kukin, singer, bard.

Before the beginning, he tells an adventure story about flying in a balloon.

It's good that it all ended with a broken rib, it could be worse.

Participants in the program are three young men: Leonid, Mikhail and Vladislav, all of them served in the army.

The audience in the studio is invited, asking the guys suggestive questions, try to find out which of the three is the same L. Abramov.

Questions from viewers:

1.You do first, and then think?

2.What could quickly get you out of yourself?

3. Who among you loves animals and nature?

4.How do you get along in the team?

5.Why can you hit a person and could you do it?

6. Have you had real friends before the army?

7.How do you feel about criticism in your address?

8. What for you is loneliness?

Hint of the presenter for the audience.

This person, in order to obtain documents, to legalize, decided to rob a store to get to the police.

There he came up with a legend that he was a children's home, that his name was Igor Stepanov.

As a result, he was convicted of robbery and served a sentence (3 years imprisonment).

The audience in the studio express their guesses and versions.

Ask the children clarifying questions.


The presentation of each of the guys and their brief biographies.

A vote is taking place among the audience and most recognize that the person whose name is Leonid is the hero of the program - Leonid Abramov.

The facilitator starts a conversation with the program's hero.

He gives him a number of questions about his whole complex history.


L. Abramova's mother, tells about her son, about how she learned that he was missing in the army.

How, a few years later, Leonid came home and explained everything to her.

L. Abramov, says that he would like to regain his real name, tk. to this day he is on the passport Igor Stepanov.

He remembers bullying and humiliation in the army.

About how the mother's parcel was selected and beaten to death.

As he could not stand all this, just left the part where the eyes look.

That he is ready now, for the sake of returning his name, to be punished.

The audience in the studio understands and supports him in his right and choice.

Said Vladimir Oreshenkov, a representative of the military prosecutor's office about that. that they have a statement from L. Abramov.

That all the facts will be investigated and a decision is made on its basis.