Take a step (1996) 11.07.1996

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Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

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Themes of the program:

1. Border guard Saiko.

2. Travelers Aliyev and Kruglov

3. "The Hare" Krotov

1. October 7, 1952 in the Kuril area, our fighters shot down an American reconnaissance aircraft that violated the border.

Sergeant-border guard Vasily Saiko, at that time he was 24 years old, was ordered to bury the body of an American pilot on one of the small islets.

He did it all.

However, having found on the pilot's hand a gold ring, he took it off.

Guest of the program: V. Saiko.

The main topics and questions of conversation in the studio.

1.Did it be when, shot down an enemy plane?

2. About what kind of plane it was, what threat did it represent for the defense of our country.

3.How was the search for aircraft and pilots?

4. About how they passed all evidence to the border guards.

5. Why did Saiko removed the ring on which there was information about its owner.

For 40 years V. Saiko kept this ring.

And here a few years ago he managed to transfer this thing to the relative of the deceased pilot.

It happened in the American city of Baltimore.

Wife V. Saiko talks about how they met with the pilot's relatives and how grateful they were for being able to learn everything from the eyewitness of that incident.

2. About professional adventurers, travelers Oleg Aliev and Leonid Kruglov, who managed to visit a number of exotic places, acquainted with the life of poorly studied tribes, many of which do not contact with civilization at all.

Guests of the program: Oleg Aliev and Leonid Kruglov.

The main topics and questions of conversation in the studio.

1. What exotic corners of the planet did you visit?

2. About the Karamanjong tribe in Northern Uganda.

Show photos of the people of the tribe.

This is the highest people on the planet, their growth is 2 meters or more.

3.Of the legendary bounty hunters from the island of Borneo.

The plot and photos and archives of O. Aliyev and L.Kruglov

4. On the traditional custom of the sacrifice, of which they were witnesses.

5.Of the story of a visit to the tribe of the Amazons.

How they frightened them, and how they barely carried their feet.

The plot and photos and archives of O. Aliyev and L.Kruglov

6. About tattoos that had to be applied, otherwise, it was difficult to come into contact with one or another tribe.

7. The purpose of travel.

About the television program "The Disappearing Planet".

8. On the Pygmy Tribe.

About their relationship to nature.

The plot and photos and archives of O. Aliyev and L.Kruglov

9.On the way the guys treated the inhabitants of one of the villages and like Oleg, he himself had an incurable disease.

10. About careful preparation for each expedition.

And about the next trip to Amazonia.

3.Pro that what we have, riding a public transport without a ticket, has become one of the national features.

Guest of the program: Anton Krotov.

He traveled more than a hundred cities in the country without buying tickets.

On the main ways he described in his book "Practice of free travel."

He believes that not all goods on earth need to be received only for money.

The point is to see your country, those who can not afford to do it for money.

And also talk about how to help people.

About traveling by electric trains to Novosibirsk and about plans for a trip to Chita.

In a word, for Anton, traveling, this is a way of life.

He learns a lot and teaches others to see the diversity of the world.