Take a step 07/03/1997 (1997)

Telecast №81658, 1 part, duration: 0:44:58
Producer VID
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Anchor:Kozhuhov Mihail

Reel №1

Themes of the program:

1. Pensioner Kokhaev

2.Geophysicist Gorodnitsky

Guest program: Mikhail Kokhaev, a pensioner from Khabarovsk.

The story of how M. Kokhaev was able to neutralize the deserter, who escaped from the army with a gun, and already shot two people.

The main questions and topics discussed in the studio.

1. Tell me, how did the meeting with the fugitive happen?

2.On how the criminal forced M. Kokhaev network behind the wheel, and how they traveled more than 3 hours around the city.

3. Then, he asked to come to the market, where there were a lot of people on the day off.

He planned to shoot there.

4.A were not you scared?

5. About randomness, which allowed to gain time in this critical situation.

The son of M. Kokhaev passed the market when he saw his father's car, he went to find out what he was doing here.

6. The offender was distracted, he was confused, lost a few seconds, which was enough for the father and son to snatch the automatic from him and detain him and hand him over to the militia.

7.Pro generation of the 20-30's, which has experienced a lot in life, and can adequately endure various colizii.

8. Did you say thank you?

9. Do you have a purpose in life today?

About the future of our country.

Guest program: Alexander Gorodnitsky, academician, geophysicist.

Fragment from the doc. movie about the story of the search for Atlantis.

A. Gorodnitsky assumes that he knows where Atlantis was located.

He shows drawings of different people made in the same place 500 km from the Strait of Gibraltar.

He has been conducting these studies since 1984.

Says Vyacheslav Kudryavtsev, sociologist.

He also has his point of view on the location of Atlantis.

Describes the supporters and opponents of the existence of Atlantis.

The main issues discussed in the studio.

1. About the literary testimony of the Greek philosopher Plato.

2.Pro approval of the disciple of Plato, Aristotle, that this is a fiction of the philosopher.

Says Eugene Milanovsky, academician, geologist.

He has been searching for Atlantis for more than 30 years.

He is a supporter of Plato.

I'm sure that the basis for the disappearance of Atlantis is geological processes.

Expresses his assumptions about the location of Atlantis and believes that she died as a result of a giant volcanic eruption, which occurred 1500 years before our era.

A number of biblical events are connected with this.

Including the Egyptian darkness described in the Old Testament.

3. Under his assumption, Atlantis is 200 km away. south-east of the Greek coast.

4.A may not be worth looking for it, so as not to deprive humanity of a romantic dream.

5.A.Gorodnitsky believes that Plato correctly predicted the location of Atlantis.

6. The unsubstantiated reason for its disappearance is the titanic processes that triggered the unprecedented earthquake.

7.If suddenly it will be found, what will happen?

8. Why are you suddenly interested in the search for Atlantis?

A.Gorodnitsky performs his song about Atlantis.

Calendar: 07/03/1997

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