Take a step (1997) 11.13.1997

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Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

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1.Literator Shiryaev.

2. The Beast Zverev.

3. The writer Korzhakov

Guest of the program: Andrey Shiryaev, writer

The story of how A. Shiryaev lost his wife.

It all began with her trip to her parents on vacation.

Her mother is a religious Orthodox fanatic.

The wife did not return from vacation.

On the phone, the mother told Andrei that she would not return, so that he would not look for her, she hid it.

The main questions and topics discussed in the studio:

1. About the fact that his mother put him conditions.

To meet with his wife, he was baptized, visited several monasteries for cleaning.

2.Why did not you officially ask for help from the church?

3.How did you find the monastery in which the wife was?

4. About what happened in the monastery, how he was prevented from meeting.

5. For the help of human rights defenders and a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

About a meeting with his wife, which was not to be recognized.

She looked like her mother.

His wife said that she did not want to return.

6.Anlrey believes that today he has no chance to return his wife.

7. Are not you afraid that now, she is a different person, and that you will not be able to restore the previous relationship?

Guest of the program: Sergey Zverev, artist.

For his creative career, he gave about 800 concerts in places not so remote.

The main questions and topics discussed in the studio:

1.Explain, please, where did you get such a craving for such places?

2.How and when did it all start?

3. Why did you choose such an audience for yourself?

4. Zverev speaks about himself, about his creative career.

He does not regret at all how it has developed.

5.Sergei presents his team and sponsor A. Sukhanov.

6.Pro repertoire of concert programs.

It is based on romances, Russian and popular pop songs.

There are also "classics".

7. Do you consider such concert activity an act?

Guest program: Alexander Korzhakov, former head of the Russian Presidential Security Service Boris Yeltsin, author of Boris Yeltsin: From Dawn to Dusk.

Chronicle of the 90's.

President of the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin and head of the security service A. Korzhakov.

The main questions and topics discussed in the studio:

1. Why did you refuse to come to Ostankino?

2.Pro editor of the book, which as it turned out, is the wife of A. Korzhakov.

3. The fact that some of the dialogues in the books were recorded in A.Korzhakov's office.

4. A. Korzhakov talks about how the blood brotherhood was held with Boris Yeltsin in Yakutsk.

The fact that he was not the initiator.

5.Something that Korzhakov, more than once kept B. Yeltsin from the last step and why this is not written in the book.

6.How to understand the phrase from the book: Will I feel guilty if B. Yeltsin, reading the book, will not stand the truth?

7. Are the characters of the book giving you a hand today?

8. What is the difference between you and G. Yavlinsky?

9. About the book, about that. what is 11 years of teamwork when they were companions and co-religionists.

10.On the way they offered a lot of money, so that the book does not come out.

11. Are you always satisfied with yourself?

12. Regarding this book, is your conscience clear?

About supporters and opponents A.Korzhakov.

13.After reading the book, not the best impression of the corridors of power develops.

14. About who is a security guard.

The book is written from insult?

15.Pro role of a friend, the moral and ethical aspects of human relations.


Alexander Korzhakov is the former head of the Russian Presidential Security Service Boris Yeltsin, the author of the book Boris Yeltsin: From Dawn to Dusk.