Take a step (1997) 01/16/1997

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Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

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1. Prince Volkonsky

2.Pozvozhnik Shubenko

3. Pevets Leshchenko

Guest of the program: Oleg Volkonsky, prince.

The story of how Oleg, after living abroad for a long time, decided to return to his homeland.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1.Pravda, that from the American you had only a passport?

2. Are you a man of peace?

3.O.Volkonsky tells his biography.

He talks about his family, about how his parents met him.

How did they end up in exile in Poland.

About his life in England, France, Germany and America.

4. Have you lived so many years in different countries continuing to consider yourself Russian?

5.How and when did you decide to return to your homeland?

6.O.Volkonsky tells the story of the Russian flag in 1991. Describes his work as an interpreter.

About work on the radio stations of the Air Force and "Freedom".

7. What did you most dislike about Russia after you returned?

8. About a low level of culture of people, about rudeness and rudeness in relations.

9.Today O. Volkonsky works in a joint American-Georgian firm.

Guest program: Elena Shubenko, a former kindergarten teacher.

They spent a long time with her husband on a car.

When there was not much left until the required amount, Elena withdrew the money and used them to arrange a kindergarten.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1.What did your husband tell you when everything was open?

2. All this happened 15 years ago in Berezovsky, Kemerovo region.

3. And what did you buy at that time?

4.E. Shubenko talks about how she arranged the kindergarten.

5.Seychas she is completing her private salary for a private orphanage, the first in the Kemerovo region.

6. Today it remains to conduct finishing work.

7. Why does the state not want to cooperate with partners such as Elena?

8. About the fact that Shubenko's family often live with street children, until they can somehow arrange them.

9.On the fact that the orphanage, will have to be called and be a children's rehabilitation center.

Guest of the program: Lev Leshchenko, People's Artist of Russia.

A man who was able to detain criminals on the train.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1.How and when did this happen?

2.L. Leshchenko remembers the story that happened 2 years ago.

They were on the train together in V.Vinokur and the administrator.

When the woman went into her compartment, an unknown person attacked her and stole money from her.

Leshchenko and Vinokur ran to the shout and seized the criminal.

Then it became clear that there were two of them.

The artists detained them, forced them to return all the money, and then released them again and gave money for the journey.

3. Who do you think is a man today?

4.L.Leshchenko shares his opinion about what primarily characterizes a man.

5.On problems with sexual orientation in show business.

6.On the way the mentality of our men has changed.

The fact that this topic, rather for doctors and psychologists.

7.You could become today Leshchenko?

Would you survive the competition?

8. How difficult is it today to keep the bar of a professional on the stage?

9. My viewer is growing with me.


Leshchenko Leo - People's Artist of Russia.