Take a step (1998) 04/16/1998

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

Reel №1

Themes of the program:

1. The killer Zabavsky.

2. The landlord Andreev.

3. The tamer Zapashny.

At the beginning of the transfer, the presenter tells the story of a mysterious romantic acquaintance with a girl, which was organized by one of the guests of the program and employed about 500 people.

Then, he invites all three guests of the program into the studio and offers the audience with help of leading questions and the facilitator to try to determine who they could be that person.

But, besides this, also to figure out which of the three rescued 4 people who fell through the ice, and who was able to stop the construction of the bridge.

Not without effort and help from the host, the audience found that the organizer of the romantic acquaintance was the famous trainer Walter Zapashny.

Who learned that the girl she liked liked studying at the institute, persuaded the rector to hold a creative meeting with the students and dedicated it to his chosen one.

About the other two guests were determined, too.

Vladimir Zabavsky, a senior police lieutenant saved 4 people, and Igor Andreev, managed to stop the construction of the bridge, due to the fact that the paved road can destroy his house.

Guest program: Vladimir Zabavsky, senior police lieutenant.

The main questions and topics discussed in the conversation are:

1.You came back from lunch and waited for the bus at the bus stop?

2.On the fact that standing at a stop, Vladimir heard childish cries for help from the lake, which is nearby.

He rushed there.

3.On the way he and two other fishermen, who happened to be accidentally on the shore, were dragged out of the polynya four girls, 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old.

They played casually in the water.

It was a great luck to think that at that moment an ambulance was passing along the road and the girls were taken to the hospital.

Plot. I. Andreev shows and talks about the construction of an overpass that can destroy his house.

Video from the Andreeva archive.

Guest program: Igor Andreev, a man who stopped (yet), the construction of a bridge.

The main issues and topics discussed in the conversation:

1. You probably want to earn, not agreeing to the conditions that you are offered?

2.Azh since 1990, when only a road project appeared, the Andreev family tried to solve the issue with the house amicably, but it is still there.

3. All this happens at 45 km of Dmitrovskoye Highway, near the Trudovaya station.

4. About what and why does not suit the Andreev family in the options that they offer.

And that they are not going to retreat and will defend their house to the end.

Guest program: Walter Zapashny, trainer, People's Artist of Russia.

The main issues and topics discussed in the conversation:

1. About that, the most romantic acquaintance with Tatyana, the wife of V. Zapashny.

2.On the eccentricities that happened to him, until they met.

3.T. Zapashnaya tells her version of her acquaintance.

4.V. Zapashny speaks about how Tatiana began to work as an assistant, how difficult it all was.

5. Tatyana remembers how she first entered the cage for tigers.

On the birth of sons.

The fact that now the whole family goes to the arena in one attraction.

Fragment of circus attraction Zapashnyh.

6. Spouses tell the story of the lion of Zeus, who now works for them.

7. About who today is the main thing in the family Zapshnyh.


Zapashny Walter - trainer, People's Artist of Russia.