Take a step (1998) 03/05/1998

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Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

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Theme of the program: A love story or a career model.

At the beginning of the transfer the presenter tells a story about one girl who took part in the beauty contest, reached the finals, and the day before it disappeared.

What happened why she did not appear in the final?

Then, he invites three girls, guests of the program, to the studio and offers the audience with help of leading questions and the facilitator to determine who they could be this girl.

The names of the girls are Elsa, Larissa and Elena.

Not without effort and help from the leading audience, by voting for each of the girls, the audience found out that the heroine of our history, Elsa Ashimova, a geography teacher from Ufa.

How, then it turned out, one of the terms of the contract that the finalists were supposed to sign was that the girl could not marry for several years.

Elsa chose love.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.O different difficult situations, for young girls who often arise around these competitions.

2.Pro promises and proposals, which the organizers voice the girls finalists.

3. Elza talks about her participation in the contest.

4. Did the parents object?

5. About the contract, which was offered to the finalists, about why Elsa gave up his terms.

6. In return, nothing was offered, not even work.

7.Any woman would be able to participate in the competition?

8.How many people were there?

9. What did your young man tell you when he found out that you practically abandoned the model career because of him?

The facilitator invites three young people, guests of the program, to the studio and offers the audience with help of leading questions and the facilitator to try to determine who they could be the one for whom Elsa refused the finale of the beauty contest.

Names of the children Nikolai, Rinat and Constantine.

And as it was already in guessing with the girls, the audience determines that Rinat Ashimov, a firefighter from Ufa, is a young man.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.Your work, is it your choice, your vocation?

2.How did your coworkers react in the army when they found out that Elsa, such a beauty, would wait for him?

3. Do you have children?

4. Elza, have you never regretted that you did not become a model?

The plot of the family of Elsa and Rinat Ashimov.

Elsa was upset in the studio and wept.

It turned out that the blame for all nostalgia for a romantic youth.