Take a step 06/25/1998 (1998)

Telecast №81683, 1 part, duration: 0:44:48
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kozhuhov Mihail

Reel №1

Themes of the program:

1.Champion Saitov

2. Pilgrim Kostyuk

3.Communarka Armand

At the beginning of the transmission, a fragment of the song sounds.

The facilitator asks the audience to guess the performer.

No one could do this.

Guest program: Oleg Saitov, Olympic champion, world and European boxing champion.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.U someone else in Russia has such a set of titles and titles?

2. What fight is the coolest for you, to which you are constantly coming back?

3.Oleg remembered the Olympic final with the Cuban boxer in Atlanta in 1996.

Fragment of the final broadcast in Atlanta with the participation of O. Saitov

4. What is your boxing statistics?

5.Pobedy and defeat in the account does not go.

The account is only for tournaments.

6. Why did you decide to study at journalism?

7. Is it possible to recognize a strong or weak rival in the eyes, in behavior?

8.O. Saitov talks about his first steps in sports commentary on television.

9. About the song project of O. Saitov.

He has already released two tapes of his songs, where he and the author of music and lyrics.

10. Is there any concern that in the show business everything may not be as successful as in the ring?

Fragment of the song "Without you" performed by the author.

The plot of his training.

The guest of the program: Valery Kostyuk, who made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem on foot.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.Why suddenly you decided to go on foot to Jerusalem?

2. B. Kostyuk says that when he retired from the army, he began to treat religion and faith in a different way.

3. On the map shows your route, which he passed.

4. About what adventures he had to endure in this journey.

5.All your army life was a mistake?

6. What did you discover that was revealed to you after visiting Jerusalem?

7. Now V. Kostyuk plans to go to the holy places in Alaska.

And he thinks how to get to Noah's Ark.

The guest of the program: Elena Armand, who left Moscow a few years ago, worked as a scientific worker and left in the dark-cockroach, engaged in the upbringing of other people's children.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1. Tell me, how did you get to Moscow now?

2.What is this place, what kind of village?

3. Elena tells us that they are leading the economy themselves.

But, until everything turns out, like the village ones.

4.You live there, almost 10 years, do not pull in the capital, to theaters, exhibitions?

5.Your departure was spontaneous or did you consider your decision for a long time?

6. E. Armand tells about his family, about the children.

They do not approve of her choice.

From the village of Monino (Tver region) with Elena came three children 6-7 years.

The host talks to them about how he lives there.

9. Is it hard for you to live with such a name?

10. Are you a creative person and suddenly doomed yourself to such a life?

11. It's noticeable here, I'm taking advantage of this.

Here guys have grown.

They are not in prison, not on the panel.

I think that this is somehow my result.

Says Alexei Armand, a scientist.

He fully supports his cousin and is going, as soon as possible, to move to Monino.

12. Why do foreigners help you, and their own, as if they do not notice?

13.How can you help?


Saitov Oleg - Olympic champion, world and European champion in boxing, Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Calendar: 06/25/1998

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