wait me (2005) 12.11.2005

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Hamatova Chulpan

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The story of a lost one-and-a-half-year-old girl, Kate Zosimchuk, found on art.

Churilovo, not far from Chelyabinsk.

The search for relatives led to the fact that her mother Marina, along with Katya's three-year-old sister, also disappeared.

The last person who saw them was Marina's brother, Sergei, who told them about their meeting and assured them that until Marina was found, he would take Katya to his place.

The plot of how to find Katya at the station.


About the search, the shopkeeper and the police say.

Katya is still in the orphanage.

A request to everyone who knows something about this story, respond.

The plot of the theater "Contemporary", in which the spring will be an anniversary.

The idea was born, to find the first spectators of the theater and to celebrate the holiday together with them.

Says Galina Volchek, artistic director of the theater.

Appeal for help in the search from the studio.

1. Mother is looking for a daughter, Jana Gryaznov, born in 1981. 9.07.05 did not return home in the Vinnitsa region (Ukraine).

2.Valery Bondarev is looking for his brother Valentin Veselov, born in 1954.

3. Father is looking for the son of Sergei Alekhin, born in 1972.

In October 2005, went to work in Moscow and does not make itself felt.

Roman Moshnyagu found the father of Ivan Moshnyaga, whom he parted because of the circumstances in 1991. 14 years later, father and son meet in the studio.

Fragment of the program "ZhM" from 25.10.2004. The history of dating and love of Italian Luigi and Ukrainian Maria.

Thanks to the program, they found each other in 60 years and meet in the studio.

Continuation of this story.

Fragment of the program "ZhM" from 19.09.2005. The plot of how Luigi came to a village in Ukraine to Mary.

She meets him at the station.

He mows in her garden.

Cooks in the kitchen.

Sings her Italian songs.

The plot is from Italy.

October 2005 Luigi tells all friends and friends that tomorrow he comes to Maria.

He remembers how they met during the war in the German camp.

Luigi meets Maria and her daughter at the airport.

At home at the table in the Luigi family.

They walk around the town of Costel San Lorenzo.

Maria has not yet decided where she will live and calls Luigi to her Ukraine.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio:

4. Mother is looking for her daughter Daria Pavlov, born in 1983. disappeared in October 2005 in Vologda under unclear circumstances.

5.Lyudmila Kulebyakina is looking for Boris Antonov, whom she left in Grozny in 1964.

6. The mother is looking for the son of Joseph Naftaliev, born in 1950.

In 1986, he disappeared in Chechnya under unclear circumstances.

7. The grandson is looking for Grandma Lidia Dorofeeva, born in 1926. 19.10.05 left the house in the city of Taldom, Moscow region and did not return.

Sister Svetlana from Kyrgyzstan, she found her sister Galina Ogorodteva with whom she left in 2000.

The plot of Samara about the search for Galina.

Thanks to the employees of the Samara police, the sister was found and helped her to get out of labor bondage.

Five years later, the sisters meet in the studio.

The history of the family and life of Helmut Wahiller.

The plot from Cologne (Germany) that, according to the documents, the whole family of Wahillers was killed in the camp "Auschwitz".

However, it later turns out that Helmut miraculously escaped.

G. Wahiller reports.

He remembers his family, tells about his life.

Chronicle of the 30s Germany.

The war began, Helmut was in Poltava.

There he was drafted into the army.

In order not to cause unnecessary suspicions, he called Michael.

After the war, he lived in Leningrad, worked all his life as a turner.

And I constantly tried to find my relatives.

The plot from Belgium about the history of Anna Vahiller, the sister of Father Helmut.

More than 60 years later, relatives of Helmut Wahiller meet in the studio.