Take a step (1998) 09/24/1998

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Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

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Theme of the transfer: The financial crisis.

The guest of the program: Andrey Illarionov, director of the Institute for Economic Analysis.

Fragment of the program "Hour of Rush" from June 22, 1998. A. Illarionov states that in the near future, within 2-3 months there will be heavy economic consequences due to the crisis of the Russian banking system and that this will lead to the devaluation of the ruble.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.Neuzhelm only you alone knew about the impending crisis?

2.Have people been in power and not in power?

3. Why did nothing to prevent this?

4.O moods in power.

About that he was asked not to say anything to journalists.

5.Of hope to persuade the authorities to take painful, but necessary steps.

On the reaction to this.

About those government officials with whom A. Illarionov spoke about a possible devaluation.

And then, he found out that they quickly changed the rubles themselves to dollars.

6.And you tried to protect yourself from the crisis?

7.When happened, then what happened, what feelings did you experience?

8. About the article, which A. Illarionov wrote in early July and that, not a single publication did not publish it.

On the euphoria, from the received loan from the IMF, which reigned in the leadership.

9.Why today the reaction of people to what is happening is different than in 1994, when the "MMM" pyramid collapsed?

10. That the banking system in the country was bankrupt.

11. Is it true that you several years ago abandoned a million dollars from the Ford Foundation proposed for the development of a project?

12. Are you a person who works for an idea, not for money?

13. Did your institution take those losses when the state deceived the depositors in 1991 and 1992?

14. What do ordinary people do today to cope with inflation?

15.On how and where to save.

On the impossibility of a universal recipe for all.

16.What will the inflation rate be in the near future?

17.The fact that the printing press will be included, as there is no money to take from nowhere.


September 1995. It deals with the deacon Alexander Klimenkov, who builds a monastery in his village.

A fragment from the "Make a step" program of May 1996. A. Klimenkov says that he became chairman of the board of the bank.


August 1998. The road that was built by A. Klimenkov "broke" the tractor.

All the novices left the monastery.

And the bank burst.

18. What should small and medium-sized businesses do today?

What to earn?

19.On the election, as the only, real mechanism, something will change.

20.What are the ways out of the crisis?

What will happen to the ruble exchange rate?

On the state of the Russian economy, which can not cope with the load imposed on it.

21.About lack of competition in the banking sector.

That there is not a single foreign bank working here.

22. What happened now is the confiscation of funds.

23. About universality of economic laws.

They are the same for everyone.

24.How long will the "winter" last?