Take a step (1998) 1998

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Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

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Themes of the program:

1. The guide Belikov

2. School of Loktev

3. The Singer of Kirkorov

The presenter tells the story of how in October 1986 a rocket exploded on a Soviet nuclear submarine.

A little more and could happen irreparable.

Nikolai Belikov prevented the disaster, he manually extinguished the nuclear reactor of the submarine.

Guest program: Nikolay Belikov, captain of the third rank.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.In what region of the world's ocean did this happen? N. Belikov on the map shows this place.

2.What is a submarine service?

3. What was the name of the boat and when did it happen during the hike?

4. The reason for the explosion of the rocket.

There was a depressurization of the mine's rocket and it was "crushed" by water at a depth of 80 meters.

5.On how things happened, how the crew acted.

About the heroic deed of the commander of the ship, who gave the order for surfacing and giving the SOS signal, because they could not be found.

Thanks to this, there were few victims.

6.About the threat of an accident at the nuclear reactor boat.

About how N. Belikov manually over 200 times scrolled the device to drown out the reactor.

Prevent maritime Chernobyl.

7.11 hours the crew fought for the survivability of the submarine.

However, after 2 days it sank at a depth of 2 km in the Bermuda Triangle area.

8.How many years have you served on the boat and how many trips in your account?

9. What is the crew of a submarine?

The presenter tries to buy a mustache from one of the viewers of the program for $ 300.

He does not succeed.

Guest program: Anya Lokteva, schoolgirl.

She was a participant of the contest "Maria Krasa-long spit".

And there, one of the new Russians offered her his foreign car in exchange for a scythe.

Anya flatly refused.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.Ved it is uncomfortable, so much hair, it is hard to look after them?

2.How much time do you spend to get your hair done?

3. Have you ever had a cow since childhood?

How did you get to the contest?

4. About how she and her father were offered a foreign car in exchange for a scythe.

5.By the fact that she does not want to part with the scythe, and she really likes it.

6. On the passion for acrobatic rock and roll.

The presenter offers one of the spectators in the studio 300 dollars for that.

That she would sacrifice some of her hair.

She agrees.

He cuts off part of her hair.

A.Lokteva and his partner perform acrobatic rock and roll in the studio.

Guest program: Bedros Kirkorov, Bulgarian, Soviet and Russian singer.

Father Philip Kirkorov.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.Oh, the time when the family was born son Philip.

2.Pro that B. Kirkorov sacrificed his creative career.

He had tempting invitations, including, for work in Paris.

3. While Philip was not 16 years old, his father performed with concerts only in Moscow.

4.Pro study of his son.

How important it is to choose the right profession in life.

5. About the popularity and repertoire of F.Kirkorov.

6.Pro restoration of friendly relations and economic ties between Bulgaria and Russia.

B. Kirkorov sings the song "My country, my Bulgaria".