Take a step 10/23/1997 (1997)

Telecast №81689, 1 part, duration: 0:45:06
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kozhuhov Mihail

Reel №1

Themes of the program:

1. Artist Shagin

2.Bomzh Belavin

3.Altruist Fadeeva

Guest program: Dmitry Shagin, artist, ideologist of St.

Petersburg Mitki.

He offered the boxer E.Holifield, who M. Tyson bit off a piece of his ear, his whole in return.

The main issues discussed in the studio.

1.Why did you decide to share your ear?

2.Pro collection of Mitki, who decided who can sacrifice his ear.

3. The purpose of this action is not disinterested.

Mitki wants to get a million dollars from Holyfield for the ear.

And they want to send money to save Russian culture.

4. Now the Mitki are waiting for an answer to their proposal.

5.And will a white ear fit for a black man?

6. Why do Mitki exist?

Fragment of the clip from the musical project "Mitkovsky dances"

7. Do you do this for everyone or for someone specifically?

8.Why is the Mitkov movement proud?

Guest of the program: Valery Belavin, homeless.

The main issues discussed in the studio.

1.Why did you spend, in places not so remote, for a total of 15 years?

2. About the fact that V. Belavin had his own room in St.

Petersburg, but when he returned and asked the district council to solve the issue with housing, he was refused.

3. And where do you live?

What's your job?

4.How do you decide to go to court?

5.About the state and the need to fight for their rights?

6. About those professions that Belavin owns.

7.Something that if you do not decide the issue of housing, he will find a way (a lot of them) to return to prison.

Guest program: Irina Fadeeva, publisher, altruist.

For a year already I. Fadeeva has been publishing the book "Costumes of Different Times and Peoples".

With great difficulty, it was possible to publish 2 volumes.

There remain three more.

Because of this book, she had to divorce her husband, lose many friends, fend off bandits and even sell part of the apartment.

The main issues discussed in the studio.

1.Why did you decide to take up the publication of this book?

2.Pro author of the book MN. Mertsalov, who spent 13 years to create 1 volume.

3. About those costs that are necessary for the publication of the second volume.

4.Something like I. Fadeeva wearing a dress of the 16th century went to the reception in the Ministry of Culture and as the head of the department was frightened of something, signed the necessary papers.

5. That the mother I. Fadeeva herself offered to sell part of her apartment, in order to pay off debts.

Irina's little daughters Masha and Ksenia talk about Irina.

6. That there are 2 volumes of the book, and it is planned to publish 3 more.

7.On the help rendered Irina artist Alexander Vasiliev.

8. Does it make sense, with such difficulty and sacrifices, to deal with this matter?

9.The fact that this is the only book in Russia on the history of the costume.

10.Of lack of funding.

Says M.N. Mertsalova, the author of the book, art critic.

Calendar: 10/23/1997

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