Take a step 09/04/1997 (1997)

Telecast №81690, 1 part, duration: 0:45:02
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kozhuhov Mihail

Reel №1

Themes of the program:

1. Gataev's sanatorium

2.Zavkhoz Vorobiev

3. Sayapin's poem

Guest program: Khadizhad Gataeva, who created a family children's home in Grozny.

It has 45 children and two of its own.

The main issues discussed in the studio.

1.How and how did it all start?

2. Oh, that it was unbearably painful to see the ruined city, the deprived, hungry and sick children on the streets.

3.On the way how from Dagestan seven children were brought, and they became the first adopted children.

4. About the work of the nurse in the commandant's office of Grozny.

5. Then, somehow, one of the seven children, then the other, began to appear that brother, then a friend, then the neighbor and the family has already 45 children.

In the beginning, there were more than 70. Many managed to find relatives, someone to identify in the orphanage.

6. About three Russian women who help H. Gataeva in her large family.

7. About how the family orphanage was organized.

And how to manage such a heavy load.

8.How did your husband react to this?

About the fact that at first he left and he was gone for two weeks, then returned.

9.On the way everything will be further.

The fact that older children (13-15 years) are going to help, will find options for earning.

Guest of the program: Vasily Vorobyov, school manager.

Once he abandoned everything, left home and work and spent 2 years in the attic of the school where he worked.

Nobody knew about this.

The main issues discussed in the studio.

1. Why did you suddenly decide to do this?

2.On the main reason, the conflict with the headmaster.

3.On the way his wife was looking for him.

About how he lived the first winter.

4.On appearance of a sudden craving for knowledge in mathematics.

And he decided to take this seriously, which did not allow him to leave the attic in the spring.

5.On the way he arranged his life, than he ate.

6. About how he was found, the day he fell ill.

7. The fact that his wife still does not understand what made him suffer hardships and live in the attic for 2 years.

Guest program: Julia Sayapina, soil scientist, creator of the earthworm museum.

The main issues discussed in the studio.

1. Why did not you bring a few of your pets with you?

2.On the fact, where did the hobby begin with earthworms?

3.On how to watch worms.

The plot of worms.

4.On the idea of ​​creating a museum of earthworm.

About their need and benefit.

After all, once due to them, the soil was created on the ground and now it is constantly supported by them.

5. The fact that the museum is mobile.

It consists of four storefronts.

6.For giant earthworms living in Australia, and about the museum of these worms.

7. On the creation of farms for breeding earthworms.

Calendar: 09/04/1997

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